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The moment the group arrived at the city's main square was, where the party was being held, the guys were almost instantly jumped by a group of amazons. "Aww, these guys don't have stretchy skin" whine one of the Amazons.

"Yeah, these two don't have any skin at all" exclaimed another one, who was looking at Franky and Brook.

"Ooh, this one has really soft fur" stated one, who was started petting Chopper's coat.

"Mmmm, and even though this one doesn't have any extra skin he's got such large muscles" purred an amazon, who started to feel up Zoro.

"Yeah and his chest is nice and broad" stated a second one near Zoro, who was trying to control his temper.

"He's got a nice ass too" claimed a third, as she was about to grab it. The swordsman was about to lose it, when the girls that were surrounding him were restrained painfully by some hands.

"H-hey, what's happening?" asked one of the female warriors. They then saw Robin walk over to Zoro with another malicious smile, looped her left arm through his right, and laid her head on his shoulder, before she spoke.

"Ladies, as much as I appreciate that fact that you find my swordsman as attractive as I do. I would highly advise you to not touch him" she said, in a sickly sweet voice that sent a shiver up everyone's spine. An arm then appeared on her swordsman's back, and grabbed her property, "Or his ass."

Zoro lightly blushed, but then smirked slyly at his also smirking wife. The two then turned and walked towards the table that Luffy and Boa were sitting at; who had been watching the whole thing. The amazons immediately went back to work, leaving the gawking crew, their kids, and an embarrassed Olvia. "Wow, I never knew that Robin could be so forward" stated Nami, who was still surprised.

"It's like I said they do that sort of thing all the time and as much as I'm happy that they're still attracted to each other. It's super embarrassing, and they can be a little to attracted to each other sometimes" mumbled Olvia, still a little embarrassed.

"What do you mean?" asked Bell.

"Well," Olvia took the covered pack that she'd been carrying and placed it on the ground. She then, lifted up the cover to reveal that it wasn't a backpack, but a baby carrier, that had straps on the back. On the carrier was a sleeping one year old, who had the same green hair and familiar nose as the green haired girl, but looked like Zoro. "Let's just say that there are many times when he could've happened."

Everyone's shock, that had almost disappeared, instantly returned when the baby was revealed, but increased at what his sister had said. "Livy, what the hell?" yelled Zoro, who had almost reached the table when he heard her, but turned around with Robin and started to quickly walked back.

"Roronoa Olvia, that was highly inappropriate and inconsiderable of you" lectured Robin authoritatively, but was lightly blushing at what her daughter had just told her friends.

"Hey, I'm the one that you guys have run errands or go on training exercises, whenever you guys get in the mood; which happens a lot." complained Olvia. Arms then sprouted out of her shoulders and clamped onto the young swordswoman's mouth.

"That's enough out of you Livy" exclaimed a blushing and pissed Zoro, as he started dragging a struggling Olvia with him towards the table. A now, visibly red faced Nico Robin, grabbed her sleeping baby's carrier and followed her husband, avoiding the eyes of the others.

The rest followed and sat down at the large table that had a feast on it, but no one could take their eyes off of the 'intimate' couple and their smirking daughter, until Luffy spoke up.

"Yosh, everyone's here, now let's eat" yelled the pirate king, as he and Yuffy dived right into the buffet. Although Yuffy didn't have her papa's stretching arms or speed, she was still eating around the same amount as him. Everyone else just filled their plates and started to eat normally; while guarding their food from the two Monkeys at the end of the table. "So Robin, other than keeping each other company, what have you two been doing?" asked Nami.

Robin ignored the orange haired woman's comment, and answered calmly. "After we left; Zoro, Olvia, and I settled on a Revolutionary Island, that I had learned about when I worked with them. With their influence and Zoro's title of the World's Greatest Swordsman, the government has been too hesitant to try and eliminate me. So we have been able to live happily over the years. Zoro trains some revolutionaries and aspiring swordsman in his dojo, and also battles against any challengers that he gets; while I opened a class to anyone who wants to learn archaeology. You'd be surprised at how many people are actually interested in history and poneglyphs. In fact, I had to open up three more classes in order to teach them all and most of my students are just regular people, who were too afraid of the government to actually pursue it" finished the raven haired woman with a slight smile on her face.

"That's great Robin" cheered Nami, over joyed that her best friend was finally safe, respected, and loved. She then glanced over to Zoro, who was feeding his now awake infant, with a smile on his face. "Wow, I never would've guessed that Zoro would be such a good father."

Robin giggled, "Oh you'd be surprised. Actually, twenty-three years ago when we were at Water 7, Zoro"

"Robin, don't you dare" threatened the swordsman with a glare at his wife.

Robin just gave a caring, yet teasing smile towards him. "Relax Zoro; now that you have kids of your own, It's nothing to be embarrassed about. When we were at Water 7, after the Enies Lobby incident, I found Zoro caring for three small, chubby babies."

All of the green haired man's nakama stopped eating when they heard this and stared at the swordsman in disbelief, but then burst out laughing. "O-oh man, that's rich" laughed Sanji.

"I-I c-can't believe th-that" cried Nami, holding her sides. "Roronoa Zoro, first mate of the Pirate King, the feared Demon Hunter and World's Greatest Swordsman, was a babysitter."

Zoro looked ready to burst, when Robin leaned over to him kissed him gently. "You know; I wasn't lying when I said that it suited you. You really do make a great father" she whispered to him, and gripped his hand. The swordsman seemed to calm down considerably at this and went back to feeding his child.

"So Robin, what's his name?" asked Chopper, once everyone had calmed down.

"Saul" answered the raven haired woman.

"Saul, isn't that the name of the giant you met as a kid?" asked Usopp.

Robin nodded; "Yes, when we decided to have another child, I wanted to name the baby after Zoro's childhood friend as a thank you to him for naming our first after my mother. At first he was against it, but I was persistent. Eventually we came to an agreement; If the child was a girl then we would name her Kuina, but if it was a boy then we would name him after the other person who changed my life as a child."

"Well, at least both sides had a good result" stated Nami.

Robin nodded at this with a smile, "So what did you and Sanji-san do after our separation?" she asked her orange haired best friend.

"After we left, Sanji opened his own restaurant with the All Blue as his supply source and I became his financial expert. We've made a tone of money off of it and serve anyone with enough to afford it. Eventually, I agreed to go on one date with him and it was actually extremely nice, so we started dating for a few months before he proposed and Bell was born"

"Hey Yuffy, would you like to try some of these special appetizers that I made?" asked a grinning Bell.

"Sure" said Yuffy, with a grin that matched her papa's.

"That'll be twenty thousand belli then" stated Bell.

"WHAT" yelled Yuffy, "but I'm the daughter of your parents' captain."

"So, you're eating food cooked by someone who was trained personally by the world's best chef" said the orange haired girl.

"Cut her some slack you stingy brat; this is a party" yelled Olvia.

"What the hell did you just call me you moss head?" yelled Bell.

"Shut up, you orange haired witch" argued Olvia, standing up with her hands on the table.

"You wanna go marimo?" roared Bell, standing on the table. "My dad taught me his fighting style, so I know how to kick your ass."

Olvia mirrored her opponent, drawing two of her swords. "So did mine, so let's go baka-cook."

The girls' fathers sprang up and restrained their daughters, pulling them off of the table. "Calm down Livy, there's no point in fighting right now" said Zoro.

"He's right; we're here to see our nakama. Not for you to beat up marimo's daughter" stated Sanji.

"What the hell did you just say curly brow?" yelled Zoro. "My daughter would easily kick your daughter's ass with her using that shitty kicking style of yours."

Now Sanji was up on the table, "What are you calling a shitty kicking style moss ball? I could kick your ass right here with it, you bastard."

"You wanna go ero-cook?" asked Zoro, who was about to meet his rival up on the table when his wife stopped him.

"Calm down Zoro, we came to see our nakama not for you to fight. Now please just sit back down and eat with me" calmed Robin, and amazingly enough her husband instantly calmed down.

Everyone looked at the swordsman, surprised at how much of an effect Robin had over him. When he sat down, Zoro saw that his food had been stepped on and knocked off of the table. The green haired man seemed depressed until a fork with some food on it, appeared in front of his face. The utensil was being held by his wife, "Here Zoro, you can share with me." Zoro gave her a slight smirk and let his wife feed him.

Everyone was shocked speechless again by this 'cute' display of affection that was coming from their two 'deadliest' nakama; while Olvia was trying not to notice them. "So anyway; how have you been Chopper-san?" Robin asked, ignoring her friends' reactions.

The reindeer snapped out of his trance, "Oh, I've been fine Robin. Since I left; I've been traveling the world, discovering new kinds of diseases and cures. So I'm actually getting close to achieving my dream" answered Chopper.

"That's awesome Chopper" praised Usopp, "I went back to my home village and married Kaya, but I've gone on a ton more great adventures. You wanna here them?"

"Sure" exclaimed Chopper.

"Usopp tell him your lies later" ordered Luffy. "I wanna hear what Franky's done since he left."

Usopp looked depressed at everyone's laughter at their captain's statement, Aesop was trying to hide so that he wouldn't be associated with his lair father, even though he was a liar to, and Kaya laughed softly; while patting her husband's back. "I went back to Water 7; where Iceburg and I renamed his company to Tom's Workers, and since then we've become a Super ship company" explained Franky. "What about you Brook?"

"I've been fine Franky-san. I went to reverse mountain and reunited with Laboon, and then I started up my Soul King career with him as my mobile stage. Seeing my mass of loyal fans, who waited for my return at that first concert made my heart become warm like a volcano. Oh wait; I don't have a heart, Skull Joke! Yohohoho" laughed the skeleton. Everyone else laughed too until all eyes were on the Pirate King.

"So what about you Luffy?" asked Zoro, as he and Robin had finished off the last of their meal.

"I've been here" stated Luffy simply, and everyone (except for Robin, who sweat dropped) face planted.

"Tell us in more detail you idiot" yelled his nakama.

Luffy stopped to think for a minute, "Well I went back to my village, but it got boring so I decided to revisit all of the places that we went to on our adventures. Eventually, I came here and the girls convinced me to stay and I ended up marrying Hancock." His former nakama smiled at their captain's plan about revisiting their old friends; he always able to make up the best ways to have a good time.

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