Angel Wings

Amy47101: Hey. *Walks up to Dusk and Dawn.*

Dusk*Sitting across from Dawn*: Hey.

Dawn: *Furiously typing on a computer with a bunch of books around her*

Amy47101: So... *looks at Dawn* Still working, eh?

Dusk: Yep.

Amy47101: Bored, eh?

Dusk: Yep. *takes a sip of water*

Amy47101: Gonna confess your love for her?

Dusk: *Spit take*

Amy47101: Damnit! I was expecting another yes!

Dusk*blushing furiously*: Amy47101 does not own pokémon!


Eleanor P.O.V


I looked up at the sky furiously, angered by the fact that the bad guys got away. What were they talking about? And why were they so concerned with a Angel Gene? How about that wacky machine and their gloves? What were those things?

"Hey Eleanor!" I heard Carter yell. "Eleanor!"

"What?" I hissed. Carter recoiled slightly, I could tell.

"Geez, what's your problem?"

"My problem is that Prince let the bad guys get away!"

"Oh, come on, you must have gotten something useful!"

"Yeah, that those hypnotized pokémon are demon pokémon, something like that." I said with a wave of my hand. "What about that crystal thing?"

"That thing is majorly creepy." said Carter with a shudder. "Disabling the shadows around it was easy. I just had to find an element that was unusual in Peul, and then attacked the pedestal, hence the shield going down. I guess without those shadows, the thing is useless."

"So the shadows are controlling the pokémon." I said with a nod. "What about the crystal?"

"That's what's weird. I tried to touch it, but it burned me or something. Look." he removed his glove on his hand, and showed me the small red mark on his finger. "Went strait through the glove. Freaky, huh?"

"Extremely." I mumbled as I took his hand, examining the burn more closely. It seemed oddly familiar... but from where?

"Hey! Guys!" hollered Barlow as he stormed up to us like a bulldozer. Carter ripped his hand away, and quickly put his glove back on. "Check out what they left behind!"

He came to a stop, and pulled out the same stone from the machine. Well, almost the same. It was completely black, all the dark violet volts gone. I looked at the crystal while Carter gaped at him.

"You're holding it!" exclaimed Carter.

"Yeah, so?" asked Barlow as he raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"When I touched it, the thing burned me!" exclaimed Carter.

"It did?" asked Barlow as he looked down at the orb and back up at Carter.

"Yeah, it did!"

"Carter, maybe all this ranger work is getting to you." Barlow sighed as he shook his head. "This thing is as cool as a Cubchoo. Here," he shoved it into my hands. "Tell him, Eleanor.

I stared at the orb in front of me, laying in my palms. At first, I thought that Barlow was right, for the orb was very cold. Slowly, though, something emerged from it, and began to spread heat across my skin much like when one is sitting to close to a fire, and the flames begin to itch at your skin.

Except this was more than mere irritation. It was beginning to burn. Badly. This feeling, however, was one I was much to familiar with. Wracking my brain for where I've felt it before, I realized that I couldn't drop the orb. I couldn't get it off my palm. The Demon Teen! When he burned me... in the dream...

Oh, shit! Shit!

"Eleanor, you okay?" asked Carter. "You're trembling."

"Get it off." I hissed. "Get it off now!"

Carter snatched the orb away, before hissing himself, and dropping it. Thankfully, Kick caught the thing, and handed it back to Barlow.

"What's with you two?" he asked as he looked at me strangely. I ripped the gloves off my hands, and stared down at my palms.

"Whoa..." said Barlow as he looked back up at me.

"They weren't like that before!" I exclaimed. My hands, once smooth and clear, where now an angry shade of red, indicating that whatever was on or in the orb had burned both me and Carter.

And I knew that whatever it was defiantly wasn't something nice.


Aqua Resort

Dawn P.O.V


I sat inside the ranger base, reading over the prophecy over and over again.

"Why can't I figure this out?" I wondered. "'When one Angel fell, so did the rest... they fought to the death, wanting no less..."

Well, obviously this means that the leader lost, and when she lost, the others fought to the death to avenge her. Wanting no less... Does that mean they didn't mind giving up their lives for the greater good?


History will repeat itself again... If history repeats itself, does that mean that myself, Dusk, and everyone else will fight the Demon King in battle?


But this would also mean that Eleanor, the Angel of Healing and our leader, would die first. Followed by the rest of us...

"(Dawn, you do realize that even the smallest changes could alter the future.)" Eden said as he climbed up onto my lap. "(Waking up a minute later... walking a little longer... even staring into space for a few seconds more could change what happens.)"

"I know." I said as I placed my chin in the palm of my hand, my elbow propping me up on the edge of my desk. "I'm not the Angel of Psychics for nothing."

"(You're still worried. You know that history won't repeat itself, it can't. True, these ancient people predicted that you guys will all come back, but the Angel Gene had been passed from generation to generation. Your powers were just reactivated to be much, much stronger."

"It's not the ancient people I'm worried about." I mumbled. "I've been having these dreams, lately."

"(Speak, then. It's always god to get what's troubling you off your mind.)"

"That's the thing. I can't make heads or tales of the dreams. They're like flash visions or something. Like from a stop motion picture. A flash of something here, a glance of something there. It's beginning to frighten me."

"(It's your powers maturing.)" stated Eden as he hopped down and looked up at me. "(Being the Psychic Angel not only allows you to automatically know answers to questions, it can also allow you to foresee the future, maybe even glance into the past. I'm sure that once we get the Psychic Tome, your powers will grow to full maturity, and then I can train you to control them.)"

"So all that stuff about Fire Arrows and Crescent Swords was true?" I asked.

"(Of course! Without that weaponry, your powers, along with everyone else's, would be malfunctioning left and right! With powers as destructive as Fire or Water could very much destroy the world instead of saving it!)"

Eden continued to ramble on, but I found that I was zoning off. When stars rain down... I've read of that somewhere before, but where? Where?

When stars rain down...

"Hey, Dawn!"

Eden shut his mouth as one of the area rangers came in.

"Yeah?" I asked, snapping myself out of my trance.

"Check it out."

He held a computer towards my face, and I read over the article that he had pulled up.

Predicted that by midnight tomorrow, scientists have estimated that a full lunar eclipse and a meteorite shower will occur...

I read over the rest of the article with interest. A meteorite shower and a lunar eclipse on the same night...

"Hey, Dawn, you okay? You look kinda pale."

"I'm fine." I said as I sat back. If I'm right... "Just tired, that's all."

"Oh. Okay, then get some sleep. Tonights gonna be huge!" yelled the geeky ranger as he ran out of my room. As soon as I was sure he was gone, I went onto my own computer, typing in meteorite shower.

I read past everything about what makes meteorites and what they are until I got towards the history.

Since meteorites look much like glowing balls of light falling from the night sky, people in ancient times often thought that it was the stars raining down, a sign from the gods that someone or something was to be summoned...

I reread this again. And again. And a third time to make sure.

"Oh my Arceus." I said as I dialed Dusks number on my styler with shaking hands.

"Hello? What?" I heard Dusk grumble.

"Dusk, you won't believe this." I said as I glanced through the paragraph again. "It all makes perfect sense now!"

"What?" asked Dusk.

"The prophecy," I said as I finally tore my eyes from the computer screen to look at Dusks little hologram. "and I think I finally figured it out."


Amy47101*patting a choking Dusk on the back*

Dusk: What*sputter* do you guys want? *glares*

Amy47101: Yeah, He's been choking on water since the beginning of the chapter.

Dusk: Because of you!

Amy47101: Hey, you were the one who did a spit take. Ain't my fault.

Dusk: It is so-!

Amy47101: Og, geez, look at the time! *glances at wrist* Better end this quickly!

Amy47101 signing off! ^.^