Naked Brothers Band

Season 4

Episode 2

The cousin

Alex continued after his rather lengthy dramatic pause

He's at home with our cousins.

Little Grace?

No. Josh and his little sister. They're from Indiana.

Kristina noticed the name was male and jumped at the oppurtunity

Is he good looking? Is he cool? Kristina asked.

Um. Yeah. I guess you could say that. Dude's built. But he's more on the sensitive side. And he's at our house because he and Abby are moving to New York and Josh decided to ask Nat to show him around.

As Alex finished his presentation a guy about 16 jogged up to them. Someone that Rosalina refused to make eye contact with. Fearing that he'd be good looking and she would lose her slim chance with Nat.

Sup Alex. I thought you said all New York girls besides Jesse and Melonie were ugly?

Yeah. So?

Well I see 2 very good looking girls and neither of them are quite who you described to be Melonie and Jesse?

Hi, I'm Kristina. And the one hiding her face is Rosalina.

A pleasure to meet you both.

Rosalina couldn't resist any longer and took a peek at the boy who came up to her.

Nat came sprinting up but then he noticed Rosalina and slowed down just long enough to fix his hair.

Josh! I've been looking forever! Where have you been?

You know how it is.

No I don't know how it is.

I'm sorry but it's the damn ADHD everytime it kicks my butt. I'm fine all day but once 6:00 pm hits its like I have to move. And I could never afford to get medication for it so I just live with it. He said this with little or no emotion but Rosalina could tell he sincerely meant what he said. The same way she knew Nat had meant it when he had accidentally left the door open and yelled that he loved her.

Well you're gonna have to learn because this is New York. Even if you are as strong as everyone says you are you could get mugged. He wondered for a moment and added quietly Imagine what would happen to Abby.

Josh nodded and Rosalina could see a small tear in his eye.

Quassim walked up and started talking like he had been there the whole time.

Hey guys, been looking for you for a while.

Why whats up? Nat asked suddenly interested.

We all need to hide! David came running up behind Quassim. Nat take your girlfriend and run like... I don't know just run.

Why? Is someone threatening Rosalina? Nat asked, currently, forgetting that Rosalina wasn't his girlfriend anymore.

I guess after so long of her being called that you're used to her just being called your girlfriend. Josh was very smug about this.

NO JOKES! David said, and he was known for his love of jokes. Bobby Love is in New York and word has it that he's hunting for someone close to the Wolffe clan.

A blonde about 14 walked up just as David said the word hunting. She hugged Josh Nat and Alex so Rosalina could only assume that this was Abby.

Hi, I'm Abby. Josh's sister.

I'm... Rosalina began before geting interrupted.

I know who you are. You're Rosalina. I was at the first concert, years ago.

Josh, who had been ignoring the pleasantries, used his small amount off Naked Brothers knowledge to assume that this person was an enemy and needed to be dealt with.

Part of my older brother instinct probably. He thought to himself.

Don't worry Rosalina. If he comes near you or anyone else, I'll kick his butt into the next age. I swear to it!

Thunder roared and there wasn't a cloud in sight.

That was... different. Rosalina said.

Zeus has made his decision. Bobby Love is not to be trusted. Josh glared at his younger sister Abby.

Rosalina began picking up on tiny details about the 2 of them. She is like his daughter, she realized. Then she realized that he had said Zeus' name.

Nat had already begun to explain. Another thing about Josh and Abby is that they believe in the Greek Gods. Zeus, Hercules,Poseidon etc... And they take it very seriously.

The gods rescued us when we were kids. They kept us together, and they helped me find my destiny, and for that, I could never be thankful enough. Josh said getting a little teary eyed.

By this time, Thomas had walked up and had been introduced to Abby and Josh.

So, where are your parents? David asked.

Obviously this hit a nerve because Abby was swinging at him with tremendous speed for a 14 year old girl.

But somehow Josh was faster and caught her arm when she was an inch away from David's face. Josh then buried her in a bear hug that was probably impossible to break free from.

David... Nat began.

Its fine. Josh said releasing Abby from his arms. Abby walked away. Josh nodded for Alex to go comfort her. Our parents were murdered when I was 11. Abby was just turning 9 so my parets took us out to her favorite fast food place. She loved that place. She hated leaving. After a while my parents managed to get her to follow us to the car. My dad accidentally locked his keys in a car and it was a beautiful night so we walked home to get the spare. It wasn't much of a walk. Only a block. Welll a man in a dark overcoat came up to us and shot my father in the chest then shot my mom. No I don't know why I just know it happened. Then he pulled the gun on Abby to make sure there were no witnesses. Figuring I would scream less he satrted with her. But by then I had figured out what was happening and attacked him. I broke his arm and took the gun from his hand and pointed it at him.

What did you do? Rosalina asked, afraid to know the answer.

I... I did one of my glares. And by now the man was crying. I realized that he wasn't that much older than me. Then I wondered if he had older brothers looking out for him and how they would feel if he was dead, then I said;

Death is to quick for you. Your punishment needs to be harsh and cruel. And nothing in the Underworld is more cruel than living in the Living punishment will be harsh. And perhaps when you carry that guilt for a few years you will find remorse.

Then I remembered something my dad had taught me whenever I did something wrong and I didn't know he knew about it. So I added:

May guilt guide you to the path that so many people have lost their way getting too.

Everyone was stunned that an 11 year old would have the strength or the right sense of mind not to kill.

But do you really think that he deserved that? Rosalina asked. To set him free like that?

You're naive. You really think he went free?

So what did you do? Call the police?

No. I let him leave because the cops would catch them in their own way

Obviously this was puzzling everyone so he elaborated.

He carried the guilt of what he had done there, forever.

Just then Abby and Alex returned with Alex's arm around Abby.

Josh has taken care of me ever since. He goes to school, works, does chores for hopefully now that we're in New York he won't have to. He'll have his license in 2 months that means he'll be able to legally own our parent's cars and inherit everything else they left in their wills.

We had to take like a hundred cabs to get here but it was worth it. Josh put in.

Cabs? Kristina asked.

Planes and my brother just don't go together. He was in a plane, that was struck by lightning, a few years ago and he nearly died. He survived with nothing but his wit, body, and will. So we do our best to avoid air planes.

And now you think he's cursed by Zeus? Rosalina asked.

That is the general idea. Josh said plainly.