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Tsunade-sama slams her bowl of sake on her desk.

"Sasuke-kun, its good to have you back in Konoha."

"Arigatou, Hokage-sama."

"We will drop the rouge nin status from your record as soon as possible. Your status will go back to Genin, however. You may wish to take care of that at your earliest convenience..."

"Of course, Hokage-sama."

"..And, we will grant your request that you move in with Uzumaki Naruto. Although.." She pauses and gives me one of those half-amused, half-evil smiles, "You two may want to find someplace... bigger... that is, more spacious... eh? Oh well. Whatever floats your boat. Aha!"

She smiles innocently at me. Yeah, right.

"Thanks for your concern, Hokage-sama, but I already have plans to take care of that issue. I just.. need time."

We stay silent for a while.

"He's a good kid, Uchiha. You hurt him and I swear I will kill you. If you think Orochimaru is bad, you have yet to experience what I can do."

I bow as low as I can to show her my respect.

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

"Alright, that's enough. Dismissed.."

As I close the door to her office, I hear her mumble under her breath, "About damn time."

I find my Naruto waiting nonchalantly at the entrance to the Hokage tower. His hands in his pockets, his back slouched against the door frame, he looks utterly bored. He is staring at the night sky and I wonder what he is thinking about. His head falls when he hears my footsteps. One look in my direction and I see his eyes instantly light up, his dopey smiley spreading across his face. His form straightens and his right hand scratches his head nervously.

"Sasuke! Finally! There you are. So how'd-"

He is cut short by my hand gripping the back of his neck and my mouth crushing against his. Immediately he opens his mouth for me. My tongue slides across his sensually, exploring all he will give me. My left hand slides down his side to his waist, gripping him firmly. My right hand holds his neck, trailing my fingers across his jaw. I only break the kiss when he's panting heavily, grasping my shirt to hold his balance.

Someone nearby clears their throat.

We both look up to see Hatake Kakashi crouching on the fence just ahead, his nose buried in one of his Icha Icha books. A bemused look spreads across his face when I abruptly pull away from Naruto, leaving him defenseless. Naruto's knee's give out and he falls before he can catch himself.

"Kaka-sensei!" Naruto blushes and smiles at our former sensei.

"Well, Naruto. I see you two are getting along nicely. I was worried on our way back, you two seemed to avoid each other..." His eye crinkles up in his famous smile.

Naruto's blush is priceless. So beautiful.

"Well, uhh... You see... That is... Umm..." His hand raises to his head again.

"He's the hero that saved me, so I'm paying him back by being the drooling fan girl," I say coolly.

"Drooling fan girl? I see," Kakashi's expression changes to extreme bewilderment. "Just make sure Sakura finds out the right way, please. It is my understanding she still has feelings for you, Sasuke."

With that, Kakashi disappears in a poof of smoke. Naruto clutches his chest, heaving still from the dead surprise of Kakashi dropping in on us.

I walk up to him and reach out to help him up. He places his hand in mine and I pull him directly into my arms, embracing him softly.



"I need a shower."

"Me too."

"Take me home."

I can feel his cheek warm up against mine. In the next instant we are jumping to his apartment. Once inside I head off to his bathroom and take a relaxing hot shower. My body has never felt so at ease. I hold my right wrist tightly, remembering both the feelings of pain and satisfaction. How could twenty-four hours change so much? I lean my head on the tiled wall of the shower, letting the water run over my face.

Once I step out of the shower, I hear Naruto knock on the bathroom door.

"Do you want some Ramen? I'm sorry, its the only thing I have.."

"Yeah, that sounds nice."

He walks away to his kitchen and I can hear the stove being turned on. I dry off and wrap the towel around my waist.

I forgot to ask him for something to change into.

I contemplate what to do for a minute before stepping out of the bathroom.

Oh well. This will give him a shock. I owe him, anyway.

I smile to myself when Naruto seems too busy to notice me right away. He is now just in his black undershirt and boxers, his hatai ate removed. One hand rests on his waist and the other is stirring the pot of Ramen noodles in boiling water. A delectable sight indeed. I sneak behind him and wrap my arms around his waist while sliding my hands up his toned stomach, molding his back to me. He gasps slightly, then relaxes. He puts the wooden spoon aside and turns to me.

His jaw drops to the floor.

"Sas... Uhh... Oh!"

I watch his eyes as they are drawn down my chest, taking in every detail available. He absentmindedly traces his fingers over my lower stomach, reinforcing what he sees is real. He lingers on the exposed skin above the towel, then his eyes wander to my legs. He hooks a finger in my towel temptingly, but I grab his wrist before he can yank it. I pull him close to me and claim his lips, once again slipping deeper into this strange new feeling.

I break away when I hear the pot start to boil and pop, but not before I nip at his ear and whisper, "I need something to wear, dobe."

"I have something you can borrow, if you want, Sasuke," he turns and lowers the flame on the pot, then grabs my arm and drags me to the back. He throws me on his bed while he rummages through his dresser, tossing boxers and shirts everywhere. The towel unwraps from my hips as I barely sit up before he jumps in my lap, shoves a shirt over my head, and forces my arms through the sleeves. He hesitates and places a kiss on my cheek before quickly stepping off my lap.

"I'll go fix our dinner!" He grins widely as he walks back to the kitchen.

I stand up, thankful that the shirt is loose and baggy enough to fall to my knees. When I return to the kitchen, our Ramen bowls are being fixed. We eat in silence, but it's not awkward. Quite the contrary. Whenever I steal glances at him he always seems to be sucking noodles or licking his lips, drawing my attention to what sinful acts his innocent behavior insinuates. He lets his chop sticks linger in his mouth a moment longer than usual and I see his tongue flick in between them. The way he moans at how delicious his food is, dear God, he makes me want to trap him under me and torture him until he moans my name that way. I shift in my seat and attempt to finish my noodles.

When we finish, he has his dopey smile spread wide across his face. He takes our bowls and set them in the sink, not bothering to wash them. I yawn, apparently the last day's activities have caught up with me.

"Sasuke, you can sleep in my bed. I'll sleep in my camping bag."

I stand and walk closer to him.


He looks at me and blushes a bit.

"Well, I figured you'd be tired and want just a good night's sleep..?"

"Yeah, but I also intend for you to be beside me when I sleep. Did you forget the deal?"

His back suddenly straightens and his face turns deep red. "No! I did not forget! I'm going to take my shower!" He storms off to the bathroom and I hear the water turn on. I sigh and smile, something I've started to do more of recently. I make it to his bed determined to just rest my eyes until his shower is over.

"Sasuke..!" Naruto moans out as I thrust back down hard and slow, drawing out the sensation of being buried deep in his tight ass. I grind against him sensually as I lean in and take a nipple in my mouth.

"Please... Sasuke! Please! More!" His nails dig through my back. His face is flushed pink, mouth parted slightly and panting wildly. He wiggles beneath me, desperate for contact, and I am the one to give it to him. I lean my body closer to his, letting my torso rub against his heat. His grip slips to my ass, trying to shove me deeper inside. He is an animal and I am his tamer. His head lolls back and I kiss his exposed neck, sucking his skin in my mouth, marking him as mine and mine only. He gasps and rocks his hips meeting my thrusts. I continue to mark his skin as I ram my cock deeper, harder, faster, making him loose control. I snake one hand in between us to stroke his manhood. He screams my name and lifts his hips off the bed, crashing into mine. I hold him steady with a hard stroke while simultaneously thrusting my cock harder down in him. His eyes open wide, searching through the darkness for my own eyes. He finds them and our gazes lock, his mouth opens in a silent 'o' . His body shivers and spasms, I feel his ass tighten and throb as his cock spurts his come all over my chest. I still haven't stopped stroking him or thrusting, my orgasm near. I am suddenly being forced down, his mouth is on my ear, tongue licking and sucking my lobe.

He whispers, "Come for me, Sasuke. Come inside me. Let it out deep inside my throbbing ass." I moan and a sharp tinge of pleasure travels from my stomach to my heart. My balls tighten as they slap his ass with each thrust. I let the tide wash me away, drowning in his vast sea, his love. My cock jolts and releases my come. I don't realize I'm saying his name over and over.

"Sasuke..." he whispers...

I hear Naruto rummaging in his drawers again. My eyes fly open, my heart beats fast. My cock pulses when I see Naruto in the moonlight of his window, naked and searching for night clothes to wear.

Already I'm dreaming about him.

I get up and creep behind him, this time my hands go straight for his cock. Its hard as steel.

"Sasuke! What the hell-"

I smile my evil smile as his voice dies into a moan.

"My my, Naruto.. hard already? That must have been one steamy shower."

"I thought.. you.. were sleep..."

I slip my left hand up, ghosting over his abdomen barely letting my fingertips touch his skin. My right hand pumps his cock slowly. My tongue traces his neck up to his ear, then I take his cartilage in my mouth teasingly.

I moan loudly in his ear, "How can I sleep when you're parading around naked and hard? Hmm?"

He gasps and arches his back to me, I pull his lower half against mine. My cock rubs in between the folds of his ass. He moans and grips the dresser, the top half of his body tearing away from me. I watch his back shake, his shoulders struggling to hold him up.

"Naruto..." I whisper. He can only moan as a reply. I pull his chest to mine with my left hand, snaking it up softly against his neck, tilting his chin back with my forefinger. I hold him like this while pumping his cock faster, my mouth attached to his ear once again. I can feel his throat vibrate with his moan.

"You remember our deal, don't you?"


I whisper, "Don't you remember what you promised me?"

"Y-y-yes..." he moans, barely able to speak.

"Say it..."

"Nggghhh! What?"

"Say." I pump his cock hard, trailing my thumb over the head, "It." Again, I pump hard.


"You what?" I lick up his ear lobe.

"I promised to.. to.. to let you.. f-fuck me.. on top.." His body wiggles against mine, pushing my cock back and fourth against his ass.

"What else..?"

"I promised that I-I-I would let you d-d-do anything you w-wanted to me..."

"And the rest..?"

"... And that.. that.. I would belong to you!"

I start to walk backwards, taking him with me until we fall back on the bed in a sitting position. My hands grip his waist to keep him from moving. At first, I just hug him, enjoying the feel of his skin against mine. I let my hands travel up his body and I sigh into his back.



"You're really mean." I could hear the pout in his voice.

"Don't worry. I'll be... nice."

"I don't care about that. But you don't have to go and make me say embarrassing stuff like that!"

"Says the dork who seduced me yesterday!"

"That... umm that was different. I let my emotions get the best of me... and I was already running off the Kyuubi..."

I lift my head to lick along his spine.

"I can't complain. I enjoyed every minute of you fucking yourself on my hard cock. I can't wait to repay you for your kindness."

As he gasps I pull him up and shove him down on the bed under me, claiming his mouth as mine. I want to devour him, swallow him whole if I could, but he is so delicate. His body trembles under me like I could break him. My right hand goes straight to his cock as I lick a line from his jaw to his neck. I kiss, lick, bite, and suck a sensitive spot close to his ear, marking him as mine. I continue sucking and marking down his neck to his chest and even lower until I reach a nipple. I lap my tongue across the pert object, taking it between my teeth and biting hard. His hands bury themselves in my hair while his back arches off the bed, head thrown back. The delicious sounds escaping from his throat make my body hot with desire to make him scream.

I plant wet kisses down his chest to his torso and finally right above his arousal. I hear him 'guwaff' when I kiss the head of his cock teasingly.


My tongue trails along the underside of his cock until I reach his balls, I take each in my mouth fully and suck until the whole sack fits. Using my hand to pump his cock, I make my tongue trace slow circles on his sack. Naruto desperately wiggles under me, his hands fisting the sheets turning his knuckles white. Finally I release his balls to lick up his cock and take the head in my mouth. Using the same technique on his head, I suck it in my mouth slowly while trailing circles around the slit, gathering up the beads of precum leaking from the tip.

"Nnngaaahh! Sasuke! If you keep that up... Nnnnn!" Naruto bites down a finger he has curled in his mouth.

"Heh," I smirk around the length I have in my mouth, slowly inching lower and lower. When my mouth connects to his body, I lap my tongue all around his cock. I hum softly, knowing he will like the sensation. I withdraw my mouth and survey his taste. His is the essence of innocence even though I know that's not entirely true. His body withering under mine, his cock erect and leaking, his face flushed, his chest heaving heavily... He looks up and his eyes lock with mine, I suck his cock in one whole round while using a fist to pump what length I can't shove in.

I am not gentle on him, not by far. I suck him hard and rough, using my teeth to graze the vein on the underside. My fist is ruthless on the base. I am actually slapping his ball sack with my free hand. I want him to come and I will not stop until I hear him screaming my name and coming in my mouth. His hands grab and pull my hair, his hips thrust up to meet the suction, I hear his pants become loud moans, and his stomach is contracting.

I take him completely in my throat, allowing my gag reflexes to gurgle around him, and I bite down softly with my teeth. He screams and releases his come down my throat, his cock pulsing with each release. I withdraw from him, pleased to see he is still hard, and make my way up to share his taste with him. The kiss is eager and breathless, but he kisses me back and our tongues dance frantically together.

Without giving him time to recover I flip him on his hands and knees, spreading his thighs apart. He pants and lowers himself on his arms, burying his head somewhere in between his hands. I move to cover his body with mine so I can lean in close to his ear.

"Naruto... I'm just getting started with you," I gently move a hand to grip the base of his cock, "I'll make you come at least twice more tonight."

He attempts to close his legs as I end my sentence, but I move quicker and place my hands between his things, holding them steady. I move my knees between his legs and rub my hard cock at his entrance, letting my precum drip over his ass. He moans in anticipation. I move away for a split second.

Before I give him a chance to fight, I open his cheeks and poke my tongue in his ass. His head and his body both jump from the weird feeling but my hands steady his lower half so I can continue. My tongue prods in deeper, then I pull it out some and thrust it back in. I take turns alternating in wiggling, flicking, and thrusting. When I pull my tongue out and lap across his ass one last time, he is wet enough for me to continue without much pain for him.

Naruto's body is on the verge of collapsing. His cock is wet with precum once again and his shoulders are trembling softly. I move close to him and poke my tip in his ass, then without any further warning I thrust deep inside him. He screams out and his shoulders fall, leaving his ass up in the air. I grab his hips and thrust again, shoving my length all the way in, moaning as his ass suffocates my cock. I love this feeling, being deep enough inside him to feel his ass contract and expand around me.

Naruto pushes back, matching me thrust for thrust. I grab his thighs and roughly slam against his ass.

"Sasuke! Yes! More, please! Oh God, give me more!"

His moan makes me loose it. I slam faster, gripping his waist and forcing him back with my thrusts. My vision starts to blur as sparks fly behind my eyes. I feel Naruto's ass constrict my cock and he comes without me touching him. His screams are muffled by the way his head is pushed into the mattress, his hands have a death grip on the sheets. I move a hand to slap his ass cheek, the way his cheek vibrates and his ass pulses at that slap makes me repeat the action on the other cheek. I grip his cock with my other hand and pump once more as my orgasm builds. To my surprise, as soon as I touch his cock, he is coming again, spunk splattering his stomach and my hand, his ass pulsing like crazy. I thrust once more and release my own come deep inside him.

I grab his waist to steady myself from falling on top of him. As soon as I pull out, however, he sinks down on the bed. I roll on my side and lay down beside him. He lifts his head up, only to slam it back down on the mattress.

"Sasuke?" His voice is still muffled by the bed.


"I think I need another shower."

"No. Stay like that until morning."

"If I hadn't just had my brains fucked out, I would argue with you."

"Good. Now get some sleep."

"How am I supposed to sleep like this?!"

I pull him towards me and push him on his back. "That better?"

"For now..."




"I love you."

"...I know."



"Thank you for trusting me."

"You're rambling, baka. Go to sleep."

"But..." He turns to me, eyes glazed and still shining in the moonlight. I kiss him softly, hoping he will just go on to sleep already.

"Shh.. go on to sleep, dobe."

"Mmmm... 'night.."

He is sleep before he even finishes his thought.

Naruto amazes me.

That damn kid, I knew he would be the death of me.

I sit in the window, watching the moonlit sky while Naruto sleeps. I steal a glance in his direction. His naked form has taken over the whole bed, arms outstretched on either side of him, legs bent and spread, mouth gaped open, and of course drool leaking from his bottom lip. He snorts in his sleep every now and then, but other than that his sleep has been undisturbed.

I don't deserve him.

I glance down at my right wrist. All that is left is a small dash above the vein. He healed the scar as well as the wound with his chakra. After all the pain I caused him by leaving, he never gave up on me. I can't imagine how committed he is to me. I didn't mean to hurt him, I just had to find out for myself. I should have stayed. I should have listened to everyone who told me to forget about revenge.

I don't regret it.

I don't regret leaving. I couldn't stay here. I would have never found out the truth. I would have never gotten strong enough to face the reality by staying here. Orochimaru was right about that much. Everything is too sheltered here.

He wouldn't have come to my rescue.

I wouldn't accept his help before, so he knew I wouldn't accept it now. I put him in a different category than myself. I was wrong. He and I are the same, darkness and despair are universal. It doesn't matter what tragic obstacle occurs, once you are sucked in there is no way out. Not until someone cracks the hole and pulls you out. Or in my case, drags you back home.


This place hasn't changed a bit. The kids have gotten bigger, stronger, and the Hokage has gotten bustier, and maybe Kakashi has gotten more perverted, but other than that its the same smiling faces. Its a bit nostalgic, being away for so long and just being welcomed back with opened arms. I wonder how they'll react when everyone finds out Naruto belongs to me?

Why don't I mind that thought?

What, that Naruto is mine? Because he is. He has to be, after pulling a stunt like that. His eyes don't lie. They never have and I don't believe they have a reason to now. He wanted me home, and here I am. He wanted me before I left, I just couldn't handle that then. He doesn't have to say it. I felt the same way, but I wasn't ready. I wanted to run. So I did.

But he waited.

Oh, he did. But he also took when he got tired of waiting. I expect nothing less from the number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja. I just didn't know how to deal with it.

You sure did learn, didn't you?

Orochimaru was enough to deal with. In between training and blow jobs, he was insatiable. Its a wonder he never did go farther with me than that. He could have, even if I said no. With his power, and his damn tongue, he could have easily had me. Maybe I wasn't worth his time. He only used me though, just like I used him. I am tired of being used, seen as a tool. His stares were empty, his caresses were cold. Not like I was expecting anything from him anyway.

He gave you power.

And I gave it back to him when I killed him.

He cursed you.

And Naruto saved me.


Unable to stand my thoughts any longer, I walk to the bed. Naruto is now laying on his side, curled up and drooling on my pillow. Adorable.

I slide in and wrap my arms around his waist. His warmth lulls me to sleep instantly. One last thought enters my mind..