Real Brothers

Real Music

Not really Naked.


It has been about or week or two since No School's Fool's Day and things are different. Nat is spending more and more time away from the band. The only thing Alex says is that their cousins are coming and Nat is getting ready. Most of the band accepts this and moves on, but not Rosalina. She thinks that he is secretly dating someone but just doesn't want to admit it. And she secretly wants him back. Well only secret from Nat and Kristina. They don't see it but the rest of the band caught on real fast. Worse yet is that now she isn't the only girl in the band maybe Nat may not love her anymore. Not the way he used to…

This tells the untold story of the mysterious Season 4 that has eluded fans for to long. But to survive to Season 5 Rosalina must battle grades, band practice, and an ex boyfriend who she desperately wants back…

The Naked Brothers Band is back but..

Are they better than ever?