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Len's P.O.V

I laughed at my friends, Kaito and Miku, who were arguing as usual. Miki and Piko were on the other side of them, obviously trying there hardest not to explode with laughter. They always had this argument about which was better—ice cream or leaks—but it was still hilarious every time. Not paying attention to where I was going, and crashed into a certain brown haired freak. Our books (well, her's, since I don't really read) scattered everyone, and she fell to the floor while I caught my balance. I looked down at who had crashed into me, and then my face twisted into one of disgust. Rin Akita.

She was a really… weird girl. Seriously, I don't even think that I have ever talk before. I don't think that anyone has! Even when the teacher introduced her into my class (in fifth grade), she didn't even say a word. Even when Miku and Miki tried making friends with her. Even when people began to pick on her, she didn't say anything. Even when they tried hitting her since they were annoyed that she ignored them. Although, they could never land a punch (or slap in the girls case). She would always dodge somehow, so fast that no one could ever see her. Eventually, everyone mostly just ignored her, unless someone randomly got angry at her. Rin was probably the smartest person I would ever know. She never took notes, but always got hundreds.I don't think that I had ever heard of a grade from her less than a 98. She was blessed athletically as well. Her physical appearance was plain—brown, tangled, hair, and brown eyes, which glasses covered (A/N: No offense brownheads/ brown (black) eyes! I am one myself! I put THIS appearance for the heck of it…. And, YES, her appearance is like this, but for a reason… READ ON!). She could have been pretty had she tried, perhaps like Sakine-sensei, but she didn't. It was as if she was trying to be as plain looking as possible. I just tried to steer clear of her.

"Sorry, Akita-chan," Kaito said gently. Don't ask me why, but Kaito, Miki, and Miku where always going out of their way to make friends with Rin. Just their personalities. Piko and I really didn't do anything about it. Kaito then extended his arm. "Need help up?" Rin hesitated for a second, then like always, ignored him, collected her books, and walked away to homeroom. Kaito sweat dropped, and sighed. "It was worth a shot, I guess."

I looked around, and noticed everyone whispering away (we were by the school gate, so everyone basically had a clear view at what happened). There were already whispers on 'how dare Akita do that? First she crashes into Len, and then she completely brushes off Kaito. Loser.' I knew what would result for Rin later (a group of girls yelling at her for crashing into me, or ignoring Kaito), yet I didn't bother trying to defend her.

You (wait… who are you?!) see, the five of us, that being Kaito, Miku, Miki, Piko, and I, were pretty popular at school. Everyone loved Kaito for being such a gentlemen, Miku for being such a diva, for Miki being so sweet, and for Piko being such a shota (apparently I'm not one to talk but…). My name is Len, and I'm known for being quite popular with the girls. A playboy? I wouldn't go that far. So that is why when Rin didn't bother saying sorry to me, and ignored Kaito, everyone began freaking out. I honestly didn't care, but apparently everyone else did.

"Why would you do that?!" I whispered frantically to Kaito, although I knew I would be scolded by Miki for being so inconsiderate to her (Rin's) feelings.

"Dunno. But she looked like she really did want to take my hand," Kaito said.

"So… she likes you now?" Miku's head shot up, but she made no other motion to show interest. Miku likes Kaito.

"No, she's lonely. Don't worry, Miku," Kaito said.

"I wasn't," Miku said smoothly. Kaito scowled. I laughed, and we all ran to homeroom as the bell rang. I took my seat in the back, waiting for Sakine-sensei to enter the room. Knowing her, she would be ten minutes late.

Rin's P.O.V(Also, this goes back a bit in time)

I slammed into someone while rushing to get into the classroom. I really had to use the bathroom. I mentally cursed myself, hoping my wig wouldn't fall off. It was an "advanced" wig (meaning it was better than most—the most money could get), but accidents do happen. I looked up and saw Len standing there, looking down at me. Literally- I could prat His friends where right next to him. One of them, Kaito, extended his hand out, and asked me gently if I wanted some help up. After an inner war within myself, I ignored him, and got up.

My true name is Rin Kagamine, and I don't really have brown hair and eyes. My eyes are naturally blue, and my hair is blonde. I wear a wig, glasses (my eyesight is perfect. The glasses' lens are fake), and contacts to hide my identity. My father, Rinto Kagamine, basically owns the business world, making him "business royalty," along with his/my family—Lenka and Neru (my twin) Kagamine. I have to go to this hellhole everyday so that I can "gather" information about what teenagers and the future people of this country. Well, actually, no. I asked my dad if I could go to school when I was younger, and despite his protests, I went anyways. Now, my father isn't cruel, or full of himself or anything. He's actually the coolest father in the world, but, I being the heir to more than a fourth of the businesses in the world in the future made me a natural target. When I was younger, there was at least two kidnapping attacks twice a week. At a very early age, I begged my father to let me learn some kind of martial art, so that I wouldn't have bodyguards surrounding me 24/7. That was seriously annoying. I remember my dad's words the when I transferred into a fifth grade class. Up until then I had been home schooled. "Stay clear. Don't talk to anyone, don't become friends with anyone. We CANNOT let your identity out—if people figured out who you are, the kidnappings would increase tenfold. And, they would use other people to their advantage, perhaps as hostages or something." My father then looked at me, a pained expression on his face. "I'm truly sorry that you must put up with this, Rin. I wished that you would have a normal childhood, but by the amount of attacks… I'm really sorry." He looked like he was about to break down. A father shouldn't look like that- he should be strong and guild his family to were they need to go. "Rinny, I love you. " If I ever felt to lonely, all I had to do was remember my dad's words and expressions that day, and I would forget it. Well, not exactly forget, but that would give me something else to think about.

I am lonely beyond belief. I mean, yeah, I had my twin sister, Neru, but she didn't go to school with me (she is home schooled). She has a weak body, and it can't endure much, so I am usually alone. Neru was also another thing that inspired me to go on. She is always smiling no matter what the situation. I'm the older one of us two, so I naturally wanted to protect her from ever having to experience this. Cause, being called names or attempts at beating you up everyday isn't exactly something you want your best friend to experience. Especially when you can do something to prevent it.

I wasn't home schooled because I had begged my father to let me go to school, despite his warnings about what would happen. Now, I'm not so sure about my choice. But, it's too late, so I would just go onwards.

Had I been a "normal" person, then I would basically be cheerful basically all the time, like Neru. I would sing, join the school's orchestra (I play viola), have friends, hang out with them. Complain about my teachers, sneak out of school, sit with someone at lunch, the whole thing. I would actually talk. Unfortunately for me, that would probably never happen.

"AKITA-SAN!" My head snapped up, and noticed that Meiko was looking at me with an angry expression on her face. She is a friend of my family, so she knows my real identity, and looks after me. I nodded my head. "I was saying, that you and Len need to stay after class. I have something I need to discuss with you two."

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