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The others nodded as they watched Jasper, Gabby, Santo and Bella run out the door and towards the woods. They would be going through the woods into the city to feed. Terri sat down and turned on the tv when she was hit with a vision. It was of Maria getting ready to attack them. She had sent a vampire that had a unique gift. He was able to cover his scent as well as anyone else. As soon as Terri came out of the vision she grabbed her phone and called Bella. She needed to let Bella know that Maria was coming for them sooner than they thought. If they had any chance they needed to regroup and quickly.


As soon as Bella had gotten the call from Tami telling her that Maria was making her appearance, Bella knew that she needed to get home. Esme was not a fighter and she had no clue if Rosalie could hold her own. Bella also knew that with Aro, Caius, Marcus, Felix, Alec, Jane, Demetri, Terri, Nikoli and Jake there so they could hold off any on coming advance while the others returned. Bella raised her mental shield and spread it across the clearing around the house. It didn't take either her or anyone else a long time before they arrived back at the house where they would make their stand. Jacob was standing in front of Esme while Nikoli and Terri were flanking them.

Jasper and Bella along with the three kings and their guards were standing in the front of the line. Bella was no longer Bella but Isa the Goddess of War. Jasper had let the Major take over as soon as they had arrived at the house. He could smell Maria's stench a mile away from the house as the wind carried towards them. Peter and Charlotte were standing on one side while Kate and Garrett were standing on the other side by side. They kept Esme and Jacob in the center of their gathering. Santo and Gabby were directly behind Jacob and Esme to keep their backs protected just in case someone got through.

Isa held her hand up as she watched Maria move her army closer. It was not a whole lot but most of them were gifted fighters because of the scars the sported. However Stefan and Vladimir had no scars whatsoever. Isa smirked as she lowered her head and watched as her sire sauntered forward with her eyes on Jasper. She snarled as Maria smirked as she licked her lips. Isa moved in front of Jasper fully making sure that Maria could see her.

"You will watch where your eyes go whore." Isa hissed her eyes turning darker by the minute. "I could tear you limb from limb before you could even bat an eye." She crouched at the ready.

Maria smirked. "You cant touch me Mija." She looked back at Jasper and licked her lips again as her eyes darkened. "Do you remember the good times we had Major?" She looked him up and down. "We can have fun again if you kill that puta." She pointed to Bella.

The Major snarled. "Y'all will be the ones ta die ta day bitch." He sent out a wave of fear and watched as everyone of the vampires even the newborns and the Romanians were cowering in fear.

With that Jane and Alec dropped both of the Romanians while Aro, Caius and Marcus rushed towards the army with Felix and Demetri close behind. Terri and Nikoli rushed Maria taking her down and ripping her apart. Bella looked around and found one newborn standing away from the other and then she saw a fire ball form. Hissing loudly she rushed the newborn and took him down.

"You are going to die!" The newborn hissed and snapped at Isa.

Isa laughed as she placed her barrier around her. " No, you are the one going to die." She lowered her head but kept her eyes locked on the newborn.

The newborn had no idea what was happening because it took only a moment before she turned the newborn to ash. Raising a brow she turned and froze. Her major was getting over run with newborns. Snarling loudly she ran forward taking limbs and heads long the way throwing them over to Santo and Gabby who had built a fire. She would not let anyone hurt her mate. She finally made it to the Major's side and put her back to his.

"Are you ok?" Isa asked trying not to break concentration. She wanted to see if he was hurt.

"Fine darlin'." Major told her as he took down another newborn. "You?"

Isa smirked as she ripped another newborns head off and threw it into the fire. "Just peachy."

Just then another wave of newborns came out of no where and started to attack everyone. Major rushed through them tearing them apart as he went. Isa was doing the same as she ducked and dodged teeth and hands. Isa could see that someone had started a fire so she started throwing the limbs over that way. Isa turned her back for only a few minutes when she felt a stinging in her shoulder. She reached behind her and ripped the newborn off of her and twisted its neck clean off. Snarling she turned around and found a group of newborns taking one of the Kings.

Her eyes darkened even more as she captured the small group the constricted her barrier around them turning them to dust as soon as it touched them. She looked around and found that everyone was dealing with their own battles however she spotted someone trying to sneak away. Smirking she rushed the vampire and pinned him to the ground. Vladimir stiffened as he looked up into the pitch black eyes of Isa. He snarled and tried to roll them however she tore off his arms and threw them into the fire that was no to far. Vladimir hissed as they burned however it didn't take that long til he was in pieces and tossed into the fire.

After she was done she turned and looked around to see if anyone was hurt. She instantly saw her mate tending to Charlotte because Peter was helping with Terri because Nikoli was fighting another. Isa nodded in seeing that everyone was fine she made her way over letting Bella take over. Bella stopped and blinked her eyes then smiled seeing that her mate and family was fine.

"You ok Darlin'?" Jasper asked her scooping her up in his arms. "Let me look at it." He told her putting her down turning her around. He needed to make sure that she was fine.

"I'm fine Jasper." Bella told him turning in his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Just a few bites nothing serious. Hows Charlotte?" She looked over Jasper's shoulder to see that Peter was now taking care of Charlotte.

Jasper picked Bella up bridal style and headed to the house. "One newborn was able to take off part of her right arm but she dispatched him but needed help getting it back on right." Jasper sat down in one of the chairs setting her in his lap with her back facing him.

As he moved the clothing over the bite wound Bella clenched her eyes tightly and hissed. "Sorry, Darlin'." Jasper murmured as he leaned forward and licked the wound close. "I should'a been payin' attention to ya." His voice was full guilt.

Bella cupped Jasper's cheek. "You were busy just like the rest of us." She raised up and kissed him on the lips. "I love you." Her eyes were shining with the love that she felt.

"I love ya too Darlin." Jasper told her looking over at Jacob who was helping Esme. Even though Jacob had an imprint at home they were helping each other emotionally.

"I am sorry to say that this is over." Aro announced as he walked up to Bella and Jasper. "I had hoped it would prove more difficult." A fake pout was on his face as he tried to hold back a smile.

Caius scoffed. "I am glad that we don't have to deal with the Romanians any longer." He was standing stiff without a hair out of place. Felix and Demetri were on either side while Marcus was over helping with the remains that needed to be burnt. Alec, Jane and Nikoli were helping him with that.

"I have to agree with Caius on this." Bella said as she leaned into her mates arms. "I am happy that it is over yet at the same time I feel sad about it." Jasper tightened his arms around her.

"Why is that Boss?" Terri asked holding onto her mate.

Bella chuckled. "What will we do now?" She smiled. "Since there are no more evils in the world there is nothing for us to do but blend in with the humans. It sounds rather boring if you ask me." Bella shrugged as she looked around at her friends and family.

"Man Bells you're never gonna change." Jacob said as he stood. "Hate to say this but I need to head back to the pack. Leah will kick my ass if I don't get home." He smiled at Bella. "Come up and visit. Sam and the others still ask about you."

Bella nodded. "I might do that." She grinned evilly. "Might need to make sure the pups are up to the task if there is any other vampires that decided that Forks would make a good place to live."

Everyone around the couldn't help but laugh. Everything was going good and if anything ever happened then they would come together and defend their way of live. Once the good byes were said the Volturi headed back to Italy to keep watch while Jasper, Bella, Charlotte, Peter, Terri, Nikoli, Santo and Gabby made their way into the house and to their rooms. Esme, Emmett and Rosalie headed back to the house they were staying in to retrieve their things then meet up with the others. Terri, Nikoli, Santo and Gabby decided that they would be Whitlocks because it was Bella, Jasper, Peter and Charlotte that saved them from the place that they feared the most.

Finally everyone could rest in peace and have a full and happy eternity.


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