Chapter 2: Appeasement

Annabelle didn't really know where she was going, but she continued to walk across the beach. She sat down on a large rock and glanced out at the ocean; the soft waves continued to languidly rush over the rocks, and she closed her eyes, trying to block this day from her mind. She hadn't meant it when she accused Simone of not loving her. She knew that Simone loved her; she wouldn't have given up her career for her if she hadn't. But that didn't give her the right to forget an entire month together.

In all truth, she hadn't really had anything special planned. Even so, it would have been nice to get a Happy Anniversary or even a card from her blonde lover. After spending nearly all day in bed making love, she didn't even get anything. When Simone had practically pushed her from the house to go to the grocery store, she had thought, had hoped, that she had finally remembered. But upon returning, she discovered that she had been mistaken and that it was only her "turn" to go shopping. Apparently couples didn't shop together anymore. So she brushed aside the blonde's attempt to help with dinner and afterwards, she couldn't bring herself to be near her, almost eager to shove her away.

"And now I'm pissed and on edge," she said bitterly to herself.

She wished she hadn't given up smoking. What she wouldn't do for a cigarette right now. She wished she had run away from Simone. What she wouldn't do for a massage or even a small caress. A frown formed on her face before she turned to stare at her lover, standing a few paces away from her.

"What?" she said hotly, her agitation nearly perfectly clear.

"Come here." Simone said, her hurt just barely showing.

"I'm busy." She returned, nearly flinching when Simone's eyes flashed with pain.

Damn it, why did she have to hurt the people she loved? Was she that much like her mother?

"This will just take a second. You can go back to sulking when I'm done."

She sighed before slipping off the rock and walking over to her lover, "What is it?"

"Close your eyes."

She frowned, "Why?"

"Trust me." Simone responded with a small smile.

Reluctantly her eyes shut. A moment passed and then another. She was tempted to open her eyes, but she refused to give herself the satisfaction. She heard a small click and then smelt the burning. A second later, Simone's mouth was on hers, and the taste of cigarette smoke was on her tongue; a low moan slid through her lips as she kissed her back. She had wondered so many times what it would be like to kiss Simone like this, the taste of smoke on her tongue, but even in her dreams it was never like this. The taste was positively addictive, and she silently cursed her luck that Simone rarely smoked. She was still reeling when Simone pulled away, causing her to sway a bit before steadying herself.

Simone looked at her with a small, satisfied smirk. She hadn't even been aware of the cigarettes or lighter in her pocket until she was halfway across the beach. With the smirk still in place, she sucked lightly on the cig one last time, blowing out some smoke, before sticking it into her lover's partially agape mouth. She leaned down to nibble slightly on the shell of the brunette's ear before whispering, "Happy Anniversary."

Before Annabelle could even process her thoughts, Simone turned and began heading back towards the beach house.

"Simone," Annabelle called after her, her voice slightly whiny, as she held the cig in her fingers, "wait up! I wasn't done yet."

The cigarette slipped from her grasp, hitting the sand, as she ran after the woman who stole her heart.


A/N: I don't smoke, so I really just went with my gut on what to write about the smoking scene. I hope you enjoyed it.