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Her left eye twitched in annoyance as another letter arrived to her shared apartment, this was the tenth million one this afternoon, she took it and threw it over a huge pile of letters, roses, candies and boxes of different colors and sizes, she wasn't exaggerating about the amount of letters. Soul helped her count them and after 4 thousand she gave up and so did her best friend. She made her way towards the couch where Soul lied spread out in the couch, leaving little to no room for her at all, she gave him a glared but quickly shook her head not wanting to argue with her friend, she wasn't feeling like arguing with him, so instead she sat down on the floor and closed her eyes. She felt Soul's intense stare on her and she sighed.

"This is all your fault" She mumbled and took a quick glance at Soul who only nodded.

"Yeah, I've apologized for the hundredth time this week Maka" the albino said with a groan.

"You shouldn't had told him to come and meet me" Maka said with yet another sigh, just thinking about him made her want to curl up in a ball and die, but not because of him himself, she just wanted to stop being harassed and threaten by his fans.

About a month ago Soul became best friends with some guy called Death the Kid from the oh so famous band called Dark Souls, a big sensation in Death City, Maka being one not interested at all in music never payed attention to the music of the famous band nor she really cared to know who it's members where, and she tried to not know anything. But that became kind of hard when all of her friends and girls at her and Soul's schools only talked about the band, their music, and the band members. The teachers were also into their music and she didn't know why or... why! All she knew was that everywhere she went there was either something hung up on walls about the band or people were talking about them. It didn't take her long before she finally decided to listen to one of their songs, she ended liking it, but not enough to reach the ridiculous fangirl mode many of her friends had sadly gotten themselves into.

To say the least, Soul invited Maka backstage with him so she could meet Death the Kid, probably the most wanted member of the band by his fangirls. And when they did she was completely awe struck by his eyes and hair, golden eyes that could see right through her soul and those three white stripes on the left side of his head. He was damn hot, and dare she say it, she thought she might had been drooling when she first saw him. They got a long pretty well until she found out he had a crush on her, a big one that is. But she didn't return the feelings, that left Kid heartbroken and then he started to hang out way too much with Maka much to her discomfort. To her it was a relief when she was told he was going on a tour and she wouldn't be seeing him for a month.

He came back a week ago and had been sending her text messages, letters, gifts, chocolate, toys, name it, he has sent it to her. Not only that but his fans had been sending her death letters and telling her she should die. It had all become too much to her.

So the silence right now calmed her even if it was a little bit.


She opened one eye irritated and stood up, she walked towards the door and opened it without asking who was knocking, she was about to speak until the air left her body as she was pulled into a tight hug, her eye's wide in surprise as she stared right ahead. Kid.

She was about to speak when Kid quickly spoke before her.

"Look, please! just... give me an opportunity! I'll prove you that we can be happy together... but please Maka you have to give me a chance!" Kid pleaded and she bit her lip, she felt bad for him... and to be honest, she might have, and maybe it was a little crush on him, but as tiny as it was it was there. She opened her mouth and let out a sigh before giving him a small smile.