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So, I was rereading "Hidden" for the first time in ages (wow, it's kinda really... I don't know what to say... Suckish, maybe? Good? A combination of both?), and I realized I really wanted to know what happened to Rui and Rei, which makes NO SENSE, since I wrote this story. And, I feel guilty for taking down "Checkmate" (due to my life getting extremely busy). So I opened up a document, and my fingers were like "Oh, Shadow! We have an idea!" (OMG, what's wrong with meeee?), and I began typing. And this popped up.

NOTE: There will be two alternate endings: one good, one bad. This one is the good one. Stay tuned for the next one.

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Recap (since I'm sure many of you haven't read this recently): Rin's P.O.V

A sudden shot rang through the night, and Rui screamed.

She fell to the ground, her breathing heavy, and Rei and I immediately stopped running. By the dim light, I could tell that that a bullet was lodged in her shoulder. Blood was everywhere. I swallowed as she screamed in pain once more. Guilt spread through me.

"R-Rei, what do we do?" I managed to get through the lump in my throat.

"Just... just go," Rui said through pained breaths. Rei nodded his head.

"Rin, go."


"Go!" I began jogging, but stopped when I noticed Rei not coming with me. He was helping Rui to her feet, and then leaned her against the wall. He kissed her on the top of her head, screamed for me to go once more, and then closed his eyes, his nose buried in Rui's hair. Her breaths were shallow, but she still reached for Rei's hand.

"Rin... leave," Rui said said softly. I saw many figures approaching in the distance, and took off in the opposite direction, guilt almost completely swallowing me whole.

"Thank you two so much," I said while fighting back tears. The next time I looked back, they were surrounded by various guards of UTAU.

Rui's P.O.V

I can barely register what's going on. The only thing I know is the pain in my shoulder that won't go away, and something warm is surrounding itself around me. My breaths are quick, sharp, and my mind in fuzzy. I look up to see Rei, his arms around me, looking at the oncoming UTAU officers, his mouth straight and determined. No signs of fear.

He notices that I'm staring at him, smiles a pained kind of smile, and pulls me closer. "You know I liked you from the minute I saw you, right, Rui?" I can't speak—the pain won't stop—but I nod my head. My shoulder feels like it's on fire. "I still do. You're my favorite."

"M-Mine," I gasp out, hoping he'll understand what I'm saying. He kisses the top of my head as the soldiers surround his. Wordlessly, Rei hands them his gun and mine, but doesn't give them the knife that I know is hidden in his back pocket.

"Let me through," a voice I recognize as Tei's says.

"You go after them with the guard. I'll take care of these two," another one—Defoko's, I believe—says. I take a shaky breath, sweat dripping down my face.

"So," Defoko says in monotone. "So..." She trails off, probably considering what would be the best way to dispose of us. I shiver; I would welcome death at this point—the pain... it's overwhelming—but I don't want Rei to get hurt. He is my everything, I will make sure I will protect as best I can, even with a screwed up shoulder. I will.

Defoko waves her hand at one of the nearby guards. "Get her patched up," she says, pointing to me. We stare at her, and I feel Rei falter slightly. His heart is racing, and it increases in speed as guards approach us.

"Get away," Rei growls, holding me closer. "I won't let you touch her."

"R-Run," I say, but if he hears, he doesn't acknowledge what I gasped out.

"If you want her to die, sure. We won't touch her," Defoko says.

"R...un," I gasp out once again. My vision goes fuzzy before I finally escape into darkness.

"Rui," someone says as they urgently shake my shoulders.

"Hurry up. Or else," another voice says. I groan—they should just let me sleep a little bit more—before turning onto my side.

"Rui, you need to wake up now," the voice repeats.

"Fuck this," the other voice says before I suddenly feel sharp pain in my cheek. I pry my eyes open and look around. There hovers Tei, Rei grabbing her by the collar.

"Bitch," he snarls. "You didn't need to do that."

"She was talking too long," Tei says with a shrug.

I grab Rei's hand, to tell him I'm alright, and he's back to my side again, gently caressing my cheek, murmuring words of comfort. I want to close my eyes and snuggle into his neck, but there is no way in hell that could possible happen in the situation that we are in right now.

"I don't know what Defoko was thinking, saving her. One is more than enough... she's just extra baggage."

"Shut up," Rei growls to her.

"Awwww. Didn't I hurt your itty-bitty feelings?"

"I said shut up."

Not good. He's ready to snap, and when Rei snaps... well, things aren't very pretty.

Not saying they are right now.

"It's okay, Rei," I try to say, but it comes out as a gasp. It's only then I notice how parched my throat is, and how there is a dull pain in my shoulder. I wince, and Rei gently helps me up, lacing his fingers with mine.

The opens and shuts, and in comes in Defoko. "Finally. I was wondering where you were."

Her eyes dart from side to side, and she seems almost... nervous.

"I was busy," Defoko says.

"Doing what?"





"God, just leave me alone!" The desperate cry comes out out of her mouth, and everyone stares at her. "May we do this later? I'm not feeling good," Defoko says before rushing out of the room, bangs covering her face.

"Um... sure?" Tei says, even though she's well out of the way.

Defoko's P.O.V

It's late at night by the time I sneak back into the hospital room. Well, I don't exactly "sneak," but more of commanded to be let in. Same difference.

He sits by her bed, holding onto her hand tightly. Even though his body sags, and he has heavy bags under his eyes, his eyes are bright and alert, never straying from her small figure.

I take a seat next to Rei, letting out a long, loud sigh.

I stare at him, my brain hurting from the various problems that have been running around my mind all day, and keeping me up at night.

I've been involved in a romantic relationship—plenty—but there was one where there was actually love. The one I ended up having Mayu with. And, even after that was all said and done, he still left me.

Yet this man, boy really—much younger than I was at the time—refused to leave his loved one even though it was clear that her death would be near if she didn't get treatment. He could have ran, but he didn't.

I also wonder why I just didn't allow her to die.

I shake my head—I'm getting soft.

And imagine what Tei would think if she realized.

So I need to get answers, and I need to get them now.

"Why didn't you leave her?" I ask finally.

Rei answers me with blank eyes. "Because I love her. Isn't that reason enough?"

Rui's P.O.V

My mind is foggy when I wake up again, but I shake it off. Rei is still at my bed- I'm sure if he moved or not- his eyes showing both relief and exhaustion. "Did you sleep?" I ask.

"No," he admits shyly.


"They said that you were stable, but I couldn't be sure. I've been up for... let's say, two days? In those days, Tei has visited us twice, once when you were awake. I think today she's going to try again, due to her pattern." I groan as Rei tries to coax me into eating.

"You can sleep. I will eat," I say.

"It's okay," Rei says. "Now, here comes the airplane! Say 'ahhhh'!"

"Ahhhh." I swallow whatever the mush is painfully. "Now, could you please sleep? I can eat by myself."

"Just let me baby you!"



"Fine. You eat, and then I'll sleep, okay?" Rei asks. I nod my head and allow him to feed me.

"Now, go to sleep," I say once we finish. He nods his head and climbs into my small, hospital bed, wrapping himself around me.

"Is this okay?"

"Yes," I say, taking a deep breath so that I can smell his sent. Like lemongrass and something metallic, like a gun. I pause for a second before saying, "I'm sorry."

"You shouldn't be."

Of course he knows what I'm talking about without me having to verbally say it.

"You could have left me," I say, feeling guilty. "You could survive."

"Who says we're going to die?"


"It's okay. I would rather die with you than escape to some place with you gone. So, shut up and let me sleep."

Thirty minutes later, Tei storms into the room, Yuuma and Mizki with her. I stare at them, feeling a little bit guilty. We were pretty close, actually... but they didn't know anything about us working for the Kagamine's.

I lick my dry lips and then say, "Could this wait? Rei's finally sleeping."

"I refuse to wait again," Tei says.

"It's fine," Rei mumbles before slowly rising. "I'm awake."

"Good boy," Tei says. "Would you like a treat?"

"Just hurry and get it over with," Yuuma says, scowling at the ground.

"Yes, Tei. Don't drag this out more than it has to," Defoko says, entering the room.

"You're all so boring! Don't tell me you actually like these traitors!"


They don't protest that they don't like us, or find us filthy, or anything like that, which is obviously what she was aiming for.

"Y-you-" Tei starts, but Mizki cuts in.

"What are we even here for? I have a bubble bath waiting for me at home, and the bubbles are losing their bubblyness!"

"What are you doing?" Defoko asks, sounding confused, as if this is the first time she's realized what's going on in days.

"What's going on?" Mayu says as she enters the room. Her teddy bear drops to the ground when she sees Rei and I. Oddly enough, I think she actually liked us as well, and may have even had a small crush on Rei. "What's going on?" She asks, her voice going a pitch higher.

"We're dirty traitors!" I say cheerfully, smiling happily. Maybe it's the medicine.

"You're what?"

Rei sighs. "You want the story? Here it is. We entered UTAU under Rinto Kagamine's orders, saying that perhaps something would happen to were information, or perhaps even people- such as Rin- would need to be passed onto him. That was, what, twelve years ago?" He says nonchalantly.

No one says a word. The air is thick with tension, before Mayu lets out a cry.

"I don't want Rei to go! He promised he would marry me in the future!"

"You did what?" I mouth to him, but he just smiles sheepishly.

"And Rui! She's the only one who plays dolls with me!" I feel kind of bad- no, I feel really bad for this.

"Shut up," Tei says, but that only serves to make Mayu's cries even louder. "SHUT UP!" She screams, hand raised, ready to slap the her.

Instead, Defoko gets the full force of it, her white and purple hat falling off. Her bangs once again fall in front of her eyes, and her cheek turned to the side. "You will not hurt her," she says very slowly, very calmly.

"Neh, Tei," Rei says. I tense- no matter what he says, this will just add fuel to the fire. "Apparently you don't know everything that you had thought that you did about this place."

She snaps.

Tei lunges at Rei, but he just ducks to that her fist hits the wall.

"Take... them OUT," she roars. "I don't want to see their pathetic faces. Lock them up."

"This is rather boring," Rei says, adjusting the way he sits on the floor. We're back in the cell that Rin used, me lying on the bed, Rei sitting on the floor. Although they cleaned everything out, I can still smell Rin's smell on the sheets... or maybe it's my heavily drugged brain.

I miss her. She was an odd kind of kiddo, but a good one.

"Well, what do you expect?" I ask. "We're prisoners, not guests."

Yeah, yeah, Tei and Defoko take their business way to far, but what do you expect? They're crazy.

"I don't know. Something?"

"Real descriptive," I say sarcastically. Rei makes an angry sort of noise, but it morphs into a laugh, his eyes lighting up.

I've always loved his eyes- that's what drew me to him in the first place. Of course, that was a long time back, all the way in high school, when Gumi was still with us.

I push the old memories aside, and try to focus my everything on getting better, on finding out a way to somehow magically escape from this place.

As if.

Rin got away, so there's no way a second escape can be allowed.

"Do you think we'll be stuck here forever?" I ask Rei. He studies me, and then gets up.

"I don't know," he says, sliding into the bed with me. "But if I were to be stuck in a dingy cell with someone for who knows how long, I'm glad it's with you."

I smile and say, "The same is for me." We sit in silence for a moment, which is then ruined by Rei's:

"I'm still totally bored, though."

"Rui... Rei... Wake up, please." A whisper, is it? I stir slightly, but then feel the warmth radiating off of Rei's body, and decide that whoever is calling me isn't important enough.

"Please, please wake up! Hurry, I don't want you to get caught." This catches my attention, and I force myself.

I sit up to see Mayu standing outside of the cell, trembling right down to her knees. In her hands are a ring of keys, and next to the cell are three guards, all knocked out. As hard as it is to believe, this little girl took these three grown men out.

Mayu has always been... strange, in a sense. She's sweet and angelic to the people she likes, but to the rest of humanity... well, just don't make her angry. A duel personality.

"Mayu!" I say in surprise. "What are you... what's going on?" She doesn't respond, instead she just stands there, whimpering slightly. "Rei. Rei, wake up. Now," I say.

"Mmm... birds..."

"Fascinating. Now, wake up."

"...But the birds..."

"I've stripped down to my underwear and am horny."

"I'm up." He takes a good look at me, and then grin-pouts, if that's even possible. "You're a liar."

"Later, hon. Things to be done."

"But... there will be a later, right?"

"For sure."

"I-I'm breaking y-you out!" Mayu says, trembling slightly. I guess that she's never done anything against Defoko's wishes, which is why she's trembling so much. "M-Mommy... she's distracting Tei."



"Mayu, what do you mean Defoko is distracting Tei?" Rei asks, giving me a look.

"I'm not sure, she just told me to take the keys! As soon as she gave them to me, she told me to hide them just as Tei came in. I'm pretty sure she meant to distract Tei... I don't know, I don't know!"

"It's okay," Rei says soothingly as Mayu opens the cell up, dropping her teddy bear to the ground. "Don't worry about it."

"I can't let you out... I have a feeling something bad would happen to Mommy if I did. I'm scared."

Of course she is.

"It's okay, Mayu," I say. The cell door opens, and Rei and I race out. Mayu leads us down the hallway, cells on either sides.

"This is as far as I go," she says. She lets out a little sob and then collapses into my arms.

"Thank you," I say. "Tell your mother the same," I say, patting her back.

"I'm never going to see you again, am I?" Mayu says.

"I... yes," I say.

"What are you doing out of your cells?" A sudden guard asks. In a second, Mayu changes- she turns and jams her elbow into the guards nose, which is probably broke by the look of it. "If you ever mention this to anyone, you will die," she says before slamming her fist into the guard's chin. I see the lights go out in his eyes before he falls into a slump on the floor.

"I'm sorry I can't marry you," Rei says as he gives her a hug.

She pulls away before responding. "It's okay. I always knew that you intended to marry Rui instead of myself."

My heart breaks.


"Official note to transport Rui and Rei to Tei Sukone."

I freeze.

"Go straight inside."

Yuuma and Mizki enter as Mayu slips out of Rei's arms and back into my own. They quietly stare at the small scene, both faces blank. Finally, Mizki says something.

"Tei's requesting you as of right now. I'm afraid we're going to have to blindfold you now," she says in monotone, although her face is pained. I gulp, but allow Yuuma to blindfold me.

Darkness, now, and I stumble while trying to find my way to wherever I'm suppose to be going. A warm hand- it's Rei's. I can tell- takes mine, while a cold hand rests itself onto my good shoulder. Hm. I forgot about my bullet wound... the pain has become so constant, I guess I'm almost used to it.

They lead us out of the room (I think)... up a flight of stairs? Left, right, right, left, I can't tell. I'm getting slightly nauseous.

"Why did you have to blindfold us?" Rei asks.

"Oh, you know. Tei's orders."

"Ah. The crazy one strikes again." There's a muffled laugh, and then a sigh.

"We're almost there," Mizki says from behind me, meaning that she must be the one who is guiding me through the compound.

Another door opens, and I'm pushed into another room.

Warm, humid air surrounds me, and the blindfold slips off.

We're outside.

"You're-..." I start, but don't finish, unsure of what to say.

"We're helping you escape," Yuuma says. I just stare at him, bewildered. "Mayu came to us..."

"You guys... you gave life to this compound. You made even Defoko laugh at times, and things weren't as drab. We were always labeled as freaks due to our unnatural fighting ability, always to be used, but you guys became our friends, getting passed that. You gave life to this compound," Mizki says again. By this point tears begin slightly streaming down my face.

"So we'll give you life... we'll give you freedom," Yuuma finishes. "We have bags prepared with your passports and food, along with some money. You will need to leave Japan immediately, since Tei will be very... um, upset, but I guess it doesn't matter. You always had dreams of traveling the world, right?"

I can't take it anymore. I hold Mizki tightly, the tears turning into sobs.

"What about you guys?" Rei asks as him and Yuuma do their 'We're-Macho-And-Thus-Do-A-Handshake-And-Hug,' thing that guys do.

"We'll be fine," Yuuma says.

"Thank you," I say to Mizki, as she reluctantly pulls back, but allows our hands to stay clasped together. "Thank you so much. You have no idea... just... just, thank you."

"No... Thank you."

Normal P.O.V

"Aha... Japan again. The memories, right?"

"I miss it. How long has it even been?"

"Well over thirty years, I suppose. Probably longer."

The old couple sat together in the airplane, the lady resting her head onto the man's head. They were both well into their fifty's, with some gray streaks in their hair and aging skin. However, their eyes- both gold- were bright and still carried youth.

"I wonder what everyone is going to think when they see us," the old lady continues resting her head in the crook of her husbands neck, despite the fact that an armrest made it very uncomfortable.

"If they even remember us. It's our faults for settling in America," the man said just as the plane began taking off. "Who do you want to see first?"

"Rin. We never told her if we were alright or not."






A couple of days later, the old couple stands in front of a medium sized house, smaller than both of them were expecting, with a big front lawn. "Is this the address?" The old lady asks the man.

"Well, it seems so..." They both take a deep breath in unison, and the man reaches for the women's hand, sighing slowly. "It's going to be alright." They both begin walking up the huge lawn.

"I never said it never wasn't going to be."

"I can tell. I know you."

Halfway up the front yard, the door suddenly swings open. A little girl- around the age of two or three waddles out, stumbling slightly over her feet.

The old couples stops and stares.

"Yuki! (A/N: Have I used Yuki? I forgot :/ If I have, them oops) I told you to put a jacket on before going on!" A boy says- this one about eight or nine, racing after the girl and gently helping her into a jacket. He has bright green eyes, much like the couple. Unlike the couple, however, his hair his dark green.

"Oh!" He says when he sees them. He quickly grabs the girl and runs inside, leaving the door wide open, screaming, "MOOOOMMMY! DAAAADDDDY! WE'VEEE GOOT COMPAAAANY!"

The old couple exchange a look before approaching the door, peering inside cautiously. Suddenly a man with blonde hair and bright blue eyes stand infront of them. The boy stands a little to the side, the girl on his back, piggy-back style.

"Hello," he says pleasantly. "My name's Len Megpoid. Are you the new neighbors?"

"U-Uh, no," the women says. "My name's-"

"Len! Len, is it Miku? I told her that I can't meet up with her today!" An attractive women is suddenly standing there.

The old couple and the women freeze.

"We have guests, Rin," Len says. "Should I tell the twins to come down?"

However, Rin isn't listening. Instead she steps one step forward, and then another, as if in a trace. "Rui? Rei?" Len's eye's widened as he peers at the couple- after all, he has heard the story from his wife numerous amounts of times.

"That's us, nya!" The old man, Rei says, making a peace sign. Rin lets out a strangled gasp before collapsing into Rui's arms.

After hugs and tears, Rin invites the couple in for tea and talk. They both comply, and twenty minutes later, almost the entire family sits across from the old couple, the children staring at them.

Suddenly there is a loud scream of, "FASTER, FASTER!" And two more children enter the room. They're the same age, one boy, one girl, the girl on the boy's back.. The boy has shaggy black hair that falls infront of dark blue eyes, while the girl has bright gold eyes and hair.

They stare at the guests.

"Oh! Introductions!" Rin says frantically. "Ah, I would like you to meet Gumo-"

The boy smiles gently.


The girl manages a small smile before diving into the protective grasp of her older brother.

"-and Len, my husband."

"A pleasure," he says while shaking Rei's hand and giving Rui a kind of hug.

"Now... Rui and Rei," Rin says gesturing at the old couple.

The twins exchange a look before staring at the couple, marveling them.

"I would like you to meet... Rui and Rei."

Oh my gosh, so many young children and old men and-ARG! I just hope that the end didn't get too confusing.

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