Okay, everyone, I've decided to re-write a lot of my earlier chapters 'cause I feel that what gets a good story is a good beginning. So, here I am, re-writing the story.

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I barely remember that day. That awful day twelve years ago. I don't remember what happened. It all seemed like a dream...

A little girl sat near the Cocona ruins, playing with the silly little green pokémon that flitted around like a fairy. She loved this little pokémon. Sometimes, it would have little boys and girls dressed strangely with it. They would play for hours, ending when the girl brought her strangely dressed friends a popsicle. She would always laugh when they called it 'flavored ice'.

The little girl was a picture of beauty and innocence. People often say that she looks like her mother, with her blond hair, but she knew she had one trait that no one in her family shared. Her eyes were silver, just like her fathers'.

That day was different, though.

For some strange reason, the girl could not find the little fairy pokémon. She even went as far as to search through Teakwood Forest. No such luck. When she finally did locate her friend, she found that it was fighting against two men. When they laid eyes on her, they put strange smiles on their faces. Those smiles weren't like her mommy or daddys' smile. They scared her.

So, like what he dad taught her, she turned and ran.

But, sadly, she didn't get to far before a green dust filtered around her, and she found herself becoming sleepy...


As the little girl awoke, the first thing she picked up on was the burning on the back of her neck. It hurt like H-E-double-hockey-sticks. Slowly, she began to focus on her surroundings. It smelled like a doctors office. Really clean. A disturbing sense of dread filled her stomach, but she swallowed it back, and forced herself to look forward.

She was in a cage. And she wasn't the only one either. Dozens, if not hundreds, of other children close to her age were sitting in cages. Some were huddled in corners. Others were silently crying. Most were horror-stricken. But one thing was for sure, they were all looking in the exact same spot. Slowly, the girl turned her head, and realized exactly why they were so horrified.

A boy, with brown hair and eyes clamped shut, was screaming and bucking against restraints on his arms and legs. Slowly, something began to sprout from his back. Soon, the boy quieted down, tears of pain coursing down his cheeks. The scientists let out huddled whispers, and released the boy. He was put into a separate cage, were eight other children sat. Like him, they were survivors. They had wings.

If she wasn't so horrified, the girl would've been staring in awe. The nine children before her looked beautiful, with wings, each with a different colored tint. Brown, aqua, red, yellow, purple, gray, green, ice blue, and gold. They looked like Angels that her dad told her about all the time...

The next child, however, was a different story. Once he was strapped down, the scientists injected a liquid into him, and pushed down. He, like the first child, bucked against the restraints, but instead of growing wings, the boy began screaming in agony, before coughing up a red liquid.


Slowly, his head lolled to the side, and it was then the girl realized what the dread in her was. These people were murdering children.


I remember not wanting to be next. Not wanting to endure the pain. But now... I wish I had been next. Then I wouldn't have to seen so many children die...

Torture. Excessive, evil torchure. That what it felt like to watch children die, over and over and over again. Most died like the first boy. Some held out for so long that she was sure they'd survive. But, to her utter dismay, their heads lolled off to the side, eyes closed, never to open again. Others... others just exploded, blood and gore flying everywhere. She must have thrown up from the scene and smell at least five times.

It felt like death was coming upon her as she was strapped to the table. The scientists loomed over her. Their bodies looked like shadows, their glasses shining like bright orbs at night. She cried. She was only three. She had hopes and dreams. She had a Mommy and a Daddy and a big sister and a baby brother on the way. She heard Mommy and Daddy talk about it. And, to tell the truth, she was looking forward to getting a new brother from the Swooping Swanna...

Then the needle pierced her skin, and she screamed. Her limbs went ridged, and they jerked against her will. Fire burned in her veins, her back arched towards the ceiling.

So one can only imagine the surprise she felt when she awoke alive. Sadly, though, she was caged again with the nine kids from before. Did that mean that she also had...

Instinctively, she felt up her back, shocked to find that there were feathers. She had wings. She tried to move, but immediately whimpered in pain.

"You let me outta heeeeeerrreeeeeee!" the one little girl with red-tinted wings screamed angrily. "My daddy's gonna keeeeeeeeellll you!"

"Shut up!" yelled a scientist as he grabbed the girl by her torn up T-shirt. Roughly pulling at the shirt, he slammed her against the bars of the huge cage. Suddenly, the door literally flew off the hinges, and there, in the doorway, was a brown-haired man in a ranger uniform. He stormed in, and grabbed the nearest scientist.

"A little girl. Blond hair, silver eyes. Three years old. Tell me were she is." he growled. The scientist tipped his head back, and laughed.

"How should I know? She could be in a cage or you could be to late." he laughed again. "I would hate to be the dad who was to late to save his own daughter!"

With a dissatisfied growl, the ranger knocked the scientist aside, and called in fellow rangers.

"Set them all free!" the ranger yelled. He turned to some of the older, stronger looking rangers. "Arrest as many as you can! Get them in custody!"

All of the rangers stepped in to do their part, while the man made a beeline for the winged children. Taking a moment to summon a Gallade that he captured, and immobilizing the scientist that was near the cage, he stared through the bars at the ten wide-eyed children. Slowly, his skin turned a rather unhealthy shade of white.

"E-Eleanor?" he whispered slightly as he reached inside the cage, grasping the small childs' hand in his own.

"Daddy!" cried the blond girl as she grinned. She turned towards the other kids, as if they were lifelong friends. "That's my daddy! He's a ranger!"

"Oh my God..." he swallowed. "What have they done?"

"Hey, David," Another ranger that Eleanor knew came up to them. "We've rounded up the criminals, and released the children."

"Hi Rand!" Eleanor said, all her earlier fear and horror washing away. Rands' mouth dropped as he looked at the wings.

"Anyways," Rand turned his head away with what seemed like great effort. "We've got to move out. Like, now."

"Right." David said as he ordered a fire type to melt away the lock on the cage. "Rand, make sure to send word out that we've found missing children. All of them on Renbow Island, in Cocona Village. But I think that..."

"I know, Dave, I know." Rand said with a shake of his head as he gathered some of the weaker winged kids into his arms, placing them on the backs of flying-type pokémon. "It's sickening."

As I said before, I don't remember much about that day. I don't remember the pain, the kidnapping, the fear, or the other kids. The only thing that I remember was this: me, fainting in my fathers arms.


Amy: HA. How's THAT for a beginning?