Authors Note: This is my fanfiction about Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant III, its based off the show Scandal but has a twist to it.

PS. Boy In The Picture Is Noah Pope

Chapter 1 Burning Up

Olivia POV

Hearing your baby cry and knowing you can't do anything to help is the worst feeling in the world. I tried to calm my two year old son down by gently rubbing his back and rocking him back and forth. He only cried louder and I had no clue on what to do, he had never been this sick in his life. I was waiting to hear from the doctor to see if I should take him in to the hospital or not.

It was a peaceful Friday evening Noah and I were eating dinner, when I noticed that he wasn't really eating his food which was not normal for him. I asked him if he was okay and he simply nodded his head yes. He asked if he could go sleep and I didn't object because I had a long day and I was tired too. I was watching the news when I heard his muffled cries through the baby monitor, He usually woke up in the middle of the night so I thought nothing of it until I went to get him from his crib and he was burning up. His olive face was a bright red and his blue-grey eyes were glassy from the tears spilling out of them. I laid him down on the couch which only made him cry louder I ran to go get the thermometer out of my room. I ran back into the living room and stuck the thermometer in his mouth. It seemed like hours before I heard the beeping noise to let me know it was time to take it out his mouth.

I almost dropped it when I saw the temperature, it read 104 degrees, That couldn't be right I thought to myself. I grabbed the phone and called Noah's doctor I left a message hoping she would soon return my phone call. I grabbed a towel and went to the sink and ran ice cold water over it then turning back to Noah I placed the cold wet towel over his forehead, it calmed him down a bit but he still didn't stop crying and I was getting a headache. Hoop earrings She's my favorite baby Watch her do her thing I'm here in the world Nobody calling me Like AT&T my phone screamed indicating that some one was calling me. I ran over to it sliding the arrow not even looking at who was calling.

"Hello" his deep husky voice came in through the phone, I did not have time for this.

"Look Mr. President I don't have time for this tonight" I sighed

"Mr. President really Livi were past all that now and is that a baby crying?" he asked My heart skipped a few beats I forgot Noah was still in here.

"I'm watching a movie" I lied trying to play it off smoothly

"It sounds very real good sound system you got there" he chuckled

"Look Fitz I can't do this right now!" and with that I hung up before it was obvious it was a real baby.

My phone rang again, but this time I looked at the caller id and it was Noah's doctor

"Hello" I half way yelled over Noah's cries

"Hi Ms. Pope I'm returning your call, and from the sounds of things over there it has not gotten in better, you should bring him into the emergency room and they can look at him right away'" she said"Okay I will go there now is there anything I should give him on the way there?, because he wont stop crying and I think he is in pain because he keeps holding one of his ears" I rambled

"It sound like an ear infection, the only thing I can tell you to do make sure he is not in a lot of clothes and put cool rags on him while waiting to be seen, but other than that there is nothing you can really do until the doctor looks at him" she said

"Alright Thanks" I hung up

I put him in a tank top and some shorts with no socks or shoes and grabbed a couple cold towels a diaper bag and my purse and headed out the door.

Unknown POV

I had been keeping tabs on Olivia for weeks now my boss said that she and the President of the United States were lovers and I needed to find some dirt to get him thrown out of office. So far she was clean there were only a few people in the last few weeks that had come to visit her. I think it was here co workers and her mother, brother and sister.

There was nothing I could find and from the past several weeks he had not seen any contact of the president and her. It was now going on 12:15 am and I saw Ms. Pope's door open and saw her coming out, I quickly grabbed my camera. It looked like she was carrying a baby. When did a baby get here? I wondered, I never seen him before, it looked like he was crying. I quickly snapped shots of her and this baby before she put him the backseat and drove off. I followed her to the hospital and parked a few cars down from her.

When I got inside she was already seated with paperwork in her hand, the baby had calmed down a bit but was still whining. I looked at him more closely and observed his features, he had black thick curly hair, he was a pale olive skin tone and piercing blue/grey eyes he had soft pink lips that sort of curved into a pouty look. Those eyes I had seen them before a lot of times but I couldn't put my finger on it then it hit me this baby was the baby of Olivia Pope and the President Of The United States. My boss would sure be proud of me I snapped a few more pics from a far and left the hospital. Ms. Pope's little secret would not be a secret any longer.

Stephen POV

I was having dinner with one of my lady friends when my phone rang

"Hello?" I answered

"Stephen I need you please meet me at St. Liz Hospital" She begged

"What happened Liv? Are you okay?" I asked curiously

"Yeah I'm Fine it's Noah he's really sick and I don't want to be alone" she half cried

"Okay I'm on my way" I said

Olivia was my best friend and she needed me, but she was also my boss who had done a lot for me so I owed her that much. I told my date that I would be back later and she could feel free to stay which she did and I left.

Olivia POV

I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for Stephen and the doctor, Poots (Noah) had calmed down he was sleep but he still had a fever. Stephen arrived 15 minutes later and the doctor came out 30 min after that.

"I see the little guy is sleeping but we will have to wake him up" Dr. Norton said

I gently shook him and he immediately started to fuss but stopped when I rocked him.

The doctor took his temperature and he said it was very high so they took him to this ice machine thing and gave him an ice bath which he absolutely hated and then they gave him some medicine to treat his ear infection. It was 1:45 am Noah was finally sleep in the hospital bed they wanted to keep him in pediatrics overnight to watch his temperature and monitor it.

Stephen stayed with me until I told him he could go back to his place to get some rest because I was falling asleep. I thanked him for coming, gave him a hug and slumped back down in the chair watching Noah sleep he looked so peaceful. I wish that Fitz new about him and could help me out during a time like this but I knew that wish could never be fulfilled so I let the thought slip to the back of my mind and I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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