Kid Icarus: Modern Uprising

Episode 021: Who Is the King? - Part II

An hour had passed after Alice passed out from embarassment due to Pit's proposed "King" game. Alice comes to as she laid on Palutena's lap, letting out a dizzying groan.

"W-What happened?" she asked, rubbing her head.

"Don't you remember? We were playing that "fun game" Pit suggested. And you got a cheek peck from said angel." Phosphora teased. Alice gasped, turning red again.

"Oh gosh! T-That's right." she muttered, looking over to Pit lightly waving back.

"Sorry again about earlier Alice. I didn't know I made you freak out so much." he said. Recomposing herself, Alice sat upright before clearing her throat.

"N-No! I wasn't "freaked out". Y-You just caught me off guard….is all." she said. Viridi glanced towards her and smirked.

"Yeah. RIGHT." she said, catching her embarrassed stare.

"A-Anyway, anyone want to keep playing or should we stop it where we left off earlier?" Pit asked, holding the cup with the sticks inside. Palutena smiled.

"I think we should keep playing for a bit longer… know, so at least each of us has had a turn as the king. Agreed?" Palutena asked. Viridi shrugged.

"Whatever. Fine with me." she said. Phosphora grinned.

"Oh goodie! I hope I get to be "king" again. I have SO many fun ideas in mind!" she chuckled, making Pit and Dark Pit nervous.

"Pit….for heaven's sake, do NOT let her get anywhere NEAR that stick." Dark Pit muttered, to which Pit nodded. Picking up the game from before, Pit once again hid the cup as he started shuffling the sticks. Once they were good and shuffled, he showed the cup again and everyone picked a stick.

"Okay. Three….two…..ONE!" Pit called as everyone drew their stick. Phosphora looked at her stick first and groaned, seeing it wasn't the "King" stick.

"Darn it." she groaned. However, to everyone's surprise, the "King" stick wound up in Palutena's hand.

"Oh. Would you look at that? The "goddess" is now king for a turn." she chuckled. Seeing that Palutena held it, Pit started to turn bright red.

"Okey dokey….hmmmm. Ah. The "king" commands that number…..three? No, two. Number two has to feed me for the next five minutes." she said, acting all flaunty. To her remorse, "No. 2" was in the hands of Viridi.

"Oh you GOTTA be kidding!" she groaned, staring intensely at her stick. Everyone else was snickering and bursting out in laughter as Viridi spent the next five minutes hand feeding Palutena an assortment of snacks on the table.

"This is SO humiliating." Viridi thought. She glared back at Dark Pit and Phosphora, both snickering as quietly as possible.

"If you two even DARE to bring this up when we get back home, I'll demote you to BATHROOM detail for a WEEK!" she exclaimed, turning red. After the five minutes were up, all the sticks were returned and shuffled once again. As the next turn started, everyone chose a stick and drew after Pit's countdown. This time, the "King" stick wound up in Viridi's hand again.

"Ha ha! Payback time!" she exclaimed. Looking directly to Palutena, she narrowed her eyes as she started to think of the most humiliating thing she could think of.

"Okay. Whoever has stick number…..THREE, is it?" Viridi said, attempting to peek at Palutena's stick. The goddess gasped and put it away.

"Hey! N-No peeking you!" she shouted, not stirring Viridi. However, Viridi had seen enough to know what stick she had before she hid it.

"I already know. So now, stick number three has to rub the king's feet! So I command!" she exclaimed. But as her eyes remained focused on Palutena, she gasped when a sudden tickling sensation came over the soles of her feet. Letting out a gasp before she fell, she saw the real holder of "No. 3" was Dark Pit.

"W-What?! No! Ewww! EWWW! Get your filthy hands off me!" she shouted. Dark Pit groaned, holding the stick inbetween his teeth.

"Can't. The king's word is "law", remember?" he muttered. Viridi started to stutter, looking back to Palutena who revealed her stick was actually "No. 6".

"No fair." she groaned. After five minutes passed again, the sticks were returned and shuffled before set out again.

"Okay. Now….NO PEEKING at other players this time. It's just for fun, got it?" Pit asked. Viridi groaned and nodded while everyone claimed a stick.

"Now then. Three….two….ONE!" he shouted, drawing his stick. To his utter surprise, Pit was the claimer of the "King" stick.

"All right! Finally! I got it!" he exclaimed. While Palutena didn't seem phased, the others looked on nervously before taking a gulp.

"Oh geez…." Phosphora said.

"Prepare for the WORST." Viridi said. Pit looked down at the others as he stood up in his seat.

"All right. So….number five! You have to hug me as tightly as possible!" Pit commanded, acting rather smug. But he was suddenly smothered in softness as he found himself hugged face first by Palutena.

"Oooh! I'll hug you any day of the week my little Pittie!" she teased. Looking at her hand, Pit saw the "No. 5" stick in her fingers.

"Aww geez! L-Lady Palutena….you don't have….y-you don't…..this is EMBARASSING!" he shouted, squeezed tighter by Palutena. The others chuckled.

"Serves you right. If you think I was gonna hug you after what YOU did to ME? In your DREAMS." Alice teased. Pit groaned, allowing himself to sink into Palutena's softness to hide his face. Afterwards, the sticks were returned and shuffled.

"Okay. This will be the final round. To be honest, I think the game is getting a little old right now." Pit said. Viridi chuckled.

"You only say that because you got hugged by "mommy" in front of your friends." she replied, flustering Pit. Palutena chuckled.

"All right…..Three…..two…ONE!" Pit called as everyone drew. Much to their horror, the "King" stick was now in the fingers of Dark Pit as the dark angel let out a menacing laughter. Everyone gasped and huddled together while Dark Pit turned to them.

"At long last…..I have the power! Now you all shall BOW to your new king! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!" Dark Pit exclaimed. But as he continued to laugh, Pit glanced to everyone and winked, hinting them to something. Taking the hint, the others smiled before everyone started to bow. This surprised Dark Pit.

"W-Whuh? H-Hey. Wait a second. What are you doing?" he asked.

"Just what you "ordered" your majesty." Pit said "You ordered us to "bow" before our king." Alice chuckled.

"And we are." she said. Dark Pit started to fluster, waving his arms from side to side.

"No! No no no no NO! That was NOT going to be my order! S-Stop bowing! I command it!" he exclaimed. But when they did, Dark Pit suddenly froze up, realizing he just "commanded" them to stop.

"Okey dokey. With that, everyone's had a turn. Thanks for the fun game Pit." Palutena said, clapping her hands.

"Yeah. Let's do it again sometime." Phosphora said.

"I'd play it again." Alice said. As everyone continued talking, Dark Pit remained frozen with his mouth hanging open.

"D-Dang you loopholes!" he growled, scratching his head furiously.