"So why do you guys think you need marriage counseling?"

Piper laughed as she looked over at Ricky and then back at Dr. Fields.

"Because we need serious help, if we are going to make this marriage work."

"Ok will tell me about this, what went wrong?" Dr. Fields said taking off his glasses staring at the both of them.

Piper took another deep breath and decided she would be the one to speak up.

"Amy happened," Piper said again looking at Ricky.

"And who is Amy," Dr. Fields asked looking in between the both of them.

"Ricky," Piper said wanting him to answer the question.

Ricky bit his inner lip and leaned up resting his arms on his legs as he began to speak.

"Amy … Amy is a girl I use to know." Ricky said now looking back at Piper.

"And what was your relationship with this woman?" Dr. Fields said directing his attention to Ricky.

"I was involved with her."

"Sexually?" Dr. Fields questioned.

"Yea," Ricky said feeling uncomfortable of the certain topic.

"So you had an affair, for how long exactly?"

Ricky leaned back on the couch as he tried to remember.

"Uh… I don't know, I think it would have been almost a year." Ricky said now licking his lips as he tried his best to relax.

"So Piper how did that make you feel?" Dr. Fields asked focusing his attention back on Piper.

"It broke my heart," Piper said glaring at Ricky before looking down at her fingers.

"Ricky… with this woman Amy, did you love her?"

Ricky took a pause before he spoke and then he finally answered.

"Yes I did."

"Do you still love this woman?"

Ricky thought again should he lie to protect Piper's feelings, but this was the reason why they were in therapy to get everything out in the open.

"Yea I do,"

Ricky didn't look at Piper as the words escaped his mouth; Piper shook her head as a hurt expression came across her face.

Adrian due date was knocking on the door as she circled the nursery of her daughters room. She was now nine months pregnant and had a waddle when she walked. She was excited to finally be able to hold her daughter. She needed a light in her life to take the rain away. She hasn't had much light in her life lately. And some days she didn't even know how she was making it, but she had to make it for her baby Mercy. She heard her doorbell ring as she waddle her way out the nursing and into the living room where the person awaited at the door.

"Who is it?" Adrian asked leaning on the door.

"Who else would it be," Grace said with a quirky attitude.

Adrian stepped back as she opened the door. Grace then came in with two bags in hand, she walked over to the couch and placed them down as Adrian closed the door and locked it.

"What's all this?" Adrian asked walking towards Grace peeping in the bags.

"Well I know I have gotten you so much stuff for Mercy but I was out and I just couldn't help it." Grace said while taking out a purple dress that was trimmed in white. Adrian face lit up as she took the dress in her hand.

"Oh my God, Grace this is beautiful."

"Yea I didn't know if you had and outfit picked out for when she came home so I thought, this would be cute." Grace said staring at the dress as she sat down on the couch, moving the remainder of the bags out the way.

"Yea this would be perfect," Adrian said with her eyes still glued to the dress.

"I am going to look for her a matching head band." Grace said thinking where she could go to find one.

"Yea I love it," Adrian said sitting the dress down on top of the bags, she then waddle herself over towards the loveseat and had a seat.

"So two more weeks," Grace said joyfully.

"Yea two more weeks," Adrian said taking a deep breath.

"How are you feeling?" Grace said staring at Adrian.

"I don't know, trying to focus on Mercy but it's so hard because he's missing everything." Adrian said trying to hold back tears but every time she spoke of Ben she couldn't help that her heart hurt so much, not only for her but for her child to.

"Awe Adrian," Grace said standing to her feet and walking over towards Adrian. She sat down beside her as she grabbed her into a bear hug.

"I can't say I know what you're going through because I don't. But I am your friend and I will be here with you to the end. And I know that God wouldn't put anything upon you that you couldn't handle."

Adrian couldn't really manage to say anything; her mind was filled with the day that changed her life.


Adrian was asleep in bed when she heard the constant ringing of her doorbell, she turned over to look at the clock that sat on her nightstand and saw it was seven in the morning. She decided not to answer and hoped whoever the person was would just go away. So she closed her eyes again hoping to return to the state she just was in when she heard the doorbell again followed by loud banging. Adrian jumped up out her bed pissed and irritated that someone was interrupting her sleep and had the nerve to be banging on her door as if they were the police.

She grabbed her rope off the back of her door and slipped it on. She tiredly made her way out her room and into the living room where she heard the ringing of her doorbell once again. Without opening the door she saw Ricky and Jack through the glass door.

She stared at the both of them as they stared at her, tears started to stroll down her face as she unlock the door. As Adrian open the door and stood in the doorway neither of them made a move. Adrian held her hand up as she finally spoke.

"Don't tell me, please don't say it." Ricky walked closer to Adrian pulling her into his arms and spoke.

"Ben was shot multiple times last night; he's in the hospital in critical condition, it's not looking good…"

Before Ricky could even finish Adrian was screaming no, and no longer able to keep her balance as she fell into Ricky. They slid down to the floor as she punched Ricky's chest.

Jack leaned on the wall with tears in his eyes, as the whole situation felt unreal.

Ricky was a wreck because he felt this all could have been avoided if Ben was with him, none of this would of happen. Now they were all left wondering if Ben was going to make it or not.


Adrian opens her eyes to white walls staring at her as Grace shook her back in fourth. Adrian pulled away and wiped away her tears.

"I need to do something, to get out this house." Adrian said to Grace as the both of them still remained sitting on the couch.

"Shopping?" Grace said smiling.

"What the heck let's go," Adrian said shrugging her shoulders as each of the girls stood to their feet collecting their purses and keys and they were off to a full day of shopping.


"I don't think the baby's going to open its legs today, you have a stubborn one on your hands." Dr. Murphy joked with a smile as Amy looked at her bouncing baby on the monitor. She couldn't believe she had something growing in her belly. And every time she would go to one of these doctor visits she would learn something new.

"All right well I am going to print you out some pictures and were going to schedule another ultrasound appointment so we can try again with finding out the sex of your baby." Dr. Murphy said while taking paper towel and wiping off the gel on Amy's belly.

"Great I can't wait," Amy said beaming with excitement as she sat up pulling her shirt down.

"I know it's exciting isn't it?" Dr. Murphy said from the trash can as she threw away the paper towel and gloves. She then made her way over to the sink where she washed her hands.

"Yes very I can't wait to see what this little person looks like," Amy said rubbing her slightly swollen belly.

"Well get all the rest you can get now because once the baby comes you're going to need it trust me I am a mother of five."

Amy giggled as she shook her head in agreeing.

"Ok I am defiantly going to do that and mother of five you have a lot on your hands." Amy said now putting her jacket own.

"Yea there teenagers now but I honestly miss when they were babies, they didn't talk back or disobey me, they just were so small and all about mommy. But I love being a mother. I think being a mother is such a blessing and I believe every woman should have that experience." Dr. Murphy said handing Amy the ultra sound pictures. Amy smiled staring down at her baby. It was getting so big and everything was happing so quickly that she had to pinch herself just to know it's real.

"I wonder what you waiting for, why won't you open your legs so I can know what you are huh?" Amy said talking down to her belly.

"There father maybe," Dr. Murphy said smiling at Amy.

"Yea maybe," Amy said looking up at Dr. Murphy and then at the floor as she chewed at her bottom lip.


"Well that was nice," Piper said smartly as Ricky held the door for her. They were leaving out Dr. Fields office.

Ricky decided not to feed into Piper's mood; she was the one who wanted to come to therapy not him.

Ricky unlocks the doors as Piper swung open the passenger door. Ricky opens his door and climbs inside the car. They drove in silence for five minutes before Piper spoke.

"So after four months of not seeing this girl, your feelings are the same." Piper said looking over at Ricky.

"Why are you even bringing this up?"

"Because I want to know what where doing here, if you're not going to give this relationship a hundred percent then we need to stop it now." Piper said still looking at Ricky.

"If I didn't I wouldn't be here Piper," Ricky said feeling annoyed as he kept his eyes on the road. Ricky didn't know why he went back to Piper. But besides Amy he was use to her and she was always a constant in his life no matter the situation.

Piper looked over at Ricky wanting to believe what he say is real, so would let it be for now.

"Are you hungry?" Ricky asked looking over at Piper.

"Yea," Piper said with a weak smile as Ricky headed towards the Red Dawn Café.

"When are you coming back home?" Amy heard the voice say on the other end of the phone.

"I don't know," Amy said like she always said whenever she was asked this question.

"It's been four months you don't plan on staying there forever do you?"

"Maybe," Amy said thinking of that option it honestly wasn't bad where she was living. She loved the fast pace of New York and the energetic people she would meet.

"You don't know and maybe is all I am ever able to get out of you. I am so worried about you and your sister, especially you being pregnant in New York all alone. Neither one of you girls call me and when I call you, you barley want to talk." Amy rolled her eyes out of annoyance because whenever she talked to her mother she would always nag her.

"Mom I am not a little girl anymore I didn't mean to hurt you or anybody but I need this time for me."

"I understand that Amy and I want you to be happy but you can't run from your problems all your life, at some point you have to come back home." Anne said hoping to talk some sense into her daughter.

"When I am ready to come home, I will mom. Until then there is nothing you can say to make me do otherwise." Amy said pulling the covers back in her bed in climbing in.

"Ok whatever; whenever you're ready to come home your mother will be waiting for you." Amy smiled as she sat up in her bed.

"Thanks mom," Amy said while doing a silent yawn. "But it's getting late and I am about to go to sleep."

"It's only five o'clock in the afternoon?"

"That makes it nine o'clock here."

"Right I keep forgetting that, ok will gets some rest Amy I love you."

"I love you to." Amy then took her phone from her ear and placed it on her nightstand beside her bed. She was flicking through the channels when she saw the voice was on. She put the remote down decided she would watch it. Amy was playing with the necklace on her neck when he popped in her head. He always popped in her head and she couldn't help but think back to the night when he gave her the necklace.


"This is gorgeous," Amy said in awe as her toes danced in the sand below her feet. She held portions of her dress as she danced to the moon and stars.

Ricky stood in admiration, he was happy to put a smile on Amy's face whenever he could. That's why he spoiled her so much because she was thankful for the littlest things. With Amy he could forget about his problems. It was like he was another man and that other part of him didn't exist.

Amy looked back at him and smiled dancing in circles her hair moved in the direction of her every move. Her skin balanced the midnight moon as it glowed possessing it's on light.

Ricky wondered at that moment why couldn't have met her before Piper. Why couldn't she have his last name and be the one to bare his child. Why did life have to be so complicated, why couldn't things be as simple as his money. He could control that but his heart he had no control over. Amy just happened, with no warning. But as unplanned as she was, she was now something he needed.

Amy stomped dancing and watched him, she could tell he was in deep thought. She didn't want him to worry about anything that night but her. She casually walked over to him with a slight smile. A brush of wind would casually pass by which showed itself through the strands of her hair.

"What are you thinking?" Amy asked with curious eyes as she approached Ricky.

"You," Ricky simply said while giving her a slight smile.

"Me… with that instance look," Amy said while throwing her arms around Ricky's neck.

Ricky laughed as he wrapped his arms around Amy's waist, there was no music playing as Ricky started to sway Amy's body to the beat of their own rhythm, as their eyes laid connected on one another.

Amy giggled to Ricky biting her earlobe as she playfully squealed.

"Silly," He said as he returned his gaze to her.

Amy laughed again burying her head into the creases of his neck. The Armani cologne filled her nostrils as she pleasantly smiled to herself. The girl was in love and no words at that moment could express her feelings. It was a feeling he could only feel and she knew he felt it.

He pulled her body away turning her around so her back was now facing him and her view was now the ocean.

"Close your eyes," Ricky said as she did just that.

She felt him move her hair to the side as she felt something fall against her neck. When she slowly started to open her eyes she looked down to find a diamond necklace. She then felt his breath against her ear as he whispered.

"You deserve to shine bright like a diamond."

Amy stared down at the necklace with her back still facing him.

"I love it… thank you," Amy said while blushing.

"You're welcome," Ricky said kissing her neck.

Amy smiled as she pushed him away with the back of her body. She laughed out loud as she ran towards the water. Ricky then ran after her tackling her down into the water.


A single tear rolled down her cheek. She wiped it away as she grabbed the remote and turned off the T.V, She then threw the remote to the other side of the bed. She took a deep breath as she laid down in the bed pulling the covers over her face, hoping Ricky wouldn't invade her dreams tonight.

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