I was sitting on my couch watching TV simply because there was nothing to do and I was board. I changed channels until I came across the news. The weather man was talking about the weather. He was saying "Today's weather here in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a sunny 90F degrees, it's a freezing -20F degrees in Ontario, Canada."

I decided to go for a walk on a beach since it was such a nice day. I was walking along the beach when I spotted something in the distance, curious, I got closer. When I got closer, I discovered it to be a blue and sandy colored 'ball' like thing. At that point I got even more curious and got closer. The 'ball' turned out to be a large eye ball the size of a softball.

It startled me a bit, first of all, the fact that it was an eye ball, and second, the size of it. It looked at me with a lifeless look in its eye. After looking back at it for a little bit, I decided to touch it to see if it was real, which I did regret, simply because it was a little bit slimy.

After what seemed like 20 minutes or so, I heard a high voice say "Hey mister, is that a ball?" I looked to my left to see a little girl that looked no more than nine years old. "No," I replied, "It's an eye ball." When I said this she made a grossed out face (which I found funny) and got closer. She got about three feet from it before she went "EW!" and turned around yelling "MOMMY! MOMMY! I JUST SAW A EYE!" I felt bad for her and at the same time I felt like laughing.

After ten more minutes of looking at it, I decided to take it to the police. But, I did not want to carry it in my hands because it was slimy, so I looked around and and saw a gallon sized Ziploc bag ten feet away the girl had dropped in her mad rush to get away from the eye. I got up and went to pick it up; it had 16 seashells in it, each about one to two inches in length. I gently took the shells out and put them on the sand and went back to the eye. I pick it up and put it in the bag. I started walking towards my car about 1,000 yards away. It was a tan 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I got in, started it and went to the local police station. 15 Minutes later I arrived and parked my Jeep next to a white Fort Lauderdale police car and went inside. The desk clerk who was wearing a white polo shirt and 'working' on his computer. He saw me and smiled at me and asked in a deep voice "Hello sir, how may I help you?" I held up the bag I had and said "I found this on the beach." He looked at it for a minute and asked with a confused look on his face "What is that?" "An eye ball from the looks of it." I replied. He replied with a snort "I see that. What's it from?" "I don't know." I responded.