Chapter 1: Resurrection

"Feelings are a connection.They surpass time, and find their way back to the people you love."

— Lucy Heartfilia

Year X776

The Tower of Heaven. It was also known as the Tower of Paradise.

It was anything, but paradise.

Slaves worked non-stop to complete the tower. Children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents worked in the worst conditions to create the tower. Most were starved to the point of emaciation and all of them were almost always covered in filth. Their sleeping areas were deplorable. Their bathrooms were wherever the guards couldn't see them. The taskmasters were brutal and took joy in finding excuses to beat the slaves. Either the slave was working too slow, too fast, or the guards just didn't like the way the slave looked. They beat them for everything and nothing. It was how they would pass the time when they were assigned to watch the slaves. The slaves were often mutilated, starved, and eventually killed. The guards lost count of the numbers of slaves they had killed, most just for entertainment or a spur of the moment whim. To be sent to the Tower of Heaven was a death sentence. It was a fact that every slave knew deep down in their hearts. But some refused to give up, to give in to despair. But even they were eventually crushed by the lack of hope the place brought. It was a cruel and harsh place, located on an small island, blocking off the slaves' escape route with water. They were isolated, alone. The rest of the world could not, would not, help the slaves. Their fates were sealed. The ultimate goal of building such a tower in the middle of nowhere was...

"Guards! Guards! Everyone, something is going wrong with the R-System!" The scientists behind the creation of the tower were panicking. Lights were flashing, papers were flying into the air, and the scientists were sweating profusely. It was madness.

"It's starting up! An impossible amount of magical power is flooding the system!"

Something was going very, very wrong.

"What?! It's nowhere near complete! None have the magic power to start the process of an incomplete R-System! Not even the Ten Wizard Saints combined could power it!"

Something impossible. It was a disaster...

"Sir, the output is not Zeref! I, repeat, it is not Zeref! What is this energy signature?!"

Or maybe a miracle.

"Gather every guard and send them to the roof except the Magical Troops. They'll make sure the slaves don't escape and they'll be the only ones to stop whatever the hell is coming back if we fail! Now go! We don't have time to waste!"

The R-System. A Magic Item that can bring the dead, in both body and soul, back to the plane of the living. The prison guards were all part of a cult attempting to revive their 'god', Zeref. Zeref was a Dark Mage, a man responsible for innumerable deaths in the far past due to his work in life magic. He was a man of incalculable power. Or so they were told. But what they didn't understand was that a Magic Item can be used by anyone. The didn't understand that the state of being deceased is merely the same as state in which the soul and body are no longer connected. They couldn't understand that the R-System would recreate the body of the person it was trying to revive, hence the large amount of magic. They couldn't understand that the R-System reconnected the body and soul together, even if the body had been destroyed. They didn't know that Zeref was never dead to begin with. The question all the cultists found themselves suddenly facing was simply this:

"Who was being revived?"

Voices were shouting as the clanking of armor melded with the sound of a stampede of armored feet. It created a sort of twisted music to the ears of a certain slave. Her name was Erza Scarlet. She was only 11 years old, yet she laid on the ground of an isolated cell after having been battered and beaten severely, her short red hair her only protection against the cold, hard ground. Her arms and legs were bound, her body covered in bruises, scratches, and blood. Her right eye was gone, stolen. It was yet another thing her cruel oppressors had taken from her. She had only just been put in the cell when the ground started shaking and the guards started yelling. She was just waiting for it all to be over. She had suffered enough. She wanted to die. Erza was only semi-conscious, barely holding her one eye open. She couldn't fall asleep now, couldn't die now. There was hope hidden within the frantic nature of the guards and the trembling of the walls. She didn't know what kind of hope it was, but it was hope. Something was going to happen.

Something big.

Jellal rushed down the hallway as he pushed aside his blue hair from covering even a fraction of his eyes. Jellal was going to save Erza. She was his friend. His fellow slave. She was a kid, just like him. He was simply going to sneak past the guards (a simple task due to the fact the guards are usually too busy torturing other slaves or gambling) and open the door to her cell once he killed the guards. This would normally be easy because there was always a trio of drunken guards who didn't keep watch over their swords. However, a mysterious crisis had sprung up. All the guards ran to the upper levels, nearly deserting everyone on the first floor save for a single guard at the front door. Jellal only had to walk over to Erza's cell and open it. The guards left the doors in Erza's section unlocked. The imprisoned could never escape after the beatings and there was almost always an extreme amount of guards nearby just in case.

The ground shook, quivered, underneath the might of the tremendous power flowing through it. It was unnatural.

Jellal hoped he could get to Erza quickly and use the opportunity to escape. Then they could free the rest and everyone could escape!

Then a part of the ceiling came loose and hit Jellal square on the head, knocking him unconscious.

All the members of the cult were gathered on the roof of the Tower of Heaven, save for the Magical Troops who had decided to stay behind and watch the prisoners (or really to just get drunk and gamble). The were only supposed to gather on the roof once the tower was complete, once they could bring back Zeref. But this was a far different, far more ominous resurrection. A tower was supposed to transform into something akin to just one giant Lacrima crystal, a signal that the R-System was ready for the sacrifice, an easy matter with the large amount of slaves in their possession. The Tower of Heaven was supposed to reach its final form.

However, the roof had changed to something else.

It was flat and large enough to fit every single member of the cult. Columns lined the outer edges of the roof. The roof itself was patterned erratically with dark grey and light grey. The sky above the roof glowed a ghastly, sickly green and storm clouds swirled around the rooftop in the sky, as if the roof was the eye of a hurricane. A humongous, green moon loomed in the sky, close enough that it could fall down and crush the men as if they were insects. When the last person ascended to the roof, the stairs were sealed, making it impossible to leave.

"What the hell is this? Who the hell was brought back?!" The leader of the cult was nearly peeing himself in fright. The air felt charged with a sort of electricity. Whoever they brought back was powerful and should be grateful to them, but the fear they felt at this presence was ludicrous. The guards all raised their weapons, hoping they could stand a chance against whatever they brought back.

Lighting struck the middle of the roof. The flash of light temporarily blinded everyone present.

"Who are you guys? And what am I doing here?" It was the voice of a teenage boy. He emerged from where the lightning struck, smoke coming off his clothes. He wore a black school uniform with a red armband that red S.E.E.S. His hair was long and blue, the fringe of it covered one eye. He looked... like an average kid? Then the cultists realized he held a wicked looking katana in one hand and a pistol in the other. The guards got cocky. They were scared of this little boy? He was scrawny looking and that sword looked to sharp for him. He looked weak.

"Hey, you little shit! Who the hell do you think you are?! This place is a sacred ground for our god Zeref!" A particularly angry guard shot an arrow at the strange boy. The arrow whizzed through the air, heading straight for the boy's head. The boy caught the arrow before it reached him with his left hand and then grasped it hard, snapping it by doing so.. The boy looked at his hands oddly.

"I've only ever fought Shadows... How could a regular human compare? Was I always this strong?", The boy said, still looking at his hands. He turned to the guard that shot an arrow at him. He tilted his head curiously, a genuinely puzzled expression on his face.

"Why did you fire an arrow at me?" The guard started sweating. This guy must be a powerful mage! The singular guard calmed himself. He was just a kid. How much damage could he do? He was vastly outnumbered by the trained and deadly guards surrounding him. He stood no chance. The captain of the guards saw this short exchange and smirked.

"All charge!" The captain yelled. Every single guard charged the strange intruder. A myriad of arrows shot forward at the boy, intent on skewering him. The arrows hit nothing, passing through the air. The boy stood several feet away from his original location. The boy looked perplexed. He continued to look perplexed as he dodged the swords and spears coming toward him at inhuman speeds.

"I'm not on Tatsumi Port Island. There aren't any guys with swords and spears there. Perhaps I am in another world? But why do these guys seem so slow in comparison to me? Perhaps there is a difference in gravity and I'm in a different world?" The boy was asking himself these questions as ducked under a sword swipe, sidestepped a spear, leapt over a battle axe aiming to disembowel him, and sidestepped several swords that came at almost the exact time. He was dancing through the battlefield and he was barely paying attention.

"He's only human, guys! We can kill him!" The guards all shouted in approval and came at the boy more recklessly.

"I have to fight these guys don't I? Well, I'll try not to kill them. I'm not sure if I can with all this power I feel I have, though. Damn, I'm lonely, talking to myself like this. Where's Junpei when you need him?" The boy sighed and reversed his sword, the blade now pointing away from the enemy. He felt he could keep them all alive with this method of wielding. At least, that was what he hoped for. His sword couldn't cut now, but it could sure as hell break some bones.

The boy continued to dance through the battlefield, this time swinging his sword at every man with masterful precision. One man charged him with an overhead swing. The boy sidestepped to the left and swung his sword against the back of the guard's neck. Several arrows shot at him. He ducked beneath them and then sprang forward, slashing the backs of the necks and heads of the other guards, trying not to kill them. A guard with a poleaxe swung in a broad horizontal arc at the boy, who then jumped above it and landed an overhead swing of his sword on the guard's skull. It was easy, terribly boring for the boy. At one point, the non-guard cultists rushed at him with knives. The boy knocked them unconscious as well. Save for one. The boy picked him up by his shirt and raised him a few feet above the ground. His eyes drilled into those of his enemy's before he smiled.


"H-h-hello." The cultist responded nervously. He started shaking.

"Lovely day, isn't it? Well, there are storm clouds and whatnot but still pleasant day overall, wouldn't you say? Well, now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, I want to know where I am and what the date is, please? My friends may or may not be dead and may or may not be close to this place. And, as a bonus question, why am I so strong?" The boy asked politely despite holding the cultist up into the air by his shirt.

"Y-you're at the T-t-t-tower of H-h-heaven l-located on a s-small island on the coast of the C-c-c-c-caelum Kingdom south of Fiore. Y-year X776. A-a-and a-aren't you a m-m-mage, sir?" The cultist stuttered out the location. The strange boy knocked him in the temple with the back of his sword after dropping him. The way to the stairs opened up miraculously, as if it were waiting for him to finish. The boy strolled casually towards them, his hands in his pockets. His sword was strapped to his side and his gun was holstered.

"So... I'm not on Earth. Or I am, but I'm in either the future or the past. The place uses the term mage. It wouldn't be too outrageous to assume that most mages have high physical strength due to their magic. If that's the case, then I must have a large amount of it. Don't I technically do magic? If Personae count as magic, then I must be fairly strong. As for my friends, they probably lived long happy lives. More power to them if they did. They don't need me. Besides, I have unbreakable bonds with them. We're always together." The boy looked up at the sky. The green sky and large moon were gone. "Nyx isn't a problem as far as I know. If she is, then some other hero is probably being groomed to stop her for good. Damn it. I'm monologuing to myself. I'm worse than Ikutsuki. At least he had a captive audience for his madness. Meh, everyone's insane. Igor or Elizabeth probably had something to do with me being here. They always have something to do with the weird stuff in my life. Maybe they-" His voice was cut off as the stairs were resealed behind him, trapping the unconscious guards for eternity, a terrible fate that one could say they deserved.

A small, blue butterfly flew away from its perch on one of the columns lining the edge of the roof. It seemed to carry a message.

'Here's a second chance.'

"Who are you?!" A group of strange looking guards met him at the lower floor. They all held staffs. The boy looked at them curiously. He walked closer to them. This hallway didn't look like Tartarus at all. That confirmed his theory. The boy began to wonder where exactly he was. Fiore and Caelum Kingdom obviously indicated that he was in another world, but what part of it? What was his relative location and the highest level of technology these people had attained?

The guards backed away. Why hadn't anybody else come down? The majority of the group had ventured up there and that boy was not one of them. Was he the resurrected person? He looked so... weak. The captain of the Magical Troops stood strong.

"Men, fire at the intruder! We don't want him freeing the slaves!" The captain pointed towards the boy, indicating their target, as he shouted the command. The boy wasn't expecting them to actually shoot fire out of their staffs. Were these guys 'mages'? The boy dodged the fireballs nimbly, ducking underneath the first only to jump into the air and twist to the right to avoid several more oncoming fireballs. He landed in a crouch and stood slowly, drinking in the confused and slightly fearful faces of his enemies. The boy smiled. They had slaves? Well, there was his objective. Beat the slavers, free the slaves, and then sleep. Or figure out something to do or somewhere to go... but...

Sleep was always first.

He removed the pistol from its holster and put it to his temple, laughing at the expressions of his enemies. This was going to be awesome! He really was insane. And he loved it sometimes.

He pulled the trigger.

"Who the hell is he?!"

Erza heard the muffled screams of the Magical Troops from above. She knew that guard that had just screamed. He'd been particularly cruel to children. The thought of him getting what was coming to him made her almost smile. Then she remembered she was in a lot of pain. She couldn't move. She sat there, waiting. "Are we being rescued?" It was impossible. But the possibility was still there. There were some people out in the world that would hate slavery, right? Maybe a whole bunch of them banded together to fight the guards and free them? Erza hoped so. She had never truly felt as much hope as she did this time.

A few minutes passed since she heard the last scream as she laid in her cell, unable to move. She heard the sound of rushing feet down the hallway. Not armored boots, but actual bare feet. She knew that sound very well.

Her cell door was opened. Nearly all her friends rushed to her. Simon, Milliana, Wally, and Shô hugged her tightly, crying. Whether they were crying out of joy or sadness was a mystery. They were just overcome with emotion out the outrageous events which had taken place. Standing at the door was a tall, blue-haired, older boy with another, smaller, blue-haired boy tucked under his arm. This strange savior was carrying Jellal with him. Jellal didn't seem to be moving. He was unconscious.

"So you're Erza? Well, according to these fellows, you're the last of them. I've freed all the slaves. It wasn't a challenge. These guys are like level 1 Mayas. Absolute cannon fodder. I managed to beat them all without a single death, too. Can you believe that? Anyway, I should probably heal you up. It's rude to just sit here and watch you in pain like this." The boy placed Jellal on the floor. He removed his gun from his holster and pressed it against his temple. Erza was speechless. A suicide right after being rescued?! What kind of fairy tale ending was this?

"No, mister!"

"What are you doing?!"

"Please don't do it!"

"You're too cool to die!"

He pulled the trigger.

A figure appeared behind him. The large figure was pure white and possessed hair similar to the boy who had summoned it. A large white object was situated behind its back and the body of the being was heavily mechanized. The kids all felt the warmth that the being exuded. They felt that they were finally safe, that all the accumulated pain over the years was suddenly removed. It was as if they were not allowed to feel pain in the presence of what could only be called a savior.

"Salvation." The strange boy spoke a single word and in that instant, everyone in the cell was consumed in a bright light. Their scars faded, wounds closed, bruises healed, and Erza's eye socket was no longer empty. Against all odds, her right eye had grown back. It was a healing magic that was supposed to be impossible. The boy cut Erza free with his sword and helped her to her feet. All the children looked awestruck and speechless, unable to comprehend the magical power of this hero.

"There we go. Are you all right? To be honest, this is the first time I've ever tried this spell on someone who was missing a body part. It is quite a handy spell to have. Now come on kids, the rest are waiting outside. We don't want to keep them waiting, do we?" The hero said as he turned to leave. Jellal woke up and rubbed his head, expecting a bump of some sort. When he found none, he was perplexed. He turned to the hero, who was already was walking out into the hallway.

"Who are you? Are you a mage?"

The hero smiled and continued walking.

"My name is Minato Arisato. I am just a lone hero on a never-ending Journey..."

The children unfroze from their state of pure awe and rushed towards their hero, hugging his legs and making it hard for him to walk. Minato lifted his legs higher to continue to walk, the children laughing as he did so.


"You're so cool!"

"Thank you!"

"Be my dad!"

Minato mentally fist-pumped. He was so cool! He normally wasn't a showboat like Junpei, but he needed to be awesome sometimes as well. 'Thanks for the lessons on cool one-liners, Shinji and Akihiko...'

All the slaves were gathered in front of the tower. Their chains had been cut and their oppressors knocked unconscious, some perhaps were even killed. The mysterious hero had saved them all, not letting even a single one get hurt. The children saw him as a true hero. A mage of the highest caliber and moral character. The children decided among themselves to become mages like the boy who saved them. Angel, Racer, Cobra, Richard and Midnight had taken to that idea especially. They decided that they would one day create a group that saved people from similar conditions. They did not know at the time that they were planning on creating a Guild.

The front doors opened. Their savior and the children emerged. Minato was met with thunderous applause. All the slaves looked healthy. He had apparently healed them as well, a tremendous miracle. All the former slaves were beaming brightly at them, beyond ecstatic at what had happened today. It was an impossible event that could only begin to be described as a miracle. Erza began to cry. Tears silently streamed down her face at the spectacle before her. A miracle had come to pass. The impossible had become possible. They were finally free! This day would become known to her as the best day of her life. As well as the best day of everyone else as well. Erza shoulders shook silently as tears continued to flow. They were uncontrollable tears. Erza felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Minato, the hero who had saved her. She hugged him tightly, still crying. He patted her on the head gently, looking down at her with a comforting smile on his face.

"It's okay. You're safe now." Minato said softly. He really had a soft spot for kids. Maiko was proof enough of that. The other kids gathered around him and hugged him, crying with joy. Soon all of the slaves gathered around him, hugging him or thanking him profusely. It was a mass love-the-hero-fest. Minato felt way too crowded. And a bit dizzy. Erza spoke up.

"T-that's not it. I'm just... happy. Who are you? Where did you come from? Why did you save us?" She was truly curious as to who her hero exactly was. He had appeared out of nowhere, like an angel sent from Heaven. Suddenly the Tower of Heaven had a different meaning in her mind. Could it have something to do with Minato?

"I'm Minato. I thought you already knew that. And I came from-"

Minato suddenly collapsed in a heap from magic exhaustion.

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