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Chapter 22: End of the Road

"What the Hell is that thing!?" Gallantmon exclaimed in horror.

"The disease, and we're the cure," Beelzemon cooly stated back, "Gallantmon, do you think you can attain Crimson Mode again? We'll need it."

"Of course, Gallantmon digivolve to..." Gallantmon chanted going through the routine, "Crimson Mode!"

"Ah, this should be interesting," ZeedMilleniumon grinned, "I dare you to attack first, unless you're too scared."

"Of you? I don't think so," Gallantmon cooly taunted, "Crimson Light!" the attack landed on ZeedMilleniumon, but it was simply brushed off.

"Well kid, you're pretty gutless," ZeedMilleniumon spoke.

"How is attacking you gutless!?" Gallantmon asked, enraged.

"Because, suicide is the coward's way out," the disgusting digimon then charged Gallantmon and knocked him about mercilously and finishes by knocking him into a small crater.

"Gallantmon!" the others shouted.

"I'm fine..." Gallantmon wheezed.

"Not for long," ZeedMilleniumon then pulled back his arm and threw a mighty punch Hell bent on killing Gallantmon, but Beelzemon had other ideas as he rammed into the demonic digimon before he could hit the knight, "What the Hell?"

"Sorry, but I don't take kindly to someone hurting my friends and family, especially someone as ugly as you," Beelzemon grinned and got into a fighting stance.

"So, you want to fight the mighty ZeedMilleniumon?" the evil god like digimon asked.

"Fight you? No, I want to kill you," and with that one line, the two charged each other, both matching each other, blow for blow, but Beelzemon's attacks weren't doing anything to ZeedMilleniumon. ZeedMilleniumon on the other hand, he was doing massive damage to Beelzemon with every punch, and with one final attack, Beelzemon was on the ground.

"I did enjoy that fight with you, but I'm afraid it's time to end this," ZeedMilleniumon then grinned maliciously, "Time Destroyer!" Just then, a giant hole in space and time openned beneath Beelzemon and swallowed him up, "Good luck getting out of that."

"Beelzemon, no..." J.T. slowly whispered.


"Where, where am I?" Beelzemon wondered to himself.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," a familiar voice spoke as if it sounded disappointed, "I gave you a second chance, and you screwed it up."

"What? I'm dead again!?" Beelzemon asked in shock.

"No, not dead, but ZeedMilleniumon threw you out of time and space, so you might as well be dead again," the voice replied.

"Listen, my friends and family are in deep trouble, I need to help them!" Beelzemon pleaded.

"And why should I do that?" the voice asked.

"To save lives!" Beelzemon reasoned.

"I don't know..." the voice started thinking.

"Please! I don't care if you drag me right back here once it's over, but at least let me go back to save my friends," Beelzemon begged.

"... fine, and don't worry about coming back here, but if you do anything wrong, I'll personally drag you back here, and send you to Hell," the voice threatened.

"Sure, fine, but..." Beelzemon started thinking to himself.

"What is it?" the voice questioned.

"How am I supposed to fight someone who isn't injured by any of my attacks?"

"I guess you have a point there," the voice agreed, "Very well, I shall grant you the power to reach your final form, the Blast Mode, but you must promise only to use this when you need it most, otherwise it won't work."

"Fine, but can we please hurry?" Beelzemon asked impatiently.

"Do not rush me mortal!" the voice commanded.

"Sorry! It's just I need to get to my friends, urgently!" Beelzemon told the voice.

"Fine, here it comes," the voice told the former Demon Lord as a powerful surge of energy rushes through out Beelzemon.

"This power, I feel it," Beelzemon stated in surprise at his new found strength.

"Good, now use it to digivolve into Blast Mode," the voice ordered.

"Right, Beelzemon digivolve to..." as Beelzemon spoke these words, four black wings sprouted from his back and a giant cannon integrated into his right arm, and to top it all off, his formerly red eyes turned green, "Blast Mode!"

"Good, now get out of here," the voice told Beelzemon.

"Sure, but how?" the newly enhanced Beelzemon asked.

"Take the door behind you, if you have a heart of pure intentions, you'll end up at your destination, but if your heart isn't pure, then you'll be sent to Hell."

"Wow, all that just to go to back home? Fine," Beelzemon walked up to the door and took a deep breath and slowly opened it.

"Good luck," the voice told him as he left LIMBO, "You'll need it."

ZeedMilleniumon's castle

"You pathetic worms, I'll show mercy and make your deaths swift," ZeedMilleniumon raised his clawed, right hand and was about to strike down on Dianamon.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" a newcomer asked the others.

"Beelzemon!?" J.T. asked in happiness as he turned around to see his partner.

"That's my name, don't wear it out," Beelzemon grinned.

"What happened to you?" Dianamon asked.

"I'll explain later, right now I have some business to finish," Beelzemon told her.

"How did you escape!? No one has ever escaped that attack!" ZeedMilleniumon asked in horror.

"Then it pleases me to be the first," Beelzemon grinned as he charged ZeedMilleniumond.

"Just because you grew wings, doesn't mean you're stronger than me!" ZeedMilleniumon roared as he charged Beelzemon, the two collided and created a shockwave that swept everyone off their feet, "I can see how you handled my subordinates so easily, but I will not faulter by your strength."

"I guess I'll to prove you wrong then," Beelzemon then pointed his cannon at ZeedMilleniumon as the tip split apart and revealed the barrel," Corona Blaster!" the former demon lord then fired off several energy shots in rapid succession against ZeedMilleniumon who fell to the ground in pain.

"How dare you!" 'ZeedMilleniumon shouted in rage, "Fine, then none of us will leave this castle alive!" ZeedMilleniumon then reached the teleporter and started to turn it off, the portal then slowly started flickering in and out. He then found a lever and pulled it, causing the entire castle to shake violently.

"Guys! Go ahead, and I'll stay behind!" Beelzemon ordered.

"We can't leave you to die!" Gallantmon protested.

"Who said anything about dieing? I'll be right behind you!" Beelzemon assured, "Now go."

"But, Beelzemon!" J.T. shouted, but was grabbed by Gallantmon as everyone but, Beelzemon and ZeedMilleniumon, who stared at each other with death gazes.

"I'm going to kill you where you stand," ZeedMilleniumon threatened.

Beelzemon, who proceeded to draw a magic square with his cannon replied cooly, "Go ahead, make my day."

"GGGRRRAAAGGGHHH!" ZeedMilleniumon mindlessly roared as he charged Beelzemon like a bull.

"Corona Destroyer," Beelzemon spoke as he started firing Corona Blasters into the Magic square, causing a giant tidal wave of energy to be launched at ZeedMilleniumon, as the attack made contact with the demon, it knocked him into the ground, causing a devistatingly large crater.

ZeedMilleniumon came to as soon as Beelzemon came up to his opponent and prepared to fire one last time, "Please Beelzemon, have mercy on me!"

"Mercy is all I have for you," and with those final words, Beelzemon pulled the trigger and deleted ZeedMilleniumon. As soon as the deed was done, Beelzemon realised he didn't have much time left, the building was coming down around him, and the portal was nearly closed, without wasting time, Beelzemon made a dash for the portal.

The Real World, somewhere in the park

"We made it!" the recently degenerated Guilmon cheered with the others.

"But, what about Beelzemon?" J.T. asked worriedly.

"He did his best, we'll give him a memorial later," Angewomon told the boy with a heavy heart.

"A memorial is for a dead mon," Beelzemon told Angewomon as he barely made it through the portal with a large explosion of fire behind him.

"Beelzemon!" the others cheered and gathered around the former demon lord.

"Well, I must've done something right," Beelzemon chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, you came back," Dianamon said sweetly as she hugged Beelzemon. Two months later, the tamers helped the digimon get back to the Digital World and they set up a portal, with the help of Val, at Guilmon's house, for safe arrival and exit to and from the Digital World. J.T. and Impmon got the girls, while Impmon finally got his family back.

"Hey J.T., I'm thinking about going on a trip," Ali told J.T.

"A trip? Where?" the boy asked Ali.

"How about, Japan?" the girl proposed.

Story End

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