Chapter 3:

"So when I said we should do something today, I meant after the sun had fully warmed up!" Maxie complained as she pulled her thin cotton sweater tighter around her body to help fight the early morning chill. "I mean seriously is this a habit with you, functioning on no sleep."

"If you're going to fish it needs to happen early in the morning." Jason spoke walking down the boardwalk carrying two fishing poles. "And you are the reason we were out so late last night."

"Well, I never agreed to go fishing; in fact I've never been fishing before in my life!" She whined, knowing that it was too early for her to pull the diva crap with him; she had only met him the day before in reality. "The last time I was up this early it was because I hadn't been to sleep yet."

"Well I brought you coffee so I'm sure you'll manage." Jason said noticing how much Maxie reminded him of Brenda, it may have been eight in the morning but she was still dressed as if she were going to be photographed by the masses; she definitely didn't look like the fishing type, which is why when he told her his plans she was surprised she actually followed through.

"Well you got me to go to the club and Ted's last night; it's only fair you do something that I enjoy." Jason smiled as he baiting Maxie's hook with a grubby slimy worm before casting off over the pier's ledge and handing the pole off to Maxie.

Jason prepared his and then the duo stood there in silence for what seemed like an hour to Maxie when in reality it had only been a few minutes. "So, how long do we stand here?"

Jason just smiled and adjusted his stance. "So what time is your meeting?

"Noon," She said turning her neck from side of side. Her plaid Bermuda shorts and simple tank top was the closest thing she had to what she would deem "fishing attire." When she got home from Ted's she quickly texted Jason that she had fun that night, and he quickly responded with a phone call and plans to get together early the next morning. She didn't know what he was thinking when he asked for an eight am meeting time, but she knew better than to pass up an opportunity to learn more about the mystery man, giving him her address and he showed up bright and early with his motorcycle.

"You said it was an early morning meeting?" Jason asked laughing at Maxie's idea of early.

"Need I remind you I work inside a club?" She smiled bumping into him as they stood hip to hip, well more her hip to his thigh. Although she was still dressed and in perfect appearance make-up she had chosen to forego her heels, her feet hadn't quite recovered from the night before. "So how long are we supposed to do this for?"

"It's been 15 minutes?" Jason laughed amazed and how quickly she had become bored with the adventure. "One more cast and then we can go get some breakfast?"

"How about you do one more outcast and I'll go sit on the bench and wait for you?" She suggested rolling up her reel. "Somewhere a little farther away from the slimy worms."

Jason laughed again this time out loud surprising himself a little. After all the constant drama in Port Charles and his fatally doomed relationship with Elizabeth and the death of his sister, he Jason Morgan was laughing. All because of the blonde without a clue about the things he carried inside.

Jason spent a little bit more time fishing while Maxie did "work" on her phone. Finally Jason packed the supplies and walked it back over to the boardwalk vendor who he had rented the gear from. When he spotted the fishing shack during his walk the day before he knew he would be back at some point during his stay.

"I told ya the girl wouldn't last long." The older man behind the table spoke eyeing Maxie.

"You were right; I couldn't even get her to touch the worm." Jason smiled making easy small talk with the man. Maxie stood back watching the interaction thinking of how easily Jason spoke with the man.

"Told you so," he smiled before going back to his lounge chair leaving Jason to walk back towards Maxie.

"So are you ready to get some breakfast or—"

"As long as there's coffee I'm all for it." She smiled walking back towards where the bike was parked. "Do you have a place in mind or are you waiting for a suggestion?"

"Lead the way." Jason said following close behind swinging his leg over the bike before waiting for Maxie to give directions and warp her arms around his waist before he directed the bike towards the restaurant. The two had a nice breakfast and talked a little bit more about Maxie's family; about her sister Georgie, a student at Columbia in New York, the only member of her family she was in contact with besides her elderly grandmother. Maxie asked about his family to which he replied a few small stories about his best friend Carly and her kids Morgan and Michael. And although Maxie knew there was a lot he was leaving out she didn't press for more answers. After an extended breakfast and a short touristy walk around Jason dropped Maxie off at her office so she could attend the weekly staff meeting. They quickly discussed meeting up after to spend the afternoon to hanging out.

She had been sitting behind her desk scrolling through her emails when her best friend, business partner and ex-boyfriend sat next to her.

"So you left pretty early last night?" Logan asked rolling his chair into hers. Removing his messenger bag he pulled out an older tattered notebook and a pen preparing for the upcoming meeting. "You end up at Ted's?"

"Yeah, don't I always?" Maxie smiled typing away at the computer.

"I saw that you didn't leave alone—" Logan alluded. Maxie had been hoping that he hadn't noticed her disappearance to the pool floor; it wasn't a place Maxie frequented during working hours. "Who's the guy?"

"And since when have I told you anything about my love life?" Maxie said trying to sound indignant; which in reality was funny considering that at one point in time Logan had been her love life; as destructive and short lived as it had been, their failed romantic interlude led to the wonderful partnership and friendship they had now.

Not long after leaving Texas and Maxie found a job working for Ted, and living in the studio apartment above the bar. She continuously searched the papers for opportunities in the nightlife and when she was finally accepted on the intern level she happily quit her job and became a regular fixture at the local club MIXX, where Logan worked the front door. And the beautiful friendship began. Logan's former army days helped him get his start as a bouncer before working into the club atmosphere and Maxie was like a moth to his lifestyle. From intern who helped host the club's night events, Maxie would move between the floor and front door to visit. It wasn't long before Maxie invited Logan back to Ted's and one thing quickly led to another.

Over time the two transitioned seamlessly from sex buddies to friends who would get together and watch movies and cook dinner together; their late night conversations consisting of dreaming up when they would run the company and how different their work environments would be. And now here they sat four years later as the top promotions duo in the city.

"So one night, or is he going to be a repeat offender?" Logan asked trying to avoid the details.

"I didn't sleep with him last night." She smiled sticking her tongue out at him before grabbing her laptop and moving towards the meeting room. After spending two hours discussing the upcoming calendar of events and discussing the applications for interns for the coming months, Maxie quickly sent a text to Jason letting her know the meeting was over.

"You need a ride?" Logan asked folding up his notebook and preparing to leave for the day.

"Nope I'm good." Maxie smiled at her friend checking her phone for messages.

"He's picking you up?"

"Actually yeah," Maxie spoke quietly closing out her computer and preparing to walk towards the front of the building, Logan hot on her heels. "Promise me you'll be cool?"

They made their way out the double glass doors and found Jason standing next to his motorcycle watching for Maxie to arrive. Logan quickly stepped in front of Maxie extending his hand and introducing himself to Jason leaving Maxie in the background to watch.

"Nice to meet you," Logan started pausing for Jason to supply his name.

"Jason." Maxie and he spoke at the same time. "And now that you've met it's time for Jason and I to head out of here."

Logan waited until the two were seated on the bike before he proceeded to his car watching them drive away in the distance. Jason didn't seem like the type Maxie would go after, but if he was just a tourist it wouldn't be a long term situation. It wasn't jealousy that made him protective of Maxie, she was his best friend and he didn't want to see her hurt—like the last one.

"I promise I'll just be a minute." Maxie called as she moved through her second story condo towards her bedroom. Jason took a few minutes to use his perceptive skills to survey the room looking for clues as to the true Maxie Jones. The modest sized kitchen looked spotless as if it wasn't often used; the living room though looked well lived in. The couches and chair's all facing the television for optimal viewing. The coffee table was filled with fashion magazines with post-it notes sticking out of the top. But true to her word Maxie came out of her bedroom wearing a small and barely there bikini. She held her wedge sandals and a short cover up dress in hand.

"So let's go to the pool."

"There might be a slight problem." Jason said gesturing to his clothing.

"Don't you worry about that."

After driving to the resort where Jason was staying they found him a plain black pair of swim trunks and soon they were splashing and playing around in the pool enjoying a carefree afternoon. Jason was surprised at how Maxie's light hearted nature was able to completely take him out of his normal element and embrace the carefreeness of vacation. The duo swam into the midafternoon before moving towards one of the cabana's to have a late lunch and let the sun dry their bodies.

"So is this all in a day's work for you?" Maxie asked; trying to learn more about the mystery man.

"No, I think the last time I went swimming was at least three or four years ago." Jason confessed.

"So then what do you do? I mean, you've been to my home, my work, met my ex-boyfriend and Ted? I think it's your turn to reveal a little bit." Maxie smiled shifting in the lounge chair so that she was lying on her stomach, carefully unclasping the straps of her bathing suit to tan her skin more fully.

"What do you want to know?"

"What do you do for a living?" Maxie said starting with the basics.

"I'm a coffee importer." Jason answered flatly; it was easy to say because it was true. "My best friend is also my business partner."

"Ever been married?"

"Twice, once to a women that I loved, and the other was to help a friend who was in a tough spot." Jason answered briefly describing his short marriages.

"How old are you?"

"35," he spoke watching to see her facial reaction. He knew she wasn't much older than 21, but with her petite stature he could almost imagine Carly's comments about him talking to a child. "Is that too old for you?"

"Too old for me to what?" Maxie asked lifting her head towards his direction. She knew she would have to move soon to keep her tan even. Which would mean she'd have to creatively redress without giving Jason a peep show; well at least more than her club attire had already given. "Age is just a number Jason. Besides what exactly do you think is going on here?" She smiled sitting up while keeping her towel tucked beneath her arms. Wrapping it around her back.

Jason followed suit and grabbed her cover up and their bottles of water and let Maxie lead him towards the lobby and the main bay of elevators. Once inside the elevator Maxie waited for Jason to punch the button for his floor. When he pressed the button for the penthouse suite Maxie turned her attention to the simple man, "Just a coffee importer?"

"We're very successful." He smiled leaning against the mirrored walls, watching her reaction.

Maxie tightened the towel around her almost naked body suddenly feeling underdressed under Jason' gaze, she was starting to regret her decision to head upstairs. Even though the words had never been spoken Maxie knew this was the logical next step. Men don't travel to Miami to hang out with young attractive women. They travel to exotic places and sleep with young attractive women, so they have a good story to go home with.

So when the elevator stopped and Jason led her to his room Maxie didn't waste any time transitioning her mind into the role she was born to play.

"Do you mind if I hop in the shower?" Maxie asked moving her hands to hold the front of the towel allowing it to fall leaving her back completely exposed. "You know just to wash the chlorine off my body?"

Jason just pointed in the direction letting Maxie find her way back to the bathroom, Maxie letting the towel fall along her strut down the hall. "You could always join me if you like?" She sweetly called before leaving his sight.

Jason listened for the shower to turn on before releasing a long sigh and a shake of his head at the spontaneous blonde currently naked…and in his shower…and while in his younger early days as Jason Morgan he wouldn't have hesitated to join her. And with his sister's recent death and breaking things off with Elizabeth he could rationally justify it in his head. He could pretend that having a quickie with the girl from Miami was just what he needed to get his head back on point. And Maxie didn't really seem to mind; in fact she was readily offering it to him. But Jason wasn't that guy anymore. The sound of the showering turning off was enough to pull him from his thoughts. Maxie walked back out swimming in one of the large hotel robes hanging in the bathroom closet.

"You decided not to join me?" She asked moving to stand directly in front of him. Her hands constantly playing with the tie on the robe. "That's okay—"

Jason's hands came to still hers stopping her from removing the tie to what he can only assume was her completely naked body. "I'm not going to sleep with you Maxie."

Shock and surprise quickly consumed Maxie's face but she quickly recovered moving her hands on top of his again. "I wasn't suggesting that big guy." Maxie smirked, slowly moving her hands up his strong arms to his board bare shoulders before letting her perfectly peach nails skim across his chest. "I'm just suggesting that you enjoy your vacation? I mean that is why you're here?"

Jason's hands found their way to her small waist stopping her from pushing her body into his lower half. He did however allow her to raise up to her tiptoes and bring their lips together in a simple but wonderful kiss. It only lasted for a few seconds before Maxie slowly pulled back; only to have Jason quickly run a hand up her body to the back of her neck bring her mouth back to his in a fierce and breath taking kiss.