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Out of all ideas, Frank thought this was by far the worst and the one he had not thought through all the way.

Besides, how was he supposed to take her on a date if they were on a freaking flying giant warship heading over the Unite States to go fight a war in which a lot of them might die? How was he supposed to deal with that? In Canada things would just be so much simpler!

And it wasn't like he could ask the others 'hey can we take a short stop in the middle of the Atlantic ocean at a nice seaside restaurant so I can take my girlfriend on a date?' Frank wasn't the brightest guy or the most socially involved, but somehow he was able to guess that wouldn't fly well with the others. Heh. Fly. They were on a flying ship that- never mind.

So because of that, Frank was sitting uncomfortably on the top deck of the Argo II, his stomach growling because he was trying to eat without shoving the entire plate in his mouth. Hazel wasn't eating, but looking out over the railing to the endless sea expanse beyond.

Frank slurped up a spaghetti noodle like he would have done to any other chinese noodle his grandmother liked to make. "What's wrong?"
Hazel turned back to him, her curly bands tied back in a silver pin and her clothes a little ruffled. "Nothing," Hazel managed to say. "I'm just...thinking."

Frank put down his fork. "Is there something you want to tell me?"
Hazel looked at him with an intense golden gaze into his eyes. "You appear to have some sauce on your chin," she picked up her finger and pointed.

Frank blushed and wiped it off with a napkin. "Better?"
Hazel smiled, her dazzling white teeth peeking between her smile. "You look handsome either way."

Frank felt like someone had pressed an iron hot griddle against his face. "No, really, is there something wrong?"

From Hazel's mind, Frank was doing the cutest little pouty thing with his face, and it was almost too adorable for Hazel to resist that.

Hazel was worried about everything. About Nico, for one, how they had to find him in less time than she would have hoped, and about Frank, who was being forced to take an unexpected road trip to a place that could likely take Frank Zhang out of existence, and she was worried she was falling for Leo, because as amazing as Frank was, when she was around Leo she felt confused. Leo was confusing. Feelings were confusing. Life got complicated.

"It's nothing you can fix," Hazel said instead. "Just silly things."

Frank extended his hand across the table to take her hand, and almost knocked over their glasses. He had set up a tiny table with a tablecloth (don't tell Percy but it was his toga from New Rome) and spare glasses and tableware from the kitchen and sat under the stars at night.

Frank was about to say something, make suddenly everything just a little better, when something landed on his face with a WHUMP! and he almost fell off his chair.

"Hey!" Frank protested, shoving the lumpy object off him. "What the heck-?"
It was a pizza.
A flying, temperamental, pizza, with extra cheese and mushrooms, that sailed through the air out of nowhere and smacked Frank in the face. He threw it off the side of the ship, where is made a splash in the water below him.
"Ugh," Frank groaned. "This was my last good shirt!"
Hazel giggled, as the son of Mars tried to wipe off the tomato sauce from his clothes, and someone yelled "Festus! Do not throw pizza! Bad boy!"

Hazel froze, and her and Frank raced over to the other side of the deck. Leo was sitting at a dinner table much like the one Frank had set up.
"Hi Hazel," he waved and smiled in recognition. He dropped his hand and met Frank's eyes in acknowledgement. "Frank."
Frank nodded stiffly back at him. Then he stared at the scene in front of him.

The bronze dragon Leo was so obsessed with- the one he was always talking to, and cleaning and getting reports about the ship's status from, had gotten a makeover. "You guys were on a date?" Leo asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Looks like you were too," Frank grumbled.

Festus, the dragon, was wearing pink blush between his scales. Someone had used mascara on the edges of the dragon's eyes, and a large blonde wig sat between the dragon's ears. A messy line of lipstick covered the dragon's lips, giving it the appearance it was smirking, but Frank had a feeling the dragon didn't appreciate this type of treatment.
"Me and Festina were on a date," Leo explained. "Festina didn't like my pizza so she threw it across the ship and hit you in the face. Sorry."
"It's fine," Frank muttered, but he mumbled in an even lower tone "Sure, dang it."

Leo grinned. "Oh, good. By the way, Hazel, I borrowed some of your lipstick to dress up Festina."
"Leo!" Hazel fanned herself. "Why are you on a date with a dragon? And he's a happydragon, but he doesn't look happy now!"

"Nonsense!" Leo said. "Oh, Frank, I used your toga for my tablecloth. Hope you don't mind."

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