Hi! ^-^ This will be a collection of OneShots for KiMa, SoMa and MaStar lovers!

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What's the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you hear the Word 'Cute'? Some people might start to think about puppies, kitties, puppies dressed like kitties, Babies dressed like dogs or cats. Just about anything really! Some people might even start to think about Anime characters, probably the Tsundere or Loli types. But for the Shinigami, that wasn't the case.

For him, the word 'Cute' wasn't part of his vocabulary. To be honest, all he ever saw were the deaths of people, how Kishin killed like it was some fun little game where the price was to hear their victims scream in agony or pain whenever they would slice them open. Not cute at all, he shuttered.

Whenever he heard the one single word, nothing came to mind, at exception of his two weapons. Whenever he heard Liz talking about something 'cute' it was either some slutty looking outfit (No offense to you Liz lovers!) or any type of girly accessories, he didn't quite understand why girls seemed so attached to those type of things, not that he would know, since, he is a male after all.

And Patty, the only thing the girl talked about was Giraffes, and when she was pissed she would curse like a sailor, so he didn't quite understand what her definition of 'cute' would be, and he doubted that anyone else did.

Tsubaki seemed to always praise Black*Star for buying her things, she did seem quite bothered whenever the blue monkey yelled at the top of his lungs about how he would get everything that his Goddess wanted. Tsubaki often described that as cute. Kid described that as annoying.

And if that was the definition of that single word, then he'd rather not experience something that might make him think of something 'cute'.

So it surprised him when he saw his symmetrical girlfriend walk to his room when he was reading a book about that one word. Maka stood in front of him with a frilly sky blue dress that reached to her knees, a matching hair band and her hair was down. Her green eyes seemed to sparkle even more that day.

"C-cute" Kid said, mouth wide open as Maka ran up to him and hugged him.

Kid learned that day, that the word 'Cute' to him meant only one thing: Maka.