Authors Note: This is my fanfiction about Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant III, its based off the show Scandal but has a twist to it.

PS. Boy In The Picture Is Noah Pope

Fitz POV

We had just pulled up to the house, the car stopped and Tom & Hal said they would be back to pick us up later. Noah fell asleep about and hour and half ago. Livi stepped out the car and I went around the other side to get Noah.

"Maybe I should get him" Liv said

"I got him" I smiled. I unbuckled his straps and tried my best to pick him up without waking him up.

"urg" I grunted as I lifted him onto my shoulders. This boy was heavier than I imagined .

"He's heavy huh?" she laughed.

"Uh Yeah, what do you feed him?" I joked . We laughed a little bit longer before walking up to the front doors. I took the keys out of my pocket and opened the door.

"Wow this place is gorgeous" Livi gushed

"Thank you" I smiled as I placed Noah down on one of the couches in the living room. As soon as I put him down he woke up. He looked up at me confused and started to scrunch his face up like he was going to cry. Then Livi walked in and he ran over to her and hid behind her legs. I guess he forgot who I was.

"What are you doing?" she asked him.

"Were we?" he replied as he looked at me.

"Member we are spending time with daddy today" she smiled.

"Oh, ja"

"Did you forget about me already?" I asked him. He smiled before he replied.


"It's alright I'll just have to TICKLE YOU" I screamed as I picked him up and ticked his belly. He laughed, screamed and kicked in delight as I continued to tickle him.

"SOP, SOP SOP IT" he giggled. I set him down on the ground and he lost his balance and fell on his butt. Livi and I just laughed at him.

"No Lagh" he frowned but we laughed even harder.

"Are you hungry?" I asked him. A big grin spread across his cheeks as he said "Yesh, I eat, I eat."

I cooked some bacon, eggs, waffles, grits, and cut up some fresh fruit. Livi was staring at me strange

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked. She smiled at me before replying

"I didn't know you cooked"

"Yea my mom always told me if I wanted to get the ladies I would have to know how to cook" I winked.

"She was not wrong" she laughed .

1 hour later

Olivia POV

I was sitting between Noah and Fitz on the couch. It felt like we were a real family but I knew in reality that we weren't. Fitz was showing Noah pictures of his family. They seemed like they were bonding pretty well. I was staring out the window in my thoughts when I realized that it was a beautiful day outside .

"We should go swimming" I said

"Simmin legoo" Noah yelled

"Well that's a good idea. Give me his stuff and we'll go get changed in my room and you can get changed in the guest bedroom down the hall to the left" Fitz said

"Alright" I said as I handed him Noah's bag and he and Noah took off upstairs.

I walked into the guest bedroom and threw my bag on the bed. I pulled out my 2 piece cream colored bikini. I stripped from my regular clothes and put on the suit. It was tighter than I had remembered. So I made a mental note to buy a new one. I walked over to the mirror and placed my hair in a high bun. I pulled my bangs back with a bobby pin. I looked at my self in the mirror, it was a different look for me but I liked it. I put on my flip flops and wrapped the towel around my waist. I walked out to the living room where Fitz and Noah were already waiting for me. They looked very cute standing next to each other.

"Finally, I thought I was going to have to come in there" Fitz laughed.

"Yea mommie, you toked ever" Noah frowned

"Sorry guys. I'm here now" I smiled.

Noah POV

It was cool meeting my dad. He was funny and nice. When we walked out to the backyard it was huge and had a huge river looking pool. This was cool. I ran to a part that looked like a pond, just before I was about to jump in it mommy yelled.

"Noah, stop you can't just jump in there like that"

"Why?" I asked. She frowned at me.

"Because you don't know how to swim" she laughed.

"I do too" I whined

"Why don't you wait for us to get in" dad said. I frowned and folded my arms across my chest and pouted.

"Turn that frown upside down" he smiled. I smiled back and sat down at the edge of the pond and waited for them to come.

Fitz POV

I couldn't stop looking at Olivia, she looked beyond gorgeous and it didn't help that she was wearing a two piece suit that didn't leave room for any imagination. Motherhood had a good effect on her well physically anyway. She was still very petite but her hips were wider and ass fuller and her breast larger. I had Noah to thank for that.

"Hello" Olivia said waving her hand in my face.

"Huh" I said still looking at her body.

"Stop looking at me like that, and wipe that stupid grin off your face"

"Sorry, I can't help that your beautiful" I smiled sheepishly

"Mommie cum hew pwese" Noah yelled. We laughed and headed over to the pond.

"You know how to swim huh buddy?" I asked ?

" I tink" he said.

"No he does not" Liv responded.

"You not know mommie" he frowned.

"Well why don't we find out" I smiled.

I picked him up and went to 3ft. On his arms he had some floating devices. I placed my hands around his little torso and guided him. He was doing a good job, I held on to him for a few more minutes before letting him go. I guess he was not ready to go on his own.

"DADDIE" he started to cry. I put my hands back around him and he pulled himself closer to me so that his arms were gripped around my neck.

"What's wrong?" I asked. He was breathing really hard.

"No let me go" he frowned

"But you want to learn to swim right?" I asked.

"Yesh" he said

"Well I'm going to have to let you go but, I will be right next to you the whole time"

"Um, otay" he said.

30 min later

I held onto him and guided him to where Liv was.
"How about we swim to mommy" I said to Noah.


"Why?" Olivia asked.

"To faw" Noah said

"No I'm not, Olivia said.

"You can do it" I told him. I let him go and he started flopping.

"MOMMIE" he yelled.

"Come here" Olivia replied.

"No, I no sim" he cried. Olivia laughed and moved closer to him. He sort of jumped to her in the water.

He kicked his legs a little bit and made it safely to her.

"You swam to me!" Liv gushed. He smiled and turned to me

"I Simmed to mommie"

"I saw! Good job buddy" I said as he clapped his hands together.

"How bout we get out the pool and go lay in the sun" Olivia suggested.

" I wanna pay on the puk" Noah said

"You want to what?" I asked

"Paaay in da puk" he pointed to the play structure.

"Oh okay, let your mom dry you off first" .

Olivia POV

I dried Noah off and he ran over to the play structure . The day was going really well, Noah was having such a good time I knew he wouldn't want to leave. I laid my towel down and stretched out across it. I shuttered as a felt a strong arm wrap around my waist. I could hear him slowly inhaling and exhaling. He pressed his body fully against mine and I felt his penis grow hard.

"Stop Fitz" I tried to say but it came out as a moan instead. He didn't stop and I didn't object. His hand traveled up to my bikini top as he slipped two fingers inside brushing the swell of my breast, and his large thumb swept over my hardened nipple. I shuddered. His breath released against my back. I moaned again and felt his whole hand cover my breasts through the top. He pushed the top aside and began to massage them warmly, his fingers brushed over my nipple again, tracing the peak, and over my skin. Before I could let another moan escape my mouth.

"Wat yur doin? You westleing?" Noah looked at us curiously. SHIT I though to myself.