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On the island of Amazon Lily, the amazons were running around busily trying to prepare for the upcoming party. It was going to be a party to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of when the Straw Hat Pirates discovered the One Piece. While they were setting everything up, a certain straw hat wearing man was sitting on top of the highest peak that he could find, excitedly waiting for something to appear on the horizon. 'Oh man sixteen years' he thought, with a wide grin that would've been impossible for any normal person to manage. "I can't believe it has been sixteen years since we split up. I can't wait to see what everyone will look like."

"I'm sure everyone will look pretty much the same papa" said a fourteen year old girl.

The man groaned, "But how are you supposed to know? You've never even seen them before."

The girl puffed up her cheeks in a cute pout and was about to say something back when a woman spoke up. "She was only trying to relax you Luffy-kun" said the woman.

Luffy did a backwards roll and stood up with his trademark grin forming on his face. "Yeah you're right Hancock," he stated and walked over to the girl. "Besides I like countering her, she looks like a puffer fish when she does that." Luffy laughed and ruffled his hand through the girl's hair; which caused her to pout even more and swat his hand away.

"Mama tell papa to not mess up my hair, you just finished brushing it" the girl whined to her mother. When Hancock didn't answer the two looked over at her and found her crouched down, blushing, with her hands on her cheeks.

'Oh Luffy-kun, even though we've been married for fifteen years; when you say my name right I still can't get over it' thought the Amazon and Pirate Queen frantically.

Luffy laughed again, and then looked off at the ocean. 'Seriously, I wonder how different everyone will be' he thought with a grin that quickly turned into an irritated scowl. "Ugh, where are they!" yelled the Pirate King; which startled his wife and daughter, but then he saw a ship appear. "Yosh, they're here, let's go" he stated, and grabbed the two girls, before he jumped off of the mountain.

Neither girl screamed as they were used to this, but Hancock was back in her dream state from being held by Luffy as they fell. 'Awesome, they're here, they're here, they're here' thought the young girl. Her name was Monkey D. Yuffy; named after her father who wanted to name her Luffy II or Luffy Jr, but since she was a girl he simply decided to change the first letter and not go through the trouble of thinking up a new name. Yuffy had her mother's looks and royal like demeanor, but her over all personality was like her father's. 'I'll finally get to see them. I can't wait' she thought, forgetting her 'princess' training on how to act around others.

She and her father had been waiting for this day almost sleeplessly, because today was the sixteen year anniversary of when the world famous Straw Hat Pirates separated, only four years after they'd found the One Piece. She heard about her papa's nakama from him and honestly couldn't wait to meet them. When the girl came out of her thoughts, she saw that they were already at the docks and that the Kuja pirates' ship had already arrived. Luffy had sent this ship to pick up some of his friends.

Three people stepped out of it and one of them yelled. "Attention ladies, the legendary adventurer, Captain Usopp has arrived to grace you with his presence, but I'm afraid that none of you can marry me; however, because I already am."

"And I am the great Captain Aesop, son of the mythic Captain Usopp, and unfortunately for you. I currently have a girl friend" exclaimed the middle figure of the three.

The figure on the right laughed softly, "Do you two have to declare that every time we arrive at an island?" asked a woman with pale blonde hair.

"Of course" answered the man, who had a long nose, black shoulder length hair (Yasopp's hair), and wore what looked like some kind of an adventurer's outfit. "If I didn't say that then women wouldn't know that I was taken and try to jump me."

"Me too" declared a fifteen year old boy, who looked like an exact copy of the taller man, except with pale blonde hair. "If I didn't say that, then girls wouldn't know I'm in a relationship already.

The woman, who was dressed in a simple yellow sun dress, gave a soft laugh again and then sighed. "What will I ever do with the two of you?"

"Oi Usopp, Kaya, how've you guys been" shouted Luffy.

"Luffy, it's good to see you." Usopp yelled back.

"You too, have you seen anyone else yet?" asked Luffy loudly.

"I saw a few ships in the distance, so the others should be here soon. By the way, this is my son Aesop" Usopp yelled back.

"It's nice to meet you Mr. Pirate King. Is it true that my dad fought you in a one on one fight for your title and beat you, but let you keep it out of respect" asked the Aesop.

"No, your dad's a liar" yelled Luffy, without even a second's hesitation.

"I knew it! Dad what did mom tell you about lying to me?" lectured Aesop.

Kaya laughed and patted her son on the shoulder, "Don't worry it doesn't get much worse."

"KAYA" whined Usopp.

"Would you three shut the hell up; I could hear you from miles away" yelled an angry sounding female voice. Everyone turned to see a woman with long orange hair that had slight grey streaks going through it, wearing a business suit that was opened midway to reveal the top of her chest and glasses. Behind her was a blonde man, who had a bang covering his right eye, a curly eye brow, wearing a tuxedo and smoking. Next to him was a fifteen year old girl, who had long orange hair with a bang covering her left eye, but no curly eyebrow, and was also wearing an opened business suit.

"Oi Nami, Sanji, what's up?" yelled Luffy, waving like a maniac to them.

"Luffy what did I just say? Shut the hell up" roared Nami.

Hancock and Yuffy instantly sprang up from recovering from Luffy's stunt and yelled back. "Shut up you banshee, don't go insulting your captain like that!"

Nami was about to yell back, when Sanji sprang towards the Amazons. "Oh goddess-chwans, the breathtaking beauty of you two are incomparable" they swooned.

But then he was sent flying in the ground by the older, angry, orange haired woman. "I'm your wife ass hole" she screamed. "I'm the best looking thing that you'll ever see." Eventually Nami calmed down and said, "It is good to see you guys though. This is our daughter Bellamere, but we call her Bella or Bell for short."

"Oh Nami, you're so pretty when you're angry" the injured men claimed.

"Your damn right I am" stated Nami.

They then heard someone giggle, and turned to see Robin. She, surprisingly enough, looked only slightly older than when they last saw her. Unlike Nami, she didn't seem to have a single grey hair in her long raven colored hair. Even though she was fifty-one years old, the archeologist didn't seem have a single wrinkle or sign of her actual age. "It's nice to see that some things haven't changed" she said with her polite smile.

"For you maybe, but I know that by the end of today; I'm going to have a headache" stated Zoro, who was walking right next to Robin. He seemed even fitter, broader, rugged, and more experienced than the last time they'd seen him; which they all thought was impossible, with slight grey streaks going through his slicked back green hair. Behind him was a seventeen girl who had long green hair that was covered in a familiar dark green bandana, blue eyes, and a well defined nose, she also had three swords strapped to her waist, and a covered pack on her back.

"Robin, Zoro, how have you two been?" asked Luffy.

"We've been fine Luffy. Oi, you guys can leave now" the swordsman yelled up to the ship that they'd arrived in.

"S-sure boss" stuttered a beaten up pirate captain, and his ship started to sail away quickly.

"Thank you for the ride pirate-san" called Robin.

"Who was that?" asked Nami.

"A challenger of Zoro's" explained Robin. "When he lost, we asked him and his men to offer us a ride here."

"You guys threatened them to give you a lift; didn't you?" asked Nami, with narrowed eyes.

"No" answered both Zoro and Robin, while rolling their eyes innocently, but with smirks.

"Geez, you two are still demons" said a shivering Usopp, who got a nod of agreement from everyone else.

"Thanks/Thank you" the two 'demon' crew mates said at the same time.

"Scary" yelled Usopp and Aesop; while Kaya and Luffy just laughed.

"Robin-chwan, you're as beautiful as ever!" yelled Sanji, as he flew through the air towards her.

"Oi, eyes off of my wife/mom curly brow" roared both Zoro and his daughter, as they sent the chef flying into the woods with a kick.

Zoro smirked at his daughter and started laughing. "That's my girl Livy" he stated.

"Livy?" asked Kaya.

"Its short for Olvia" answered Robin, while smiling at how close her husband and daughter were.

"Wait that's Olvia?" asked Nami, and smiled when the archaeologist nodded. "Wow, I can't believe how much she's grown in seventeen years. She looks just like you Robin; aside from the green hair and swords."

"Damn you marimo, for ruining Livy-chan's beauty with your gross moss hair" yelled Sanji. Before he could attempt to attack the swordsman, ten arms sprouted out from his back and twisted him painfully backwards.

"Sanji-san" called Robin, with a sickly sweet smile. "I happen to quite enjoy my husband's hair color. So I would highly suggest that you not insult it in any way around me. Unless of course, you have trained yourself to cook with a broken spine; do you understand?"

Everyone except for Luffy and Zoro got a shiver up their spines at the archaeologist's merciless tone. Sanji couldn't speak as Robin had proceeded to bend him even further backwards at certain words and simply nodded. "Good" she stated and released her hold on the cook, with a true smile now. Zoro then wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled Robin into a passionate kiss.

"It's stuff like that that made me fall in love with you in the first place" stated Zoro smiling; while he looked into his wife's piercing blue eyes. Robin smiled back and was about to kiss him again when someone spoke up.

"Aww, come on guys" whined Olvia. "I'm glad that after twenty years of being married that you two still love each other, but do you seriously have to express it all the time?"

"Yohohoho, it seems that some things never change" sung Brook, who just arrived on Laboon.

"Oi Brook, Laboon, how have you guys been?" yelled Luffy.

Laboon answered the Pirate King with a happy whale sound. Brook jumped off and turned back towards his friend. "Thank you for the ride my friend. I will see you back home" called the skeleton, and with another happy sound, the whale descended beneath the water.

"Yosh, now all we have to wait for is." Luffy started to say, but was cut off when a familiar ship came flying down into the harbor.

"Hi everyone, sorry we're late" yelled Chopper from aboard the Thousand Sunny.

"We're not late, we made super time" claimed Franky, doing his signature pose. The reindeer was no longer small and was now the size of an average deer, but still had his high pitched voice. Franky had large streaks of grey through his blue hair, and was wearing a black leather jacket that said Tom's Workers on the back in big gold letters. He was still wearing his speedo; however, much to the annoyance of most of the people there.

"Hey Chopper, Franky, Sunny, how've you guys been?" asked Luffy.

"Oi wait a second, that's the infamous Thousand Sunny? It looks kinda childish to be the feared King of Pirate's ship, if you ask me" scoffed Olvia.

"Oi, your mother and I were married on that ship; not to mention that you were born on it too. So show it some respect Livy" ordered Zoro.

"Yeah alright" said Olvia lazily, then pulled out a book that she'd brought with her and started reading.

"Wow, she's so like them" stated Usopp to Nami, who got a nod from the others.

"Yeah and come to think of it; Olvia is probably the perfect combination of brains and brawn with Zoro and Robin as her parents" stated Nami, and the others nodded again.

"Yosh, now that everyone's here, let's party. Come on Hancock, Yuffy, let's go" shouted Luffy, and he was about to grab the two and catapult to where the party was going to be, but was stopped when someone kicked him in the face.

"No way papa" exclaimed Yuffy. "There is no way in hell that you're going to send me flying again."

"Ok then" stated Luffy, who then grabbed Hancock and launched himself into the Amazon city.

"Oh, so you must be Luffy's daughter right?" asked Franky, who just arrived on shore.

Yuffy smiled a familiar toothy grin; "Yup, I'm Monkey D. Yuffy. It's awesome to finally meet you guys." Before anyone could respond, the young girl groaned. "Ah damn it; my idiot papa took off before he told you where the party was gonna be. I guess that means that you'll just have to follow me. Besides, I've got a ton of questions that I wanna ask you guys." She stated and began walking towards the town; while asking questions to everyone along the way.

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