WELCOME MY FRIENDS! You have been cordially invited to read the first Tiny Tina Fanfiction on teh INTERNET! ...I am the first one to actually do this, right? Right? Whatever, I have this omnibus set up. I'm going to post 7 different stories with one story a week or earlier. And maybe two weeks if I get writer's block.

Anyway, I did this because, yeah, you guessed it, I LOVE TINY TINA~ Of course many of you know that already. So, I think i'm going to start it off with a fun little story about Tiny Tina and Gaige~

NO THIS IS NOT YURI SHIPZ. Even though I ship that sometimes. Only the good, reasonable ships. Not like StarRaven or GaigeTina That stuff's just... bluh. Anyway, enough about me. LET'S MAKE IT RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN NNNNNNNNNN... Tiny Tina stories!

Summary: Bleh! Today is a boring day. Tiny Tina can't find anything to do. But there's one thing possible. One really stupid thing... Something Tina never thought she'd actually do. Invite Gaige The Mechromancer over for a Tea Party...

This is going to be so lame x3

Tiny Tina just lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. BLEH, there was nothing to do today. She had broken up with Sir Reginald, Princess Fluffybutt was on her honey moon, and for some stupid reason, Mushy Snugglebites and Felicia Sexopants stopped talking to her. And to think, she was such a nice caretaker! Sure, she used them as explosive damsels, but everyone does that to their best friends at least once in their lives, right?

So no tea parties, no badonkadonks, NO NOTHING! Well... except for one thing. But she didn't even want to stoop to a low enough state to even think of doing such a thing. Maybe just this once... NO! What the heck? Who would invite their own rival to have a tea party.


Ugh, a desperate person, that's who! But Tina was just desperate enough to do this. And maybe while the tea party happened she could smack some sense into a certain red headed poser...

Gaige The Mechromancer. Tiny Tina kept on thinking why she was doing this while dialing on the ECHO she looted off of a dead body. She didn't like Gaige. AT ALL. Definitely a poser, Tiny Tina always thought when Gaige was ever mentioned. Gaige was totally stealing her thunder! Ever since she landed on Pandora and saved it from Handsome Jack, everyone's been praising the crap out of her!

No one ever came to Tina for work on broken stuff and explosives, they all trusted Ms. LookatmeIhaveagiantdeadlyrob otthatcankillyouinoneseconda nddoesallofmyworkforme to do that. But the young Vault Hunter was probably the only thing that could keep her from dying of complete and utter BOREDOM.

Finally, she finished dialing the mechromancer and immediately spoke, not letting Gaige even say a simple hello.

"Bleh, your cordially invited to my tea party. Come as soon as you can. And by invited I mean you have to come and by as soon as you can I mean NAO. " She quickly hung up and tossed the ECHO communicator aside. Finally, she got to work on setting up the tea party.


Gaige walked down the short path toward Tiny Tina's workshop. She wasn't exactly sure why Tina would contact her on such short notice, but it seemed like a nice thing at the time. She had just went through this HUGE wave of bandits, and a tea party sounded relaxing. Gaige knew that Tiny Tina was trust able enough not to try and kill her with explosives, so she left DT to his own business at their last battle area.

Upon entering, Gaige spotted an impatient Tiny Tina sitting at a table.

"Ya late. " Tina complained.

"I can't exactly run all the way over here the second you hang up the phone. " Gaige responded, taking a seat on the other side of the table.

"Can't you do that summoning thingie and come here immediately? "

"No, that only works for Death Trap. "

"Robowhore? "

"What? "

"Your robot is a whore. "

"I don't know what your saying. "

"I'm saying I hate you. " At that moment, the two were silent. "A lot. "

"Then why am I here!? "

"Cuz i'm bored. "

"Well, guess what? I hate you too. "

"Fine. "

"Fine. "


"FINE!" Finally they both just sit there.

"...Let's talk Gaige. " Tiny began.

"Kay? " Gaige responded laying back in her seat.

"Let's rap. "

"What? " Gaige gave the 13 year old a look of confusion.

"So, how's life? " Tiny Tina questioned.

"Well, me and DT just took down like a flock of bandits... or a murder of bandits... I don't know what you call a big group of bandits. " Gaige explained.

"Das coo' . " Tina nodded. Believe it or not, the two struck up a good conversation about multiple things raging from Handsome Jack to 'that bitch Marcy' as Gaige puts it. But bandits don't even leave you alone if your trying to enjoy a nice tea party with a new friend.

BOOM! A huge explosion sounded. Gaige hopped up from her seat, stopping her sentence.

"What the hell was that!? " She screamed, looking out of the path that lead out. Shadows were creeping there way up the path.

"Girl, sit yo' butt back down! We ain't finished here! " Tina shouted after her. But Gaige was already on her way out of the domain. Tina groaned and followed after.

"What the hell do you think your doi- " She stopped her sentence when she saw all the psychos and enemies lined up. "Thinkin' what i'm thinkin' ? " Gaige nodded, a smirk crossing her face.

"WHO'S READY TO GET DEATH-TRAPPED?! " Gaige shouted, unleashing her insane-anarchy side. DeathTrap constructed itself onto the battle field and got to work. Gaige climbed onto the back of her epic robot and laughed insanely as bandits were rapidly slashed by digistruct claws.

In all of this insanity, Gaige had lost sight of Tina. Fear struck as she realized this. She hoped nothing bad had happened, but until the army was cleared out, she wasn't very capable of searching for the 13 year old. And she really could've used her help by now. DeathTrap was getting overpowered by the army. Finally, Gaige was left with no other choice but to call out.

"TINA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! " She screamed out desperately. No answer was heard. Was that it? Was she going to die? Was Tina already dead? Nope. Not at all. You see, Tina wasn't stupid. She had an epic plan to take out the bandits. But she was so busy, she had no time to answer Gaige.

Tiny Tina grinned as she stood atop of the cliff above the fight. Within her hand was the trigger she needed to set off the bombs. She held up her ECHO communicator.

"Gaige, imma need you to get your ass out of there. " She demanded.

"Your still alive?! Awesome. I'll get out of the way as soon as I possibly can. And just so you know, I mean now. " Gaige responded. And as soon as the red and grey dots that were Gaige and DT moved, Tina giggled a bit before pressing down on the trigger. And then a beautiful explosion appeared below. Bandit body parts flew up in the air, and rained down alone with little drops of blood.

"MAKE IT RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIN NNNNNNNNN! " She exclaimed, raising her hands to the sky, letting blood splatter her already-filthy clothing. After savoring the beauty, Tina met Gaige back at the workshop. There, they watched as body parts continued to rain down.

"That was badass. " Gaige said, breaking the silence.

"So. " Tina turned to her. "Same time tomorrow? " Gaige nodded in agreement and walked off, DeathTrap following behind loyally. Despite the boredom it started with, it turned out to be a pretty good day for Tina. Maybe they could make this tea-party-then-kill-bandit-horde-with-explosions stuff a regular thing for them. But for now... NAPTIME!

That was lame. That was short and lame. I'm sorry 0_0 I disappointed you didn't I?

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