As Ricky stood in the elevator waiting for his stop he thought about how he hated hospitals. But he sucked it up for Ben's sake. He makes these weekly trips at least twice out the week to see his friend and every time he leaves he feels as worse as he came. He hated seeing Ben this way but he knew if it was the other way around Ben would do everything he could for him.

The elevator doors open as Ricky stepped out he pass the front desk of nurses and doctors on his way towards Ben's room. Outside Ben's door were Ronnie and Dave two guards hired to watch after Ben.

"Hey fellas," Ricky said walking up to the two men.

"Hey boss how's everything?" Ronnie asked.

"Livable, I can't complain. But keep up the good work," Ricky said to both men before opening the door to Ben's room. When he walked in he heard the beeping of the monitors as usual but he was surprised to see that someone else was there. Ricky remained at the door wondering if he should stay or come back another time. Before he could decide the person made the decision for him.

"You don't have to leave Ricky," The person said standing to their feet.

"I know I just thought I would give you two a minute, I know you haven't seen him in a long time," Ricky said walking a little bit closer.

"I been here for a good hour now and I actually was hoping I ran into you, come on have a seat," The person said pointing at the seat beside him. Ricky agreed as he walked over and took a seat, the person then took the seat beside Ricky. They both were lost in thoughts not knowing what to say or how the other must be feeling.

"Look Leo I know your angry and I know your upset with me-," Ricky said before he was cut off.

"I'm not upset with you Ricky, at first I was I can't even lie and say I wasn't but that's no excuse for my actions. I haven't seen or spoke to my son in five years because he chooses a certain lifestyle. And I had blamed you for introducing him to this lifestyle. Ben was a kid who felt like he never belonged until he met you and Jack. He told me one day that he finally had friends, real friends. And I was happy for my son and then when he met Adrian I was even happier for him. He said he couldn't believe a girl like her even found him attractive." Leo said laughing to Ricky as he continued. "But I was so upset with Ben when he decided to follow you guys into this lifestyle of drugs and crime. But I was even more upset with you because he wanted to be just like you. And for a long time I believe that's the reason why he did it. But I now know Ben is his own individual he was the one who made this choice for his life, I can't be mad at you for that."

Ricky honestly didn't know what to say as he sat in the chair with his foot tapping the floor, because for years now he even blamed himself for Ben and his dad not talking.

"You know Ricky when you boys use to work for me, Ben was never interested in my business he just did it because I made him, but I looked at you and I could tell you enjoyed it. Why did you choose this life for yourself? Leo questioned Ricky. Ricky stared up at Leo not really sure how to answer this question because it was true he was good at the butcher shop but his heart wasn't in it.

"I don't know I guess I always knew this was what I was going to do. When I was working the butcher shop I was just killing time until I came up with the perfect plan and everything change for me. Many people won't understand why I choose this lifestyle but it's in my blood, I'm good at many things but I'm the best at this." Leo leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath he couldn't even argue with Ricky because like Ben he made his own decisions in life, but he couldn't say he didn't worry for him. Because he really did look at Ricky like a second son, he didn't want anything to happen to him.

Ricky looked over at Ben; he was in his normal state. Tubes hanging in and out of his nose as he survived off a life support. It hurt his heart to even think that Ben wouldn't pull through this so he didn't, he believed in fate and time. It wasn't Ben's time,he honestly believed that he would pull through.

"Leo promise me you won't take Ben off just yet." Ricky said while still keeping his attention on Ben.

Leo waiting a few seconds before he spoke, he had all faith in Ben but he was torn. This may just be it for Ben; he might not ever come back from this. But then again how could he just let go of his son.

"He's going to come back from this I know he will, he just needs time." Ricky said patting Leo's back as he stood."

"I'm going to keep him on as long as it takes," Leo said as he stood up next to Ricky.

"Alright well I think I'm about to get going, it was nice seeing you Leo." Ricky said with slight smile.

"You too don't be a stranger," Leo said handed Ricky his card. "

"I won't see you later," Ricky said slipping the card in his pocket as he walked out Ben's hospital room. He really was surprised to see Leo but he was glad he did, because his conscious was finally free. He no longer carried that pain is heart for Ben and his father's relationship.

"She called him last night," Piper said to Grace and Adrian as they all sat in Graces living room. Grace was drinking hot chocolate while she scrolled through her twitter list on her phone. Adrian sat opposite of her eating spinach dip. They both looked up at Piper who was sitting on the couch opposite of them. She sat with her legs crossed as she twirled her fingers through her hair.

"Who that girl Amy?" Adrian asked while still managing to chew.

"Yea of course who else would I be talking about?" Piper said looking at Adrian dumbfounded. Adrian and Piper became back cool after Ben's accident. Adrian needed all the support she can get and Piper was one of the ones who was there for her.

"Ok look I was just making sure, no need to snap at me." Adrian said defensively.

"Ok calm down lady bugs," Grace said looking between Piper and Adrian. "How do you know she called him did he tell you?" Grace asked now focusing her full attention on Piper.

"No he didn't tell me, I heard him on the phone this morning around four am. She didn't speak but he said Amy I know this is you and he then went on to say how much he missed and loved her." Piper said making annoying

"Wait a minute so he said this next to you in the bed?" Adrian asked digesting all the information Piper said.

"Yea I guess he didn't think I was woke, and then I heard him hang up the phone and get out the bed. I didn't say anything to him because I know he loves and care about Amy. I accept that but I really thought we could get back to how things use to be." Piper said shaking her head to the thought of losing Ricky again.

"Piper I love you so that's why I am telling you this you need to let go of Ricky," Grace said sympathetically to Piper.

Piper looked at Grace as if she was speaking Japanese.

"I can't just let him go; Ricky is all that I know. I don't even know how to be with anyone else." Piper said as Adrian and Grace glanced at each other.

"If you don't let go Piper Ricky is only going to hurt you even more. You said it yourself that you know he is in love with another woman. Why settle for a constellation prize when you can have the trophy." Adrian said while looking at Piper seriously, Piper said no words as her brain was full of memories of Ricky.

"I use to be his trophy, and I know what it feels like to be loved by him and I know what it feels like to not be. I don't ever want to be not loved by him, so like I told you guys before if I have to settle as a constellation prize then I am going to rejoice in my victory." Piper said standing to her feet as she grabbed her keys of the table and her purse off the couch.

"Why are you leaving?" Grace asked Piper as she sat a mug down on the table.

"Because I just want to be alone," Piper said walking towards the front door.

"Should we run after her," Grace ask turning towards Adrian.

"No she wants us to tell her what she wants to hear. And we can't do that so she's going to go to somebody who can," Adrian said as she heard the front door slam.

Ricky didn't want to go home his mind was still puzzled over the phone call he receive from Amy. Just when he thought he could let her go , she made it so much harder for him to let go. He pulled up to a place where only Amy and him knew, it was a beach house that set right off the ocean. He took her there that summer they met…

He needed to feel close to her…

He put his car in parked and climbed out walking up to the front door. He fumbled with his keys as he came across the key that unlocked the door. Once inside he took a deep breath throwing his keys on the kitchen counter. He then walked around the house making sure everything was how they left it. He stooped in his tracks once he came across the den, the room they spent most of their time. He decided to pour himself a drink as he walked over towards the bar. This was the room when he realized he loved Amy, what was once just a casual fling turned into an unexpected love affair…


Ricky was standing near the bar as Amy laughed drunkenly, He laughed to himself because he had never seen Amy in her drunken state before. She twirled in circles before hitting her foot on the end table and collapsing onto the couch in pain, which was quickly followed by clumsy laughter. Ricky turned around with his drink in his hand, he laughed at the sight of her. Her once shy demeanor was now one of care free.

Ricky took a sip of his drink and placed it back on the counter. He then grabbed a cigar out the box that was also located on the counter. He lit it with a match and inhaled the smoke…

He heard Amy approaching him as he turned back around.

"Shotgun," She said with a smile as she fell into Ricky wrapping her arms around his waist.

"You don't even smoke," Ricky said looking down at Amy.

"I didn't really drink either," Amy said with a smirk to Ricky as he thought about it and agreed.

He took another puff of the cigar while Amy moved her head closer towards his. He bent his head down so there lips were only inches away from touching. He then blew the smoke into her mouth as she inhaled. She coughs a little bit while Ricky shook his head.

"I told you, you not a smoker and plus you're a good girl I want to keep you that way," Ricky said smiling as he watch Amy continue to cough.

"Good girls have tried everything at least once," Amy said finally able to breathe.

"Come here, you ok?" Ricky asked Amy as he pulled her closer to him.

"Yes I feel so good right now, just free from everything," Amy said while throwing her arms in the air.

"I'm starting to think I'm a bad influence on you." Ricky said with a smirk while he blew smoke the air.

"And I am starting to think I am a good influence on you, so I guess we even each other out." Amy said as she pulled away from Ricky walking towards the table where a shot glass was.

"Another round please," Amy said while walking back over towards Ricky.

Ricky grabbed the glass from Amy as he turned back towards the bar and began to pour her a glass of white Remy.

"You don't think you had enough," Ricky said turning back towards Amy handing her the glass.

"Nope," Amy said putting the glass to her lips and tilting her head backwards disposing all of the continents that once was in the glass.

She placed it back on the counter as Ricky stared at her.

"What," Amy asked with a smile on her face as Ricky turned around putting his cigar out on the ashtray.

"I'm really not good for you," Ricky said turning back around as Amy walked back over towards the couch.

"I decide what's good and not good for me." Amy said now sitting down on the couch.

"Alright cheers to that," Ricky said as he drunk the remaining liquor that rested in his glass."

"Come sit with me," Amy begged Ricky as she remained seated on the couch. He sat his empty glass on the bar as he abided by her request. Amy smiled at him as he sat next to her. She then scooted towards him placing her head on his chest as he then stroked her hair.

"I'm feeling sleepy," Amy said from the effects of the alcohol.

"Rest your eyes then," Ricky said as he kissed the top of Amy's forehead. Amy was about to do just that when she felt an overwhelming sensation of nausea take hold of her body. She jumped up off of Ricky as she ran towards the bathroom. Ricky knew it was going to happen he was actually surprised it took so long. Amy couldn't handle that much liquor and she had defiantly went beyond her limits tonight.

"Ugh," Amy said as she returned back to the couch where Ricky sat. Ricky held his arms out for her as she fell into them. She pulled her legs up to her chest as she began to blame Ricky.

"Why would you let me drink so much?" Amy said while slightly hitting Ricky's chest.

"Don't blame me I tried to warn you," Ricky said laughing as he looked down at Amy.

Amy continued to lay her head on Ricky chest as she began to mouthed drunkenly off at the mouth.

"You want kids?" Amy asked Ricky as he played with her hair.

"Yea one day," Ricky said as he tried to shake thoughts of Piper out his head.

"I'm going to give you babies."

"You don't want to give me babies; you might meet a guy that you might like better than me."

"No I won't."

"How can you be so certain?"

"I feel it, I know it."

"So you're going to give me babies?"

"Yea I am going to give you lots of babies."

Ricky started to laugh as Amy hit his chest.

"Stop laughing I'm serious."

"Ok, ok I'm sorry."

"Don't freak out about what I said and leave me stranded in the morning."

"How could I ever, I'll just blame it on the alcohol."

"Yea blame it on the alcohol." Amy said laughing a little as she couldn't fight the urge to close her eyes anymore, within five minutes she slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Ricky stared at her as he felt his heart growing for her… At that moment he realized that he was falling in love with the woman that lay right before him. He bent down and kissed the side of her cheek as he said the words…

"I love you."


He wondered that day when he told Amy for the first time that he loved her, did she hear him?

He guesses he would never know…

He just had to find a way to let go of what could have been and accept what is.

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