What If… Erin and Ryan Had Stayed in Florida

Chapter One

Erin walked into the apartment carrying sacs full of groceries. "Ryan? I'm home."

"Hey, baby." Ryan came to the front door and kissed Erin's cheek. He takes a couple of the grocery bags.

"I got that Monster you wanted." Erin said.

"Great." Ryan goes into the kitchen with the bags. "How was your day?"

"Fine. I went to that interview at Target."

"Oh cool how'd it go?"

"I think it went pretty well. The lady who gave me the interview was pretty nice." Erin set down on the couch. She flicked on the TV. She turned it to channel 5, just to catch the end of "Days of our Lives".

"Hey, don't forget, we're going to PA tonight to pick up the rest of our stuff." Ryan said as he came in with two plates of "Compleats" meals.

"Ooh, thanks. And I didn't forget. I'll be ready by 6."

"Good. We'll stay at my mom's for the night and then we can leave tomorrow at 12 o'clock, get lunch, and be back before Saturday."

"Sounds good."

The two smile at each other. Ryan kissed her. He then starts to kiss her neck…