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Chapter 1: It starts again

"And so it begins," a demonic figure spoke as it loomed over a nearby house.


"I can't believe I had to kill him..." Guilmon was in a state of depression after the incident with Beelzemon.

"You had to, he would've killed us all," Terriermon comforted.

"Not to mention whoever else was unlucky enough to cross his path," Renamon added in.

Madame Angewomon then decided to input her opinion, "You did what you had too, you should have no shame in it, nor should you have pride."

"Gee, thanks..." Guilmon replied sarcastically.

"You just have to let go Guilmon," renamon told him.

"If you don't you'll tear yourself apart," Terriermon warned.

"You don't understand guys, you didn't look into his eyes, you didn't stab him through the core," Guilmon explained dreading the memory. Then there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," Madame Angewomon answered.

Chapter End

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