Agony's Kiss

Simone x Annabelle

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- Hime no Kowai Shumi

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Chapter 1: Agitated

"You don't love me! Don't try and act like you do!" Annabelle shouted as she stomped out of the beach house, making sure to slam the door behind her, leaving the woman of her dreams alone in the quiet of the night.

Simone stood frozen in the living room, unable to make sense of what had just happened. Sure, she and Annabelle experienced their fair share of squabbles— what couple didn't? —but she should have realized that something bigger was going on when Annabelle had come home from the store. Her lover had been quiet and withdrawn, setting to the task of making dinner, shrugging off her attempt to help. It had been after dinner (a dinner that was so thick with tension that you could cut it with a knife, their normal ritual of talking somehow gone) and about half an hour of TV that Annabelle had begun her rant.


She looked away from the TV, a small smile on her face. Her lover had barely acknowledged her since returning home, "What's up, babe?"

Annabelle paused for a moment, "Forget about it."

A perplexed look covered her face, "If you're sure."

Annabelle turned away from her, ignoring her once again, staring out the window at the ocean, watching as the waves crashed on the rocks. A few moments passed before the brunette sighed and stood, heading out onto the dock, leaning against the railing, drumming her nails against the wood. It had been nearly three weeks since Annabelle had last smoked. Maybe that was another clue. Simone had signed after a few more moments before she sighed and shut off the TV, heading out onto the dock. She began to wrap her arms around her lover's waist only to be pushed away.

"Hey," she said, grabbing her wrist, making her turn around. "Is something wrong? I don't think you've said more than five words to me since getting back from the store."

Annabelle pulled out of her grasp and headed back into the living room, "I'm fine."

"I can tell that you're not." She answered with a frown, following her in.

"I can tell a lot of things too." Annabelle nearly spat, turning back to face her as the door shut behind them.

"Oh?" she responded with a wave of sarcasm. "What can you tell?"

"That you're being a bitch."

She refused to be baited by her lover's words, despite how much they hurt her, "Have I missed something here?"

"I don't know, Simone. Have you?"

"Stop it."

"Stop what? It's not like you really give a damn anyway."

"What are you talking about?"

"What do you think I'm talking about?"


"Just leave me alone." With that, the brunette swiveled towards the front door.

"Annabelle, I love you. We need to talk about whatever's bothering you."

Annabelle froze halfway to the door, "Love? That's ludicrous."

Now it was her turn to freeze.

"What?" she whispered, mostly to herself.

"You don't love me! Don't try and act like you do!"

Was Annabelle truly convinced that she didn't love her? No, something more was going on. With a sigh, Simone headed into the kitchen, and the calendar suddenly caught her eye. The words One Month, written in Annabelle's penmanship, were circled with the same blue pen the words had been written in. Her eyes widened in shock and she dropped the plate she'd been holding. She didn't register it shattering on the ground; in fact, she didn't register that she was out of the beach house until she felt the sand shifting between her toes. She turned in a circle, looking for Annabelle, desperate to find her. How the hell had she forgotten their one month anniversary?

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