So here's my new Jason and Maxie story! I previewed the first bit of this a long while back, but I've started to write it more as of late. I have the first half of the story pretty well laid out so as long as work doesn't become ridiculous it shouldn't be delayed in updates. Hope you enjoy reviews are always greatly appreciated!

Chapter 1:

"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity." - Gilda Radner

All lives start and end the same. They all start in birth and they all end in death. For some life is a very short amount of time, seconds for some, minutes for others; for those that are lucky the time could span years and years, decades and decades. If life is the measure of what happens between the births and deaths it's the events, people and places in the in-betweens that make us the people we become before death wins out. My life was nothing spectacular in the beginning, just a normal girl born and raised in Texas by her grandmother, it wasn't until moving to South Beach that I even felt like I began to live, even after the new heart; or at least that was the beginning; my beginning. The beginning where Mariah Maximillian Jones became Maxie—Max in my career; and where I took my first few steps of independence into the life I was living until…

If your life is full of moments that make you, and mold you into the person you truly become, then it was when I finally met you that everything changed. That's where my life began, my life with you.

In reality I truly thought my life would be over before I got to do the big firsts. Almost dying at the age of four will do that to a person, but at the time I was too young to know what I would be missing out on. First day of school, first dance, first kiss other firsts…If it hadn't been for some other little girl's death, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to be where I am today, and to have had those firsts. But this was where I was; 23 years old, the number one club promoter in South Beach, basically the queen of the party scene. It was everything I ever thought I wanted.

But I was wrong…

November 3rd 2007

He'd been on the road for the past five hours straight, only stopping to fill up the tank of his Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle and stop for the occasional bathroom break. He couldn't honestly remember the last time he ate; not that it mattered much anymore. Forty-Eight hours ago Jason had watched the Port Charles medical examiner load the body of his baby sister—his only sister for that matter into a body bag, and watched them seal it up. There was no more life in her once joyful smiling body, and there was nothing he could do to change that. Telling Monica; telling her had been the hardest thing he had ever done. The moment she saw him coming through the patio doors she knew that something was instantly wrong.

He couldn't say he was surprised by her reaction, or by the fact that she all but ordered him away from her, her life, and explicitly told him not to be at the funeral. So in the midst of a murder investigation, a killer who seemed dead set on taking out people in his and Sonny's lives; he took off. Sonny said he understood, but probably didn't actually expect for Jason to turn off his phone, pack a small bag and drive away in the middle of the night; but there was nothing keeping him in Port Charles anymore. Not even Elizabeth Webber.

It was never his intention to worry her, so he made a quick stop at Elizabeth's house on his way out of town. Thankful Lucky wasn't there to witness the hug, or Elizabeth's attempt at convincing him to stay with the emotional kiss through her tears. Jason stayed long enough to catch a glimpse of the son he would never know; before telling Elizabeth he didn't know when or if he would return. And that whatever had been going on between them needed to be over. Emily was proof enough that his life wasn't safe for anymore.

And so here Jason was, approaching Miami Beach, Florida, The last place any sane person who knew Jason Morgan would think to look. In the business they had a few associates in these parts but more enemies. But they hadn't had any conflict with the southern organizations for years so it was safe to assume he could spend his time avoiding the type of lifestyle that led him to this place. He had checked into an overpriced flashy resort knowing again it was the last place people would expect him to be.

Not long after checking into his room and opening his balcony door the Florida heat made itself well known reminding him of his time spent in Hawaii with Sam; although he hadn't packed any shorts or flip flops for this trip. All he wanted to do right now was find a bar and drink. And he knew that if he stayed inside his hotel room and drank it would have been a very quick and very depressing vacation. At least when he was around other people he was able to distract himself from constantly thinking about the image of Emily's pale face as she lay there on the ballroom floor.

Choosing to walk down the pier Jason soon found himself in South Beach walking along the shops on the boardwalk. Jason soon found himself people watching, and observing people going about their lives without a care in the world. Being a constant observer of people he soon noticed a petite blonde woman walking down the boardwalk stopping at every cluster of people to give them a flyer, and to strike up a small conversation with them before continuing down to the next grouping. She seemed to have three different personalities with the people she came into contact with. If it was a group of girls she would turn into a bright and bubbly sorority type girl talking about meeting attractive men, and how amazing the music and dance floors were. If it were a group of co-ed's she would respectfully pay attention to the female making sure to keep respectful distance between the boyfriends and girlfriends spending more time focusing on the girl not to cause jealousy. And finally if she came upon a group of men, she would turn on the charm and flirt which always ended with a simple caress of their arm, before removing herself from the group without letting them know they had no chance in hell actually attracting her attention. In terms of her effectiveness it seemed to work; no one made for the trash can to dispose of the flyer and even after she continued down the walk the men still turned their heads seeking out the blondes attention.

After watching her for about twenty minutes he finally saw a group of the earlier guys coming back for what seemed like a second go around. The blonde tried to ignore them after making her disinterest known but she could only walk so fast due to her impractical high heeled sandals. She was talking to them as she continued to walk backwards until she managed to get herself trapped between the obviously inebriated men and the railing separating the boardwalk from the beach below, and while she seemed to have the situation under control she was significantly outnumbered and over powered by the group. When it seemed that the boys weren't getting the message despite the pissed off expression on the blondes face, Jason decided to step in.

"Alright guys I believe it's time for you to head on your way down the strip now." Jason said roughly placing a hand on the shoulders of two of the boys closest to the girl giving them a slight tug back showing them the direction that they needed to go.

"I'm sorry dude," one of the men said shaking Jason's arm off stumbling as he did letting just see and also smell just how intoxicated he was. "But I think the lady is enjoying our company?" The others chuckled in and even the small blonde girl attempted at a smile too.

Firmly keeping both of her hands on the railing behind her she once again turned on the previous charm to turn the guys down, "The lady would appreciate it if you guys would move on." Jason for the first time getting to hear her spunky voice, up close, and see the light in her light baby blue eyes. "I mean, I don't want to be the only girl in South Beach getting a glimpse at what a fine male specimens you are."

The guys laughed it off making sure to give Jason their best impression of a tough guy before continuing their way down the walk, the last guy trying to shoulder bump, but came away rubbing his own after colliding with Jason's firm muscles.

"I could have handled them myself." The girl spoke bitterly, the second the guys were out of earshot. The smile that had once graced her face was now a distant memory as she started to stalk off in the opposite direction of her new followers.

"You're welcome." Jason yelled at her retreating form, smirking and shaking his head as he continued to explore the beach boardwalk.

So much for trying to be nice.

After a while longer of people watching, Jason was finally walking back to the resort where his motorcycle was parked so he could explore the part of the town that wasn't a tourist attraction. It wasn't until he was nearly back to the resort when the young blonde from the pier appeared behind him her impractical shoes making clicks across the wooden planks.

"Here just take it." She said handing him a smaller piece of paper than the ones she hand been handing out along the pier. Jason looked down at the paper she had handed him seeing that it was a pass for some club in Miami Beach. "Consider it a thank you for helping me with the drunken idiots; even though I could have handled it myself." She finished under her breath.

"Right, I'm not really the clubbing kind of guy." Jason said putting the key into his bike.

"Yeah you don't look like it. You're wearing jeans and biker boots in South Beach, you don't really blend well. So you either don't give a shit; or you want to stand out on purpose." She smiled looking over his clothing choices, and maybe giving his physique a once over as well. Jason tried not to laugh at her simple and quick assessment. No one who knew him would assume that he was looking for attention, just proving to himself more that this was the perfect place from him to escape; but not necessarily blend.

"Right, well thanks for the invite, but I doubt I'll use it." He said trying to hand the paper back.

"Well if you change your mind. What's your name I'll put you on the list?" She said her voice less harsh now than it had been seconds before.

"Jason, Jason Morgan."

"Well Jason Morgan I'm Max."