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Edward left Bella when she was in the hospital after James bit her. He decides to leave along with the family to keep her safe. What happens to Bella after Edward leaves?



Bella felt as though she had been hit by a bus or train. She could hear noises coming through the fog on her brain. When she opened her eyes everything was blurry but with a couple of blinks things were clear. First thing she remembered was running from Jasper and Alice. Bella sat straight up and looked around. The first thing she noticed was that Edward was not there with her. Suddenly she felt a pain hit her square in the chest. Shaking her head she knew that Edward would never leave her he loved her to much.

When she opened her eyes again she spotted Edward sitting there looking out the window with an odd expression on his face. Bella frowned when she noticed that he had not even looked at her. She knew that he could tell that she was awake so why didn't he look at her?

"Edward?" Bella struggled to sit up but finally made it with out Edwards help. "What..."

"We're leaving Bella." Edward said no looking at her. "When you get out of the hospital me and the family wont be in Forks."

Bella felt the hole getting bigger. "Then I'll come with you." She tried to sound hopeful.

"I don't want you to come." He still had not looked at her but Bella knew that he was hiding something.

"You... don't want...me?" Bella stuttered as she clenched the gown at her chest.

This time Edward did look at her and his stare was black and cold. "No." He stood up and went to the side of her bed. "I will ask you one thing though."

"Anything." Bella asked quickly. She would do anything.

"Don't do anything stupid." He locked eyes with her. "For Charlies sake and I can promise you that you will never see me or my family again. Your human brain will forget over time its like a sieve. It will be like we never existed." He then leaned over and kissed her forehead.

When Bella opened her eyes Edward was gone except for the lingering scent that was only him. Her eyes teared as she felt her throat close up. She couldn't breathe as she thought over the words that he had said. He didn't want her. Probably never did. Bella didn't know that someone had walked into her room until she felt warm arms embrace her. Bella knew in an instant that it was her father. With that thought in her mind she let loose a wail that would stop a clock.

Charlie rocked his daughter as Renee and Phil stayed back. Renee was teary eyed and Phil was trying to be strong but you could see the tears shining in his eyes. He cared for Bella.

-o0Two Years Later0o-

Bella smiled as she tuned the radio to a station that she liked then turned her attention back to the road. It had been two years since Edward had left her after James had decided to make her a snack. Since then Victoria had showed up and killed Charlie out of the fact that Bella had been at the rez with Jacob. He had been her rock until almost 6 months ago when he imprinted on Leah Clearwater. Bella was heart broken but then again her and Jake were only meant to be friends. After Jake's and Leah's wedding Victoria decided to show up and try once again to get to her. Unfortunately the pack had grown quite large and it took no time to dispatch her and burn the evidence.

The wedding had only been three weeks ago and Bella had graduated only two days ago. As of now she was heading to a small house that was on the outskirts of Huston, TX. When Charlie had died Bella had no idea that he had enough money to keep her happy for most part of her life. So she had taken that money and sold the house and headed to Texas. Bella cut her eyes down to the clock on the dash board and noticed the time. It was close to midnight. Her eyes were tired so she decided that the next stop she would pull over and get a few hours of sleep.

A few miles down the road Bella could have sworn that she saw a blur by the side of her car. She shook her head as she kept driving. She hoped that a turn off would show up soon because she would rather not sleep in her car on the side of the road. Everyone always told her that she was a danger magnet which was proven true when she was taken by three nomads that came through Forks about 6 months after the Cullens left. If it hadn't been for Sam and the pack she would have been their lunch. They had killed the male, Laurent, before the Victoria had came back but of course Victoria was already taken out so she had no need to worry.

When her eyes became blurry she decided to pull over and sleep for a while. Even though she didn't want to do this she needed to rest or she would wreck which would not be good. Just what she needed. A car wreck somewhere no one could find her for a long time. Seeing a good spot to pull the car over she pulled over and turned the engine off. She rolled up all the window's except for a crack on each one. She needed some kind of air when she slept since she couldn't have a fan the wind would have to work. Bella pulled the handle to lower her seat when she saw a dark streak move closer to the car. Jerking up she looked around the area where she was.

Bella started to feel a prickle on the back of her neck and the hairs stood up on end. She knew that there was something out there. Turning her key she hit the lights. Her eyes went wide as she looked on at the tall male and shorter female. The male looked like a white man but his eyes were bright red. Bella knew that the red eyes meant they fed from humans. The woman however was looking at her with curiosity. She prayed that what ever these two vampires wanted with her that they would just hurry it up. Deciding that she was probably food, Bella took a deep breathe and stepped out of the car.

The male and female watched Bella as she walked up to them slowly with her eyes trained on them. The male growled but was stopped with a hand layed on his arm by the female. She stepped forward and looked Bella up and down. Bella could tell that the woman was thinking about something.

"If your going to eat me get it over with." Bella huffed as she leaned back against the hood of her car with her arms crossed.

"You are awful brave human." The male snarled at her taking a step forward.

Bella shrugged. "Your not the first vampire I have encountered but by the look in your eyes it will be the last time." She closed her eyes.

"Santo go to the village and find some food." The woman told him. "I will take care of this girl."

Bella opened her eyes and saw that the male was gone and the female was walking towards her. She just sat there waiting for the female to decide what she was going to do. Cutting her eyes at the woman Bella sighed again.

"What are you going to do?" She kept her eyes on the road in front of her.

Maria smiled as she moved around Bella. "My name is Maria and I have a proposition for you." She sat on the hood of the car next to Bella.

"Oh and what's that?" Bella turned her head to Maria.

Maria smiled. "I need some help with the newborns that I have created and my commander over them was just killed yesterday during a battle." She stood and turned to Bella. "I can give you eternity as long as you help me with my problems then if you wish to leave you may."

Bella thought for a moment. She really had no one any longer. Renee and Phil were busy with their new child. Standing straight she nodded. "Fine but just burn the things in the car. I don't need anything from my human life." She turned and walked into the darkened night leaving her life behind.

Maria smiled and nodded. "That is fine my dear. I shall not be long." She said in a sing song voice.

Bella kept her eyes trained ahead of her as she felt the heat from the fire at her back. It took only a few seconds before Maria arrived at her side with a box of stuff. Bella looked down and smiled. It was her music. Nodded she took the box and held onto it. Maria took her hand and turned Bella to face her.

"Do you wish to start now or wait til we arrive home?" Maria had her head to the side.

"Do it now." Bella said in a firm tone. "We don't need the newborns in a frenzy when we arrive now do we?"

"No we don't." She took Bella's right hand then noticed the bit mark from James. "What happened here?"

Bella dropped her eyes to the scar. "I was with a coven playing baseball." Bella sat down where she was standing. Maria sat by her. "Three nomads, two males and one female, came through. They were human drinkers. The coven I was with drank from animals that way they could blend in with humans. One of the males wanted me for a snack. Lets just say he didn't live long after he bit me." She looked out at the darkness that was now around them.

"It seems my dear that you have had a hard life." Maria placed a hand on her shoulder. "If you will let me I will give you a new one."

Bella thought it over for a moment. She knew that it would either be killed or changed. Sighing she knew her only option. "Then give me a new life to ride of the old one." She looked at Maria. "The only thing I ask is bit over his mark and make it yours."

"Of course mija." Maria purred as she brought the scar to her mouth and sunk her teeth into Bella's wrist.

Bella had only known the feeling of the venom from when James bit her but as soon as Maria's hit her blood it was as if she was bogged down by weights and a slow burning fire was raging around her. For some reason it was not as painful as she remembered. She could feel two others with her now and she knew that one was Maria the only other one she could think of was Santo. Bella prayed that she would wake up soon. The fire was steadily getting hotter as it grew closer to her heart.


Jasper sat in his room listening to his brother and sister down stairs talking to some of their friends that they brought over. He was in a rather odd mood because of the day it had been. When he first woke up he had forgotten that today was the day that Edward had left Bella. He had spoken to her at the hospital while the others were back at the house packing their things. They still had one more year but Alice had said it would be for the best if they had left Forks all together. He still felt that it was his fault because of the fact that he was suppose to be watching Bella when she slipped out of the room and gone to the ballet studio without help.

Not long after they left Forks Alice had shown him the door by asking him to sign their divorce papers. He had lost his mind for a little while however his brother Peter had found him and brought him back to where it all first started. He still spoke to Emmett and Rosalie but other than those two he never spoke to the Cullens. He had no tie to that 'family' as they called themselves. If they considered him family then they wouldn't have threw him out after him and Alice received that the divorce was finalized. It took him only seconds to pack his stuff and left. Never to look back.

A knock on the door brought his attention back to the present. Yelling for them to come in he waited to see who would disturb him. Jasper rolled his eyes and looked back at the landscape when Peter opened the door and strolled in as though he owned the place. Which in paper terms this house was Jaspers' however he let Peter and Charlotte live here since they are the only ones he sired that lived though the southern newborn wars. All of them had been keeping tabs on Maria.

"Just got some news from one of the contacts." Peter leaned against the door frame. "Maria found someone who knows of us and agreed to be turned."

Jasper jumped up and turned around. "They wanted to join?" He couldn't fathom how awful that person's life must have been to make them want to join in the vampire southern wars.

"It was a female." Peter smirked. "From what Terri said the girl is a mental and physical shield and she hasn't woken up yet. Its been over a week."

Jasper's eyes went wide. "The last newborn that went that long Maria had me kill him because he was taking to long." He shook his head. "Is she keeping the girl?"

Peter nodded. "Terri said that Santo and Maria have not left the room and no one is allowed in." He closed his eyes for a moment. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Is your gift tingling?" Jasper asked leaning against the window frame.

"Yup." His eyes turned serious. "I have a feeling we will be seeing Maria again shortly."

Jasper narrowed his eyes. "Why is that?"

"Some of the older ones said that Maria is asking if anyone has heard from you or about you." Peter sighed. "I think she might want you to train this newborn. However if Maria has this girl..." Peter let his voice trail off.

Jasper nodded. "I agree." He turned and looked back at the scenery. "If Maria has a shield in her command then she would try to take Volterra. If she tries to take Volterra and Maria loses." He cut his eyes to Peter, who had moved up beside him.

"Then the Volturi would have a shield along with Aro's personal shield." Peter looked at Jasper. "We need to get the girl out of there."

Jasper nodded. "Indeed we do." He closed his eyes and let the memories come flowing forward of his war time. Mentally slapping himself he opened his eyes and turned to Peter. "Lets get all our friend. We'll need Garrett."

Peter nodded and then took off down the stairs. Jasper walked a little slower as he made his way down the stairs. He prayed that the newborn would stay safe until they could rescue her.


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