So I noticed there wasn't a category for [K]/Project K/K Project (whatever you want to call it) and therefore hardly any fanfiction for it! This is my own story that I'm writing as the anime and manga continue. If some things end up being different from the series I might change it to fit the official storyline or I might not. We'll see. Either way I hope you guys come to love Rin like I do!

Chapter 1: HOMRA

The laughter had long since faded from the bar, signifying the clientele had either packed up and left or had retreated to the apartments located above the business. The sky was still dark, but the faintest streak of light could be seen emerging along the horizon.

Six hours had passed since Rin had seated herself on the sidewalk a few feet from the entrance, and the only thing that had changed was the amount of cigarette butts that littered the ground around her.

Shame washed through her once more as she lit another. She had sworn she would quit this habit long ago.

With a sigh, she tossed it aside, putting out the spark with the tip of her sneakers as she pushed herself to her feet. Her muscles felt stiff from disuse, and her arms broke out in gooseflesh at the slight breeze. She picked up her bag, checking to make sure that nothing had fallen out on her walk there, and made her way to the front entrance.

She glanced up once more at the faded red sign that was carved above the front door, before pulling hard on the wooden doors. They were heavy, and creaked loudly at her arrival. A gust of wind blew her fair hair around her face, blocking her vision for a moment.

"We're closed," a voice called from its depths, and Rin pushed her hair out of her eyes with an irritated huff.

She managed to take two steps inside before another gust of wind swung the door shut behind her with a loud thud.

A man with blonde hair and glasses, who was wiping clean a mug behind the bar, seemed to be the owner of the voice she had heard. The rest of the bar was empty, causing her footsteps to echo loudly across the floorboards.

The man paused a moment from what he was doing to glance up at the inconsiderate guest, and Rin could feel his eyes take her in despite the darkness. Her hair, still slightly tangled from the wind, her plain green t-shirt, her converse sneakers. She was distinctly aware of a small stain on the left kneecap of her jeans.

Her bag bumped uncomfortably against her hip, so she hoisted it higher onto her shoulder.

The man set his mug down and leaned forward on the bar top. "HOMRA?"

Rin nodded her head once.

He stared at her a moment longer before reaching into his pocket and pulling out lighter. He plucked out a cigarette he had tucked behind his ear, lighting it and inhaling deeply. Rin's hand twitched involuntarily at the sight.

"You got a name?" The orange ash glowed dimly, but illuminated his face enough so she could make out a faint smile.

"Tachibana Rin." Her voice was clear and firm, and her eyes never left his. This was it. After this, there was no where else to go. Her last resort.

He let out a small "Hmmm" and glanced up the stairs. Rin tightened her grip on the strap of her bag.

"Follow me."

He led her up a set of stairs to the first landing. They passed the first door, but stopped at the second. Rin's heart suddenly leapt into her throat, and she could feel her pulse on her tongue.

The blonde haired man stuck his head in, keeping the door propped open with the toe of his boot. "Oi, Tatara. Yata."

Rin peered over his shoulder into the dark room, and could see two shapes shift on separate cots. A grunt came from the cot on the left side of the room, but a head emerged from the pile of blankets from the one along the wall opposite them.

A man with light brown hair leaned forward, groggily rubbing his eyes. "What…? Kusanagi-san?"

The blonde man, Kusanagi, flicked some ash to the floor. "Grab your camera." His eyes flicked back to the cot on the other wall. "Yata."

Another grunt was muffled by the pillows.

"Go watch the bar until her meeting is finished."

A mess of orange hair appeared as the sheets slid back to expose a teenager not much older than Rin herself. Her eyes locked with his for a moment before she turned away out of decency.

"A woman? That's new."

The man with brown hair was already at the door with a video recorder in hand. His eyes were still a little heavy, but he smiled nonetheless. "Don't worry. We just have to film the meeting of any prospective members."

Rin said nothing in response. She gripped her bag and glanced around at her surroundings. There were three more doors on this landing with another set of stairs that led up to a third floor. She expected them to ascend these, but her two escorts turned around and headed back to the first door they had passed.

Once more, Rin could feel her pulse speed up as Kusanagi-san knocked on the door. She jumped slightly when she felt the teenager slip past her on his way down the stairs. He glanced back, as if he was going to say something, but she turned away to stare straight ahead.

Kusanagi pushed the door open to reveal a rather large room. A bed sat untouched in one corner, while a dresser took up space in another. A small door to the left had the word "Anna" burned into the wood. But it was the man in the armchair across from them that commanded her attention.

Rin had heard of Mikoto Suoh, but, up until a few months ago, had never dreamed of meeting him face to face. While many people had spoke of his build and his flaming red hair, they had failed to mention the intimidating aura that emanated from his very being.

He sat sprawled in the armchair with a cigarette in one hand, looking completely at ease. His eyes narrowed, and a small smirk appeared upon their arrival.

"Izumo, did you find a stray?"

Rin's jaw clenched at the snide remark, and she strode forward without thinking.

"My name is Tachibana Rin. I wish to join Homura." Her hands were clenched into fists to keep them from shaking.

He stared at her intently, his face impassive. "We don't usually accept women," he said in a low voice.

Rin gritted her teeth, as an image of herself curled under a bridge flashed across her mind. She bowed low. "Please make an exception!"

The Red King made a low noise, as if she had finally done something of interest. Rin looked up at him from beneath her lowered lashes, and saw that he had risen to his feet.

When his feet came into her line of vision, she whispered, "Please let me be of service."

Rin felt a burst of heat near her temple and a flash of pink in her peripherals. She stood sharply, and was shocked to see flames licking Mikoto's hand and forearm.

He watched her closely, his smirk still firmly in place, and extended his hand.

Rin paused for only a moment. Her fingers twitched in nervous anticipation, before she grasped the King's hand firmly in her own.

She gasped slightly as the flames spread across their palms and up her own arm. She could feel the heat across her shoulders and the back of her neck, and faintly hoped that her hair was not being singed away. She felt the warmth grow even hotter for a second on the back of her neck, and then suddenly the flames vanished.

Mikoto's hand slid from hers and slipped back into his pocket. He gazed down at her as she stared wordlessly at her palm.

"It seems you were found worthy."

Rin raised her head to watch his retreating form.

"Welcome to HOMRA."