The grand finale grows near to us, friends. I'm afraid this will be the sixth story of our omnibus.

Ya know, unless you guys want me to write more cuz that's TOTALLY fine with me.

The 7th story, however will be a finale.

So this story, we have our loveable little psycho- Well, read the story and find out. I ain't gonna spoil it for you.

"You see, the New-U system works in the way a cloning device would. Much like the simulation you're about to see. " The guide explained as a group walked behind him. At the very back of this group was of course, Tiny Tina. Our little 13 year old psycho had visited a Hyperion tour to get some inside information on how things worked. Of course, no one knew that she was kinda sorta working against them so she was completely fine.

As the simulation cloned a test subject, Tina's eyes wandered over to a beaker that had the label 'unstable' on it.

That looks dangerous. She thought. Gotta steal it or somethin'.

"HEY GUIDE DUDE. " She called and then pointed the beaker. "Wassis do? " The guide turned to Tina.

"It's an unstable formula for cloning. Don't touch it. " He responded. Tina grinned. That was all he needed to say for her to think up a scheme to have a little fun. She reached over a poked the formula.

"Touch. " She said out loud, as if it were an important announcement.

"Don't touch it. "

"TOUCH. " She shouted again, poking the formula harder this time.

"Stop it. "

"TOUCH! " She shouted once more, smacking the formula instead of poking it. The substance spilled out of the beaker, most forming a puddle on the ground. Let's just say, floors and certain thirteen got duplicated that day. And after floors started flooding the building, security guards escorted Tina and her brand new twin out of the door.

"...Well. I've always wanted a twin, how 'bout you? " Tina questioned, glancing at her duplicate-clone-thing.

"Let's blow shit up. That's what you're thinking right now, isn't it. " The duplicate questioned.

"Whoa. Am I trippin' right now? "

"Nope. Feels like it though, don't it? " Tina nodded slowly.

"Alright, well let's go screw with some bandits. "

"We gon' make it RAAAAAAIIIIIN bandit parts. " Tina's heart filled with joy as she hugged her clone.

"Finally! Someone who actually understands my awesomeness! We gon' have so much fun togetha'. " The clone returned TIna's smile and nodded. As the two skipped off to their workshop together, they sung a rendition of the "I've Found a Brand New Best Friend" song from the Phineas and Ferb movie in unison.

Whelp, add that to the list of songs composed by Tiny Tina.


Yet another explosion set off in front of confused bandits.

"Ugh! This is getting boring. Bandits are too retarded-like to get different reactions out of. " The original Tina muttered as yet another confused bandit exploded. Tina and her clone sat at the tea party table thoughtfully for a moment. More bandits exploded due to land mines as they were trying to decide which Tina they should go after.

"Ahaha! " They both exclaimed.

"Ya thinkin' what i'm thinkin', sistah? " The clone question.

"Nope. I got nothin' "

"Ok, not the answer I was expecting but... " The two just sat there staring at each other for a few moments. "Anyway, Listen, sistah. "

"Tina? " Gaige called out as she entered the 13 year old's territory.

"Ah, good, ya here! " Tina exclaimed as she popped out at the red-head. "Oh, uh, get me a glass of milk from the fridge would'ya? I got some stuffs to collect. " Gaige stared at the workshop.

"You have a fridge? "

"Apparently. " Tina shrugged, skipping off. The mechromancer walked to the fridge idly and got out of the milk. Suddenly, Tina walked right in and snatched the milk.

"Hey can I borrow this, Kay thankz. " She spoke quickly.

"Wait, weren't you over there- " Another Tina peeped into the workshop.

"Hey did you pour me that glass of malk yet? " She questioned. Gaige put on the most confused look ever.

"What the hell is malk?! " She questioned, then looked back and forth between the two Tinas. "What the hell is this?! "

"Never mind that! " The Tina outside of the workshop exclaimed. "GAIGE, POUR ME A GLASS OF MALK! "

"I don't know what you're saying! "

"She just wants some freakin' molk! "

"Are we seriously making this reference!? "


"SHUT UP! " Gaige screamed, summoning Deathtrap. "JUST SHUT UP. " She commanded Deathtrap, making him point his laser at one of the Tinas.

"Whoa whoa whoa wait a secco, friendo! I'm the real Tina! Shoot 'er, she's da clone! "

"Wat. " The laser was turned to point at the opposite Tina.

"I expected this to happen, honestly. Gaige, you know which one of us is the real one, right? In case you're wondering, that would be me. " The other Tina said. Gaige's eyes narrowed as she commanded Deathtrap to shoot the one who had just spoken. Instead of blood and body parts flying in all directions, the clone eroded away in a pixelated fashion.

"...Boo. " Tina muttered as the clone disappeared.

"Well that was expected. I guess i'm not going to be alive anymore. It was fun blowin' up stuff though. I bid you adieu. " The clone spoke before disappearing.

"So. How'd you tell us apart? " Tina questioned Gaige. Her eyes went wide.

"You mean... that was the clone? " Tina gave her a 'WTF' look. The mechromancer bursted out laughing.

"I wasn't being serious! "

"Ah! You got me, damn you. " Tina exclaimed, punching her in the shoulder. "Hold this for a sec. " She dropped a small metal object into Gaige's hand and began walking away with a smile on her face. After Tina got distant enough, beeping came from the box.

"What's that noise? " Gaige questioned stupidly before she realized what was going on. "WHAT THE FU- "


Finally got six up. I'm getting really lazy with these... hope it made you laugh just a little bit.

Good job if you spotted the references, if they weren't obvious enough.

The grand finale shall be here soon! Don't expect it for a little while, i'm taking a break from for a short time and I might get around to it soon. I actually wrote up some of it before I did this so there are like 400 words down already. I'm trying to make the finale reach about 2000 or over words instead of 1000 or over.

I hope you enjoyed this.