[EDIT: Hi, you're now reading the atrocious fanfiction known as Dangerous Times. This is Lunevis speaking. Though I am proud of this story being one of the top reviewed and receiving such high praise, to my eyes I cannot bear to even read the first few chapters. It is in the process of being rewritten, so hang tight!
The first few chapters suck to degrees beyond understanding, but please be patient! Thanks for reading!]

Tribute List:

Beauty Team: Paris (1)

District One – Guard; Elesis, Ronan
Mentor: Kamilah

District Two- Magic; Arme, Lass
Mentor: Saika, Brendan

District Three – Highlander; Sieghart, Kieran
Mentor: Giou

District Four – Elf; Lire, Ryan
Mentor: Selena

District Five – Creation; Zero, Mari
Mentor: Acho

District Six – Demon; Ley, Dio
Mentor: Lucifer

District Seven – Talents; Amy, Jin
Mentor: Arcana

District Eight – Hunting; Eshe, Rufus, Theo, Shera
Mentor: Lucas

District Nine – Fighter; Asin, Sion
Mentor: Kae

District Ten – Holy; Lime, Raphel
Mentor: Aceline, Aalis

District Eleven – Gods/Religion; Rin, Xion
Mentor: Michael

District Twelve- ERROR; Jackie, Zeta
Others: Fiora

OC List: ((Last names (if any) will be revealed later in the fic))

Roseclere/Acho/Eshe/Arcana = Fata Lunevis

Saika/Aceline = Eclipsa Syreni

Xion = shinedown

Fiora = Meranii kirai

Jackie = Snowskeeper

Kamilah/Lucas/Raphel/Lucifer/Michael/Giou/Aalis/Ka e = Puriyo

Sion/Zeta/Selena = omnious

Kieran = WinterBarrows

Theo/Shera = The Veteran Prince

Paris = i x3 Eggplants

Brendan = OneLukeTwoHonestyThreeIsaiah