"Oh, hey Paul!" Jason Reynolds called as he saw Paul, his brother, walk into the lounge.

"Hey Jason. How you doing?" Paul inquired.

"Besides getting shot at, I'm doing great!" Jason joked.

"That's good."

"So, what brings you here?"

"I saw the news today, so I thought I come see who you were doing."

"I'm doing well, and I wasn't shot by the manic. The glass behind me was though."

"Good for you, but bad for the glass."


"So Paul, how have you been?"

"Been great, the past couple of days have been interesting for me since I found that eye ball." Paul replied.

"Wait, eye ball?!"

"Yes, you heard me right, an eye ball. I found it on the beach a couple of a days ago, who would a known it would cause all this trouble."

"Hey, do me a favor."


"Find some more interesting stuff will ya? This eye ball thing has been the most fun I've had in weeks." Jason said with a grin.

Okay, I will." Paul replied while grinning as well.

"So, who have you met since you found the eye ball?"

"Let see… There was the desk clerk of FLPD Brad, Chief Robert Jackson, Jerry Griffin at the Fish and Game building; Frank was there too, I meet a fake FBI agent Ray Roaster, Robert's brother, Steve Jackson who works with the Coast Guard was there too. I also meet Ryan who works with the Coast Guard too. That's it I think."

"You meet like seven people or so."


"Okay, well I'm going to go see how much damage was done by that Joseph First guy." Paul said as he got up.

"Okay, have fun. Bye."

"Bye." Paul said as he left the lounge. He got in his car and left for the F&G building.

Meanwhile... At the F&G building...

"What a mess." Jerry Griffin stated.

"And there's blood on the floor." Frank added.

"Gee, what happened in here? I had to step over glass to get in." Someone stated."

"Ah, Paul, how have you been?" Jerry asked. And I'm sorry for the mess, we had a shoot out." Jerry said.

"It's okay. And why is there blood on the floor?" Paul inquired.

"Joseph First, the insane FBI agent was shot in the leg and he was bleeding."

As they were talking someone called, "Boys, I have a confession to make." Jerry and Paul both turned to face the door to see Chief Robert Jackson walking in.

"And what's that?" Jerry inquired.

"It's about the eye ball."