"So, I'm guessing you didn't know she was pregnant." Vega stood outside the doors that lead to the clinic, Jane was with the doctors undergoing her tests, John was asleep as it was still early and he and the Major waited outside the clinic doors. He still couldn't believe that he had been ordered to guard the Admirals children, both charged with treason, among other things. Everyone had heard the stories of the Human-Turian, and the Major here was engaged to her, well had been. Actually no one was quite sure what was going on there. Hell, he was still getting used to the news that she was alive.

"Yeah, I didn't know she was pregnant."

Kaidan heard the question, he answered the question, but he wasn't really there, his thoughts were on the woman just behind the doors he now faced. He had thought he hated her for what she had done, that he had let the girl from his memories at Jump Zero, and the woman from N7 go, that he was alright with her being with Garrus. But the emotions he thought gone, had poured forth when he saw her. Then when he found out she was pregnant, his whole world crumbled and he was right back where he had started.

In love with Jane, he had always loved her, it wasn't gone, and now that he knew she was pregnant, he was more sure than ever that he had to figured out how to get them back on even ground. He needed to figure out how they could find what they had lost. No matter what her father, the Admiral had done, they had been in love, and she couldn't deny that she had loved him.

"Are you sure it's yours? I mean," Vega let his voice taper off as Kaidan turned towards him, his eyes flashing a warning.

"What does that mean, am I sure it's mine? Of course I'm sure; the only other person Jane has been with is that Turian, Vakarian. So who else's would it be?"

Vega shrugged but conceded the point, "I was just asking, I mean word has it you two didn't part so well, maybe she," He was cut off again and rolled his eyes at the Major, as he turned back towards the door.

"Jane isn't like that; she was with Garrus because she loved him, because the Admiral screwed up. I should have tried harder; I shouldn't have handled her death like I did. Jane wouldn't run off and sleep with just anyone."

Vega thought about the statement; 'shouldn't have handled her death like I did.' There was a story there, but he was sure this wasn't the right time to go digging, so he settled for the safe route.

"Alright, let's say for argument sake, that it is yours. What's your plan? Your fiancé er' whatever she is, is going to be put on trial, she and John could very well be locked up for a long time, or shot."

"I don't know, I guess I'll have to figure that out."

"Yeah, well good luck with that. Did you see the way she looked at you? Not to mention she didn't think being arrested was bad until she saw you, actually she referred to hell when she saw you, and we're talking about a woman who went through N7, not to mention died. I'd say you're screwed. Though I see why you won't give her up, she's hot, like caliente."

Kaidan didn't say anything to that, just stared at the door as if the answer was written on its surface.

"I heard you two went through a lot together. The stories from Jump Zero and N7 are crazy, well if you believe the stories."

"Yeah, most of the stories are true; Jane saved a lot of us at brain camp."

"I heard you saved her from being raped and tortured by that Turian Commander. Hard to believe she would let another one of them touch her."

"I didn't stop him soon enough, but you need to remember, she is Turian, we're the weird ones to her, she only looks human, even in all our time at N7, she was always different. It's what makes her so amazing though."

Vega remained silent, as Alenko laid a hand against the door, leaning his head on top of it. The guy was in a bad way and he felt for him. He was trying to think of something to say, something funny or inappropriate to try and lighten the mood, but the deep sigh of the Major cut him short.

"I did a lot of things that I'm not proud of, Lieutenant Vega. Things I'm not sure she can ever forgive me for, but I have to try."


Jane stood at the window in her and John's rooms. Prison was a more accurate term; for though the rooms were well furnished and comfortable, they were not permitted to come and go as they pleased. In the three rooms that were connected, there were two beds and one bathroom; which was the only room with an actual door. The front room had a vid screen, but it was locked down, and they had to ask permission to watch anything. Not that it mattered; they were kept away from anything that even resembled news.

Vega was always close at hand. He didn't leave the rooms often, and slept just next door. He and John spent a lot of time talking about surfing off the west coast, N7 and of course, women. Jane just couldn't seem to keep her mind in their conversations, and found she was staring out the windows more often than not, lost in her own thoughts.

Vega actually didn't seem that bad, good soldier by all accounts; she would have liked to see him in action. When she did catch some of their conversation, it seemed he ended up on this detail after something had happened to his team while they were investigating the Collectors. Too bad they hadn't met before this; she would have liked to have him on her side.

Kaidan on the other hand kept his distance; he only seemed to appear once a day, to bring either food or a report to Vega. She had made a point of avoiding him when he did visit, and though she could feel his eyes on her, she always kept her eyes firmly on the bay out the window, and to his credit he let it stay at that.

Staring out over the bay was like watching a moving, living painting. So beautiful, but the feelings that stirred in her because of it were anything but beautiful.

"Hey, Jane not to you know, ruin your pity party over by the window, but it's been three days since the tests. Did they tell you anything? What was that report that Kaidan brought to Mr. Vega here?"

Jane turned her head slightly towards where John and Vega were sitting. John noted she looked uninterested. She was growing more detached by the day. He had no idea what she was thinking anymore, she had to be thinking of something, some plan. At least, he hoped so, to be honest, it really seemed like she had just shut everything off.

"No, they haven't told me anything, and I doubt that they will."

John watched her eyes turn back out the window; Vega was watching her with something akin to confusion and sadness and John nudged him with an elbow.

"Don't worry, she won't do anything."

Vega shook his head and tore his eyes from the redheaded woman and the pouring rain behind her.

"Not worried."

John chuckled as the man's muscled chest and arms flexed slightly, "Yeah, I'm picking up what you're putting down."

Vega's eyes flicked up to Jane once more before focusing on John. "It's just that I've heard stories about the two of you for years. You're the hero of the Citadel man, that's something, I never thought I'd talk to you let alone be stuck guarding you. And Jane," he let out a low whistle. "Never thought I'd meet the Human-Turian, you know, because, well she was dead."

John couldn't help it, he let out a laugh that left Vega confused and wondering if the Major here was losing his mind.

"Yeah, we all had to get used to Jane being alive, trust me, you're not the only one to go through this."

"Sure, right, Major Alenko has told me a lot about her and you. Well nothing we hadn't heard before. The stories of your team are like bed time stories for the marines around here. Jane's time at N7 is the shit legends are made of. She took out a platoon of Turians, down one team member. Man, I just, well the point is, Major I never thought I'd meet either of you, and here you are and well, Jane isn't what I thought she'd be."

John looked up to his sister and nodded. "It's not Major anymore Mr. Vega."

Vega gave him a look that said he didn't care, and John shrugged and continued.

"You know, I've only seen her like this once before, it was right after she and Kaidan had the big fight, that lead up to this, you know the one where she shot him into space and stole an Alliance ship. Yeah from the look on your face, I'd say you're aware of the story. She would stand for hours, just like that. I don't think she'd admit it, but she was really hurt by what she thought Kaidan did. You know, she felt like someone who was with her from the start, the person who made it through Jump Zero with her not to mention N7, had stabbed her in the back that he had betrayed everything they had ever had. It started before her death, but I think she could have forgiven him for that, had he not done what he did after. To be honest the shit that he did before, I don't think was his fault, he was lied to by the Admiral as much as we were, but after," Jane's voice interrupted him and caused the two men to actually jump, both looking towards the window. Jane's face hadn't turned towards them, but her arms were folded almost protectively in front of her.

"That's enough, John I think you've bored the Lieutenant enough. Don't you?" Her voice still held that ring of authority, and though it sounded like a question, John knew it was an order for him to stop talking.

"Understood, Sis; I just thought our new friend James here should be brought up to speed. To let him know that the hero-worship people have for you isn't bullshit, you know since all it seems you do now is stare out windows."

No reaction, not even a twinge of something, her lips didn't move, nor her eyes. Shit, this was not going to be good when the emotions finally overflowed.

John shook his head and motioned for Vega to meet him in the small kitchen by the locked front door.

"So, where is the Admiral, I figured he'd want to talk at some point."

"No Sir, your father has left Admiral Anderson in charge."

John's eyebrows scrunched together and he half smiled. "Admiral Anderson you say? The ol' boy got a promotion did he? For bringing us in no doubt, well if that isn't just perfect."

Vega had thought John was being sarcastic, but to his surprise he looked pleased.

"The thing is, Major your father left strict instructions that the two of you were not to be moved and no trial until after the bebe is born." Vega lowered his voice, knowing damn well he shouldn't say anything, but not able to help himself.

"They aren't going to let her keep it, you know that, as her father and the child's grandfather, he is next of kin and as Jane is being held for treason, the child goes to him."

John went very still, and his eyes flicked to where Jane stood a room away. He saw the subtle clench of her jaw, she had heard every word thanks to their enhanced hearing; and they were that much closer to Jane losing it.


"Anderson, you have news for me?"

Anderson ran a hand over his forehead, his head was killing him. Stress, this was all so wrong, Jane and John were goddamn heroes in his book. Things done during times of war needed to be taken into account.

"Yes, it seems Cerberus brought Jane back with Asari genetics, not too difficult considering the amount of genetic modification that went into Jane in the first place. As you know Asari can mate with any species to genetically diversify their own race. The idea is the same with Jane; the child carries human and Turian genetics. But just as with the Asari, Jane's genetics will be dominate, and the child will look human. Though it should have Turian tendencies," Anderson let his voice trail off at the shadow that crossed Hackett's face.

"Never mind that, inform Jane that the child is Kaidan's and if she wishes to keep it, she will respect that and she will raise the child with him. I don't care how they work out that issue, but he will be there, he will have parental rights, and they will complete what I fucking started." He slammed his fist down on his desk to punctuate the point.

Anderson had never seen Hackett's face so red, nor his voice so angry, the Admiral was starting to lose it and this forcing of Kaidan and Jane was bordering on insanity.

"Aye Sir, but I must formally protest to this, it seems to me that Jane," Hackett raised a hand and his voice, to halt Anderson's thoughts.

"I don't care what your protests are Anderson, do as I say, Hackett out."


Jane stood silently before Anderson as he delivered the news she had dreaded. Kaidan's child, every bad dream she had ever had paled in comparison to this. Give her the might of the Reapers forces, but not this. Not to mention that she was being threatened with separation from the child if she didn't comply.

She didn't speak, just turned from Anderson, went quietly into the washroom, and let the door close behind her.

John watched Anderson leave the room, watched Vega pace by the door, unsure of what to do. "Hey, James why don't you sit down for a bit, you're driving me crazy."

Vega simply nodded and sat on the couch as John went to the door and tapped softly.

"I hope you're not planning on staying in there all day, there is only one bathroom you know. I can't hold it forever."

He could hear her breathing, she was leaning against the door, but she wasn't answering him. He hadn't really expected an answer though.

He was still leaning against the wall by the washroom when the front door slid open and Kaidan stepped carefully into the room. John almost laughed at the timid way he entered. Though there wasn't anything funny about it, he was worried that Jane would kill him on sight. Probably not too far off the mark, actually.

"Kaidan, I really don't think you should be here." John sighed as Kaidan took a few steps towards him.

"I need to talk to her, even if she won't talk back, I have things that need to be said."

"Fine, it's your funeral. Come on Vega let's move as far away from the blast radius as we can."

Kaidan waited for them to move away before he leaned his forehead against the door.

"Jane, I understand how you feel. We didn't ask for this, but here we are, I know you're still angry at me for everything, but our child needs to be thought of. I know and understand if you don't love me, but I've been told that the child will be taken from us if we don't raise it together. I know how you feel about Garrus. I don't know how we'll work it out, but I'm willing to try. I know I've done some things that you can't forgive me for. I should have never done what I did at the funeral."

He swallowed the lump growing in his throat before continuing. "I should have never lied to you when you didn't have your memories, I had the excuse before all of that, back in N7, that the Admiral lied to me as well, but I knew what I was doing when you came back to us. I know it doesn't mean anything to you, but, I love you, Jane. Let me have the chance to love our child as well."

Kaidan's hand was pressed against the door, and he stayed like that for some time until he finally pushed away, and stared down at the ground before moving towards the front door.

"You know, I prefer her yelling." With that the door closed behind him and he was gone.

It wasn't long before the washroom door opened and Jane stepped out.

John braced for the impact, but there was nothing, just a thoughtful look on her face, before she turned towards Vega.

"Take me to Major Alenko's quarters."

It was an order, and thought she was no longer able to give orders Vega didn't seem to notice as he jumped off the couch, saluted and moved towards the door with her.

"I'll wait outside Ma'am." Vega stood at parade rest just to the side of the door. She was about to announced her presence when the door, unlocked slid open. Soft music drifted towards her and into the hall.

"I saw the harbor lights
They only told me we were parting
The same old harbor lights that once brought you to me
I watched the harbor lights
How could I help if tears were starting
Goodbye to tender nights beside the silv'ry sea

I long to hold you near and kiss you just once more
But you were on the ship and I was on the shore

Now I know lonely nights
For all the while my heart is whisp'ring
Some other harbor lights will steal your love from me

I long to hold you near and kiss you just once more
But you were on the ship and I was on the shore

Now I know lonely nights
For all the while my heart is whisp'ring
Some other harbor lights will steal your love from me"

Harbor lights, it was another song from his father, an old song, during one of the early earth wars, had it been the second one or the first? She couldn't recall, but with the song came a memory of a day here in Vancouver, a long time ago when she had been very much in love, with Kaidan Alenko. She sighed and stepped into the room.

"Kaidan, we need to talk."

The music turned off, and he spun so quickly towards her she thought he might just fall on his ass.

"Jane, how did you get here?"

"Vega brought me."

Kaidan nodded, folding his arms over his chest, "Yeah, no surprise there, you always did inspire loyalty."

His voice wasn't harsh or angry, just very matter of fact.

"Yeah, well, it was how I was raised." She sighed again and sank down on the couch.

"Listen, Kaidan we've been through too much to just be able to ignore it." Her eyes burned into his as her anger began to bubble over.

"Forget what happened before my death, I forgive you for what the Admiral did, I was in a bad place after Powell and Lambert died. I was angry for everything. But you knew we weren't together anymore when I came back. Two years, Kaidan, you knew I was with Garrus before that, you knew what my dad means to me. Yet you did it anyways, you stabbed me in the back, you let me think we were still happy. This child is the result of that lie Kaidan. How could you? I truly honestly can't stand the thought of having to ever deal with you again. I want you to know that. But Ganis raised me better than that. We all have to deal with our issues, I get that. Just so you know Garrus and I are married. We mated before the run to the collector base."

Kaidan had listened passively until the end when his face began to turn red and he turned away from her.

"It was always something, Nihlus, Garrus. I was always second; I wanted you with me so badly, after what we went through at brain camp. How you could always just shove me aside?"

"Don't you fucking dare try and make this about how I treated you, Kaidan. Damn it, Kaidan I'm not here to fight with you. If we have to raise this child together, we had better learn to be able to stand each other."

"I love you, Jane, but don't you think it's going to be a little awkward if your husband and I have to be around at the same time?" The word was said with enough spite that Jane chuckled.

"Forget it, I don't even know why I'm trying, you were always so fucking stubborn. If you think I'll let the Admiral have this child though, you've got another thing coming."

"I'm stubborn? God, Jane you're so infuriating. But I do agree with you on the issue of the Admiral, he's not to be trusted. So, where does this leave us?"

"A truce perhaps, we act the happy family until we can figure out what to do, which will be easier when I don't have a little human growing in me."

He nodded, "Okay, but what about after? You know, about us?"

"Kaidan, don't I'm trying my hardest to not hate you, don't make me start all over again. Besides, if my guess is right about the Reapers, there might not be a later if I don't get the hell out of here."

"Right, okay, so um, see you for dinner later?"

"Yeah, alright," and with a great sigh of restraint to not add something snarky at the end she quickly left the room.


"I look fat, honestly, that is a statement I thought I would never make. I mean, really with the amount I work out." She chuckled and John leaned over the back of the couch where she was slouching, Kaidan sitting next to her.

"You're not fat, sis you're eight months pregnant, there is a difference. Well then again, you have been eating more than, Mr. Vega over there, so you might actually be a little fat too."

Jane grabbed the pillow next to her and smacked John upside the head with it.

"Easy there, John do you really want to piss off the pregnant lady that could probably kill you without thinking?"

John frowned as Kaidan spoke, even thought the statement had been in jest. Over the last months he still hadn't been able to get used to him being around all the time. Oh, he understood why Jane agreed to it but he still didn't like it.

"Yeah well she left you alive, so I guess I'm okay."

Kaidan was used to the snarky comments and just shrugged. "Yeah, I remember someone else that wasn't always in the good graces either, though he happens to share blood, so he got off a bit easier."

"Oh for the love of, seriously you two, I'm tired of hearing your crap. If I have to deal with it, John you can too."

She gasped as the baby moved and kicked; Kaidan jumped forward and laid a hand on her stomach. John followed laying his hand on the side of her belly; Jane motioned for a curious Vega to do the same.

"He's strong," Vega glanced between the faces of Jane and Kaidan. The Major could act like nothing was wrong, but he had seen it for months, the slight grimace on the commanders face as he touched her belly, as he spoke of names for the little boy, as he acted every bit the husband and father. It was driving her insane, and it seemed that Alenko was oblivious to it. Though by what John had said, it had almost always gone like this with them.

"So, you two decided a name for little Chico in here?"

Jane narrowed her eyes at Kaidan, "I've decided on, Garin."

Kaidan rolled his eyes keeping his hand on her belly, he rubbed slightly and she sighed, moving his hand away.

"Really, Jane, Garin? It's so, so well you know."

Jane clinched her jaw to keep from yelling, and very slowly said. "It's so what, Kaidan?"

"You know, Turian."

"Yeah, that's the point, we've had this discussion," She was starting to get angry when the anger was replaced by blinding white pain.

She blinked as the first wave passed, but something was wrong. Lifting her hands from her lap she realized with agony that she was covered in blood.

"John, call for the doctor, now. Kaidan," she grabbed Kaidan and pulled him towards her, "If you ever cared for me, really cared; you won't let them take the baby from us. Promise me, Kaidan, don't you dare let them." She was going to continue but the pain washed over her and she was lost to her own screams.

It was possibly the worst day of her life; she had never experienced more pain than she did that day. And that's keeping in mind that she had died. The thought brought a smile to her lips as she tried to keep her mind occupied.

"Well they can't seem to get the baby out through surgery; she's going to have to do it naturally. I guess your bodies weren't designed to have to deal with surgery, something about the regeneration being too fast.

"Well if you think about it, we shouldn't really need it, our bones mend quickly and we don't get sick. Don't worry, she's tough, she'll be fine."

It was almost twenty-four hours later when a small boy, who looked almost identical to John, was laid in Kaidan's arms. "Okay, that's almost creepy; it's like a clone of you two."

"Yeah, well if you think about it, Jane and I shouldn't even be able to be identical twins, yet here we are, most likely we're actually clones, just different sexes. Though I doubt we're clones of the Admiral, so that leaves our mother. This baby is no different really."

Kaidan looked almost upset by that, and John had to stifle his laughter.

"It doesn't matter, he's perfect."

John lifted an eyebrow, "Besides your genes, that's actually true."

"You're a bastard, John you know that?" But the smile on Kaidan's face didn't leave the small babies face, as he rocked him gently.

Jane's eyes fluttered open and she breathed a sigh of relief at seeing her brother, and even Kaidan to the side of the bed, with Garin still there.

"Thank the spirits that's over, I'd rather be shot again."

John nodded and Kaidan handed Garin to her and her world stopped and she realized how much she wanted nothing more than to see this child grow and know her dad and Garrus. And with that in mind she knew she had to figure how to get them all off Earth.


Vega stood over the small crib, tickled under the small chin and ran a finger over the already curly red hair.

"He's amazing, Commander, he's going to look just like you and John and he's going to make a hell of a soldier."

Frowning, Jane shook her head and picked up Garin and held him to her chest. "Not if we don't figure out how to get out of here, the Reapers aren't going to just stop."

Vega nodded; he should be reporting that they had talked about how to escape since before the baby's birth. But he couldn't bring himself to do that. She was right, if the stories were to be believed, she needed to get out of there. He didn't know how they would do it, but he knew he needed to help.


"Admiral, I want you to know that having Jane locked up on Earth, isn't helping us at all." The Illusive man, inhaled and exhaled, his voice annoyed. "Jane needs to be out finding how we can control and stop the Reapers, what was the point of all this work if you're just going to keep her locked away?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you. But if you must know, I want the child, I need to know, and it's the chance to continue what we started. Our perfect soldiers," The Illusive man shook his head and cut off the Admiral with a chuckle.

"There will be no point to your soldiers if the Reapers are allowed to wipe out the galaxy, and you are wasting time, this was not the plan. Jane needs to be looking for an answer, we need the Reapers stopped and the technology that Jane can hand us when she's fully integrated with them, would take humanity so far beyond even what the Asari are."

Admiral Hackett shook his head, "No, not until I have what I want." He thought for a moment and then nodded to himself. "John's little Asari whore, what was her name, Dr. T'soni? I've had her on Mars since we captured Jane and John. She has a head start on the answer we're looking for."

The Illusive man took a long drag off of his cigarette and placed it in the ashtray, laced his fingers together and stared at the Admiral in thought.

"And how did you get her to agree to that?"

Hackett chuckled softly, like the question couldn't have been more idiotic.

"Told her I'd kill John if she didn't of course, emotions make people, even Asari so easy."

"Fine, do what you will Admiral, but remember, Jane will be released."

He got no answer as the vid was cut off. Turning in his chair he shook his head, releasing an exasperated sigh, resting his head in his hand, until the sound of high heels clicking into the room brought his head up, and a slight smile touched his lips.

"My former husband is an idiot, always has been. Get me Anderson, he was always more reasonable, Hackett is now a liability, he's forgotten the big picture. I don't want him to have the child or Jane. So, we need to get Anderson to be able to get the child out of there, and Jane back on track. Simple enough make it happen, I want my daughter out of there."

The illusive man smiled up at the beautiful, strong and demanding woman before him, taking her hand in his he kissed it softly. "Of course, I have it all under control, don't I always, Ann? I saved you didn't I?"

"And lost my daughter to the Turian's at the same time, but we've moved beyond that, get this back on track and get rid of Hackett. His ideals are now not in line with ours." She leaned down, her beautiful red hair brushed the side of his face as she kissed him before she turned away, and he smiled as he listened to the clip of her heels walk out of the room.


"Anderson," the voice of the Illusive man echoed through his quarters and he sat up with a start.

"Illusive man, what do I own the distinct displeasure of speaking with you?"

"Don't be obtuse, Anderson. You need to get Jane and her team out of there. The Reapers are coming, sooner than you think."

"Shouldn't you be talking to your stooge Admiral Hackett?"

"Oh you know do you?"

"Well you just confirmed what Jane has said for months. So why should I trust you?"

"You don't have to like me, Anderson. But right now we all have bigger problems than if you trust me or Cerberus."

Anderson seemed to consider this for a moment, before asking something that had been on his mind since he had captured Jane and her team.

"If Jane was right about you and Hackett, then what about her mother, what about Ann?"

A woman Anderson knew all too well joined the Illusive man on his vid. She didn't look a day older than when she had died in front of him, giving birth to the children he now held captive. It had been at that same damn genetics lab that the Turians had destroyed, and taken Jane from. Hackett had told the doctors to save the children. His wife had died in the resulting surgery to save the twins.

Well, he had thought she had died, but here she was.

"Listen, Anderson, I realize this is a lot to take in," Anderson scoffed cutting her off.

"A lot to take in, Ann? You were dead, I watched you die, and now you pop up wanting me to release Alliance prisoners, telling me you're working for the Illusive man, and that Hackett knew the whole time?"

"Oh Hackett never knew about me, he was just the easiest way for Cerberus to get into the Alliance, his need for his super soldiers was so insanely strong that he was willing to do anything we said. As far as working for the Illusive man, you have it wrong, Anderson. He works for me. Now, I'll explain everything later, right now you need to get your ass out of bed and move it. The Reapers are here, and you need to get Jane out of there. I've already started a plan in motion; listen up because I'll only tell you this once."

Anderson weighed his options quickly and nodded, realizing that Ann, Jane and John sounded so much alike and he had forgotten how much they looked like each other.

"Fine, I agree, tell me what to do."


The first alarms sent Jane into instant overdrive; she picked up Garin and shouted for John. Kaidan, John and Vega were next to her instantly.

"What's going on?" Vega was headed towards the hall to get his rifle, and Jane glanced out the window, I don't know, but we need to," the door slid open and she dropped back, ready to attack if needed. She sighed seeing Anderson.

"What's going on, Anderson?"

"I think you know, it's time to get you out of here. Major Alenko, Lieutenant Vega, I need you to get to the Normandy, Joker is aboard, you're going to have to figure out how to get it out of dry dock, move."

Kaidan paused, pressed a kiss to Garin's forehead, before brushing his fingers over Jane's cheek, she turned away and directed her eyes back to Anderson as Kaidan and Vega made their way out of the room.

"Anderson, I can't just run off with a baby in tow, the Normandy would never be safe enough."

"I know, it's been thought of." He stepped to the side and Thane stepped forward.

"Thane, how did you get here?"

"The Illusive man, he sent me here, Anderson got me on planet, I'm to take the baby to your father, on Randiv, it's small and out-of-the-way, and word is the Reapers are hitting the largest populated planets first."

"What? They've made it here?"

"Yes, Siha they've hit Palavan, and they're headed here as we speak, it's why you must go."

"Palavan, was," her voice cracked before she could finish her question.

"Siha, don't worry about Garrus, he knew of his son's birth, when the Illusive man told me, I got a hold of him."

"Why, Thane? Why after everything we've been through would you do what he wanted?"

If Thane's deep eyes could have looked ashamed then that's what they were.

"It was in exchange for, well my life, Siha and I made a promise to Garrus I plan on being able to keep if need be. But the last I spoke to him, he was fine and very happy to hear that he had a son."

It was Jane's turn to look ashamed, "There is a problem there though, Garin isn't his."

Thane turned a questioning look towards Anderson. "You have not told her yet then?"

Anderson cleared his throat, "That isn't true, Jane. Thanks to your Asari genetics you were able to successfully mate with Garrus, the child is his, though like an Asari, he carries your dominate genetic code. Though I figure in a few years when he acts distinctly Turian there might have been some question."

Jane's jaw almost hit the ground, "No, don't explain anymore right now, I get it Anderson, just, can we be on full disclosure now that it seems we're choosing to ignore the Admiral?" She frowned in spite of the joy she was feeling, as much as this was the best news she'd heard in months, she couldn't help but almost feel bad for, Kaidan. Damn it, having to spend so much time with him was getting to her.

"Forgive me but, fuck the Admiral, he's a disgrace to the Alliance, and you and John are her heroes, and we're going to show the Galaxy that." He paused before continuing, "There are, other issues but I will brief you once we're on board the Normandy, but for now, you need to give Garin to Thane."

She nodded, making up her mind and knowing that if Thane could make it to her dad, everything would be fine. She kissed Garin then kissed Thane on the cheek, telling him to tell her dad she loved him, and watched him disappear with her child. Biting back the tears that threatened to pour down her face she cleared her throat and turned towards a very quiet John.

"You okay, John?"

He shook his head and shrugged, "Sure, only, if this is all true, then what about our mother and Hackett?"

"Good question, what about Hackett? The mother thing, I still don't care."

"Lucky for us Hackett is not on planet at the moment."

"Hah, only lucky for him, he and I have unresolved issues."

"For another day, Jane right now we," he was cut off by the first blast. "Damn, we're too late, we need to move." Hitting his comm, Anderson pulled John and Jane down the hall as blasts and debris rained down upon them. "Major, you had better tell me that the Normandy is ready to go."

"Roger that, Admiral, meet you at the emergency landing pad."

It was just like her dreams; the Reapers in force would destroy everything. Jane could hear the screams as Vancouver crumbled around them.

"Shit, Jane, it's just like you said, everything you said was right."

"Yeah, but forgive me, John if this isn't the greatest thing to be right about."

John shrugged and looked back towards the bay where a reaper had just splashed down as the Normandy dove for them. "Guess the next time we see it, it won't be so pretty."

The back cargo bay of the Normandy opened and Jane started to make the run, and jump onboard. But Anderson stopped her short and confused she pulled on him to follow her and John.

"Come on, Anderson; let's get the hell out of here."

"This one is up to you, Jane, these men down here need a leader, a real leader, one that Hackett could never be."

Understanding him Jane nodded. "I promise, I'll get this figured out."

"You need to get to Mars, Liara is there, she was working on something for Hackett, she may have found something, I don't know, but you should find her, get her out of there at least."

John's spun around at hearing Liara's name.

"She's in the Sol system still? Thank God, Jane we've got to find her."

Anderson nodded smiled as he tossed Jane two sets of dog tags.

"I'll be in touch. Take care, Commander Vakarian, Major Hackett."

Jane smiled as she and John turned and jumped on board the Normandy.

Kaidan met them in the hold and glancing at her arms and then towards the closing bay doors his face broke into panic.

"Jane, where is Garin? Where the hell are he and Anderson?" His hands were on her shoulders and she removed him and took a step back from him.

"Flight Lieutenant, please set a course for Mars and the research facility there."

"Shit, Commander I can't tell you how good it is to hear your stick up the ass Turian voice."

"Good to hear you too, Joker. Now get us underway."

"Aye, Aye, Ma'am."

Kaidan closed the distance Jane had put between them, and grabbed her shoulders again.

"Jane, where is my Son?"

"I gave him to Thane; he's taking him to Randiv, to be with my dad, they might have a chance there."

"You did what? You gave our son to an assassin? How the hell could you?"

What she wanted to say was that it was none of his concern that he didn't need to worry about it, that Garin wasn't his. But she couldn't do that, not with the look on his face, not in front of everyone.

So she settled on, "You're just going to have to trust me."

With that she turned away, ending the conversation.

After months of feeling like she was drowning, she thought now that she was free, that Garin was on his way to safety. That she might be able to breathe, but it wasn't to be, the thought that Garrus was on Palavan and that the Reapers had hit there as well, made it feel like the walls were closing in on her and she felt as if she would never have breath in her lungs again.

What she did have though, were three very good reasons to fight, and to live.