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My Maintenance Man

Chapter 1 – Bare Feet

Hinata POV

My life couldn't be any better right now…

Seriously, I just moved out of my father's house.

I just turned 19.

I just got a…used car but a used car nonetheless.

I just got a new job.

I just broke up with Naruto.

I smiled at that thought. I picked up the last of my boxes and sat them in the living room. I looked around at my apartment. It was so cute. I couldn't wait to paint it and give it that Hinata touch.

The living was a good size enough to fix all of my things in here. I stared at the mostly stainless steel kitchen with a cool island in the middle. The U-Haul men were done and my father stood outside paying, who I guess was the "Head Hauler" I smiled at my own corny joke.

I saw him talking to another man who looked slightly older than me. He called me outside. The man way taller than me. He had black eyes and a pale face. His hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. He extended out his hand to me. "Itachi; Itachi Uchiha, your landlord… you must be Hinata?" I blushed and nodded. My father coughed. "I have paid enough for the next two months," He turned to me, "Then you are on your own." I sighed at his tone.

He didn't believe I was capable of living on my own. Itachi smirked at the check. For a landlord he wasn't at all like the movies. Not fat, sloppy, old or a pervert. He was toned and you could tell he was raised properly. I tuned back into their talking. "I can reassure you that these apartments are in the best shape…"

I had Ino help me unpack my things. "I can't believe your dad let you do this!" She squealed. I laughed. "More like he thinks I will be crying and begging him to come back home" Ino shrugged. I didn't have a lot, all my furniture was coming in two days. We got done by sunset. I made some ham sandwiches and we sat on the floor. "Naruto…are you going to tell him you moved?" I looked at my bread and tore off the crust.

I hated the crust. It just didn't belong on bread.

"Why would I?" She shrugged and bit into her sandwich. "I just sort of thought y'all were on good terms?" I smirked. "I mean, we are… I guess" She looked at me. "How do you guess?" "Why do you care so much, did he ask you for this?" Ino giggled. "No!" I tackled her. "He did?" She nodded. "He says he is sorry…" "He also said it was an accident…" She ran a hand through her blonde hair. "Was it?"

"An accident is something you didn't mean to happen, falling off a bike trying to do a cool trick is an accident, and lips just don't fall into another girl lips." Ino gasped. "Hinata, he kissed another girl, it could be worst?" I shook my head. "Not those lips" She paused. "Never mind I brought it up, I'm glad you kicked him to the curb!" "I plan to keep him there" She stood and I followed suit. "This is an awesome place Hinata" She hugged me. "See you…tomorrow?" "I can't I have to talk to the maintenance man about the electricity and all that silliness" She laughed and nodded. "Well, see you soon!" I nodded.

I sighed and went into my own room. I slipped into the shower and freezing water came flooding down on my head. I squealed and fell. I moaned and crawled to the knob and turned it off. I wanted to cry and call my dad. No, Hinata! You are a big girl now! I thought to myself. I grabbed a robe and walked to the living room and on the wall by the door.

Maintenance – Sasuke Uchiha - #324-590

I got my cell phone and called the number it rang twice.

"What?" Came a deep male voice, it was smooth and I was drooling and he only said one word. I coughed. "Uh, my hot water isn't working?" "I will come see about it tomorrow, bye." "No!" I squealed. He sighed. "What, I am off the clock?" I sighed. "My water is freezing and I need a bath, I just moved in!" There was a long pause. "So?" I growled. "So you need to fix it now!" "It is 9:00pm" "So?" I replied. He could hear the frown in his voice. "This means I am not coming…" I felt myself getting angry. "Fine, I will fix it myself!" "Have fun with that, but when you can't it figure out. I will be there at exactly 6:30am" I scoffed and hung up.

He was just plain rude. I walked into the shower and stared at the two knobs. "Work…please! Please...pleaaaaaasssseeee!" I hit the knob. I felt my lip sticking out. "This sucks balls!" I stood and walked to my mattress and pulled a thin blanket over myself.

I heard a knock at the door.

First, the sun burned my eyes when I barely opened them. I need curtains, thick and black.

Second I yawned like a horse then looked at my phone clock.


I got instantly pissed because I knew who it was. I got up and opened the door. A taller boy my age stood there. He had those same onyx eyes Itachi had but his hair lay shaggy-like over his head and face. He was a bit tanner than Itachi, but was lean.

He had on a black shirt and khaki pants with black converses. In one hand he had a tool box and the other one was shoved into his pocket. He had a frown planted on his face. "It's 6:30…" He stood staring into my eyes. My eye twitched. "Really, I hadn't noticed?" He shrugged. "You should put on clothes, I could have been crazy" He walked in. I looked down at my small black robe, which was all I had on.

I had it since...forever.

I scoffed and pulled it closed as much as I could. "And you aren't?" He walked into my bathroom.

"You're not my type" I rolled my eyes. He bent down and ran the water, then got back up. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple and sat on the island. I watched him come into the living room. Not paying me any mind. He opened a box and did something and walked back into the bathroom.

"There, I fixed it." I jumped down and walked in there and sure enough hot water was flowing out. "What was wrong with it?" He sighed. "Does it honestly matter, it's working now" "I was just wondering, you are so rude!" He shrugged. "I wouldn't say too much, I can make your apartment turn against you" I growled at him. He looked down at my feet.

"You're bare footed…" I shrugged and curled my toes under. He looked back at me. "I hate feet." "I don't remember asking" He stared at me closely. "This should be fun…what's your name?" I smirked. "Hinata…" He nodded and walked out of my house. I sighed and went to go take a shower.

I had to leave at 9:00am to go to Yakisoba's…

Yup, I worked in a Noodle Shop, ironic since Naruto loved Ramen.

I enjoyed working there even if it was just waiting tables, we got free food and the pay was enough for all my bills, food and enough to buy myself something nice. The day went by quickly wheen Ino and Sakura came in. I didn't care for Sakura, but Sakura and Ino were like half-sisters or something so I tolerated her. Sakura worked at the register, while Ino and I was a waitress. At 1:50, we took our break. I couldn't wait to slip everything about my night and morning.

"OMG, my maintenance man is such a dick! I asked him to fix the shower, because the hot water wasn't running and he is like 'I do in morning so I ruin your mood!' I was like 'Dude, why not now?' 'No, I do tomorrow!"

They laughed at me. "Does he really talk like a caveman?" I shook my head. "No, but he has a shitty attitude!" Ino giggled. "Is he hot?" "He is… he is cute" If I would have gone into detail they would never leave my house. They nodded and we changed subjects. I didn't think too much of it until I got back home.

I parked my car, just minding my own business. I loved that there weren't any stairs here. My apartment number was 591… I looked across the hall at the door. The large wooden door, had a plate on it that read: 590 – Sasuke Uchiha

In smaller words it had Maintenance.

I was really flipping my shit there. All that fuss and he lived next door? I could have understood more if like he didn't live the apartments all together on a different floor. This DICK is my neighbor! What kind of guy was this? I was trying to find my keys in my big mess of a bag, that's when the door behind me opened. He stood there and something was forcing me to stare at him. "What's the problem?" I growled. "There is NO problem! Or do you have to come back tomorrow to help me with that one too?" He shrugged. "Do I?" I ignored him. He walked over and with a huge set of keys; he picked one and opened the door. I pulled out my keys. "No thank you?" I looked at him. "I found my keys" I slammed the door close.

I turned when the door opened again. "That was just rude" He replied. I growled. "Get out!" "Why are you so mad, neighbor?" He leaned against the door.

The smirk that had grew on his face made me feel two ways: Punch him in the eye or kiss his face off. Either one would have done just fine. I sighed. "Because, you could have helped me" He sighed. "I only work from 7:30am to 9:00pm, if I help you after 9, then everyone would want help when 90% of the time the problem will fix itself" "But you came early this morning?" "I know..." He smirked and closed the door. I ran to the door. "YOU ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK!" I yelled at his door. I felt staring and a family was looking back at me. I blushed, "I'm sorry" and closed the door.

Even though, he is still a douchebag, living here should be interesting…

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