My Maintenance Man

Chapter 10 – First Kiss

Hinata POV

I walked through the house running my fingers over the walls. I walked into the kitchen and Sasuke was standing at the stove with a pink apron on. I covered my mouth trying to hide a giggle that I felt about to come out. I smiled and sat at that island. "Good morning…"

For the first time I saw Sasuke jump. He turned around with a slight blush on his face. I laughed and held my stomach. He panted and quickly collected himself. "Do not do that!" He muttered. I giggled.

"Whatever you say"

We didn't move into the giant house that he wanted, we moved into a house down the street from my college. It wasn't small but big enough for two people. He smirked. "Did you finish your homework?"

I pouted and nodded. I really did love staying with him. He wasn't a slob nor was he a neat freak. He didn't snore in the bed but he did talk in his sleep. He steals the covers every now and even. He even leaves the toilet seat up. In return, I take embarrassing picture of him in his sleep. I would kick him directly onto the floor and I purposely take my time in the bathroom and a bonus if he really bothered me. I would hide the toothpaste cap.

That really pisses him off.

I ran a hand through my hair, I felt a kiss being placed on my cheek. I smiled. "You look girly with that apron on…"

"Am I a pretty girl?"

I nodded as he put breakfast in front of me. He wasn't a master chef but he knew the basics. Moving together made us argue more and I would end up trying to fight him.

But I loved staying with him. I loved when he picked me up after school, even though he took half share of the Uchiha Company and now works with Itachi. I played in the weird looking yellow blob that covered half the plate. I couldn't tell from the smell, it actually didn't have a smell which was really scary. I looked at the…what I want to call bacon, it was black… he got a little bacon on these ashes. My eyes drifted to the grits and they just didn't look right. I smiled and picked up the glass of Orange juice.

Was he trying to kill me?

He smiled. "Well…taste it"

I coughed. "I'm not hungry…"

He frowned. "You muttered you were hungry in your sleep when I asked so I got up and cooked; now you're not hungry?" I nodded weakly. I wasn't going to take any risk on his food.

I stood thinking of a lie. I hugged him. "I am hungry…" He looked at me. "For you…" I mumbled. He chuckled and kissed my neck. I was in the clear with this slop that he made. I let him carry me to 'our' room.



College was cool, nothing I cheered about. I just wanted to get home to my boyfriend. One thing was good though, Ino also got in. She was so excited… her and Neji were apparently something now. I rolled my eyes. I took all morning classes so that way I didn't have to be stuck in class like Ino. I chuckled at myself as a black mustang rolled up. Sasuke rolled down the window. "Your prince awaits" I smiled and got in.

I looked over at him. He smirked slightly. I frowned. I wonder what's got him this uptight, looking in the backseat I saw a basket and picnic blanket. I smiled. "We're going on a picnic!" He shrugged.

"Something like that…"

Something like that? What was something like that? What did he have planned? I looked in my lap. What if he wants to get married? I felt my heartbeat race. No. That was crazy. My mind was flipping along with my heart and stomach. He pulled up into a small clearing that looked over the city.

I almost laughed at the scene but looked at my boyfriend who simply started getting things out the car. He laid down the blanket and put the picnic basket down. I went over and sat with him. He stared at me for a long time. "Come here…" His voice was raspy. I crawled over to him, with my back on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. "Don't lie about my shitty cooking" I blushed.

"I didn't exactly lie…" I blurted out. He laid me on the floor.

"You did… We can't be together with you lying" I stayed quiet.

"Sasuke…" He kissed my neck. I smiled. "Your cooking is really shitty" He chuckled against my skin.

"Thank you"

"What was this for?" He sighed.

"No reason, just something new" I smiled. He was really a sweet guy… most of the time. We eventually got home. He ran into the shower and I decided to wash a few dishes. I turned the right knob.


I turned left knob.


I growled. Why do I have to deal with shit like this? I smirked. Sasuke is just…

I rolled my eyes and went under the sink.




Sasuke POV

I got out the shower, hearing loud noises from the kitchen I panicked. What if someone is hurting Hinata? I have to fight naked! I growled and ran out. "Hinata!" I heard a scream, thump and water. She got up covered in water. She growled. I smirked. "What are you doing?"

"I was trying to fix the stupid sink!" She tried pushing the water stream back down. I laughed and walked over to turn off the knobs. She scoffed.

I grabbed her arm. "I am a maintenance man for a reason, darling" I watched her pout. Her hair was sticking to her hair, she pouted and handed me the screw driver. "What were you trying to do with a screw driver?"

"Fix it!" She yelled and sat down. "How are you such the master at fixing stuff if everything is broken?" I shook my head and simply turned the bolt until it wouldn't turn anymore. I turned to her. She pouted.

"What's the fun of living with a master if he can never show off?"

She pouted and slipped on the wet floor. I tried choking back my laugh. "My butt!" She whined.

"Oh shush" I grabbed the detachable head from the faucet.

She gasped. "You better not…" I turned it on. She screamed and got up. I saw her grabbed the soap. "Oh Sasuke you missed a spot"


Hinata POV

I squeezed the bottle on his head and started to rub it in. "Oh yeah… that's it!" I stepped back he was frowning harder than ever.

"You took it to far Hinata…" He touched his head. "My hair!" I blinked.

"I… I'm sorry" He grabbed my shoulders and rubbed his head on mine. I laughed and pushed him. It wasn't so funny when he fell.

He groaned and rolled over. I laughed and sat on his back. "Sasuke…" He whimpered back. I wrapped my arms around him. He rolled back over until I was on top. I looked down at my soapy boyfriend. He sat us up. I bent to kiss him until my mouth was filled with the taste of soap.

We both gagged.

But I was happy, and even though we had issues but much like the things in this house that I was sure that was going to fall apart… it could be fixed.

Lucky for me… I have Sasuke… my very own maintenance man.


The End


Author Note: Kind of cheesy but I love cheese! There you go the last chapter of MMM. Bye!