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"Brain I want you to move out." Samantha says to him one evening as they are sitting down eating dinner. His facial expression shows how shocked he is by this.

"I thought things were going along nicely for us. I thought we both wanted Finn to grow up with both parents together as a family."

"So did I Brain but I can't keep doing this, I can't keep stringing you along like I have been. I will never love you Brain not in the way you want to be loved and deserve to be loved. I was kidding myself ever thinking it could work for us." She says as she plays with her food that is on her plate not really eating it. Sam had been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks after ending things with Jack, well both of them thinking the same thing she now realises that it was a mistake that she should have had Brain move out long ago.

"Sam I can't work; where am I meant to go, I still have a long way to go before I can work again."

"Well that is something you are going to need to work out with your doctors and such Brain. You will always be Finn's father but I can't have you living here anymore it was wrong of me to do it in the first place."

"Samantha don't do this to us." Brain says to her pleading with her not to throw him out.

"There is no us Brain, it was one night, which resulted in Finn. That is all."

"Sam, Finn needs to grow up in a family."

"No Brain he doesn't he needs to grow up being loved, cared for but just because we aren't together doesn't make us any less of a family, we just a different kind of family."

"Well you can't expect me to leave tonight I have nowhere to go remember."

"No I don't but you have two weeks Brain and if you're not out by then I will move out with Finn and let the landlord now that I no longer need the apartment."

"Where will you go Sam?'

"That is none of your business Brian."

"It is when my kid is involved."

"Is that so, like you wanted nothing to do with him before he was born, and only came around once I was with someone? When I was happy and my life was going along nicely. No Brain you have no right to know where I will go with my son." Sam says to him before walking away and to her bedroom to cool down and think.

Two months later

"Where's Jack?" Sam asks around mid-morning noticing he hasn't arrived into work yet.

"Hanna had an appointment this morning so he took the morning off he said he will be in just after lunch." Viv says as they sit going over open cold cases, trying to see if they can find any more leads ringing around to get more information or see if information they had been given has changed at all to help find missing loved ones.

"Yes I've just arrived." Jack says into his phone as he walks towards his office having left Hanna at the appointment to come in and deal with work.

"Yes we will be on it right away." Jack Malone says as he walks towards his office, as he talks on his mobile phone.

"I would say we have a case." Viv says to the group as they quickly clean up their files and get their timeline board ready to go.

"Right everyone we have missing Martin Stallone 8years old, taken out of school an hour ago." He says as he places the photo up on the boards and the information sheets on the table.

"Who reported him missing?"

"His mother, she turned up to collected him for an appointment and the office informed her that he had already been signed out. Danny, Martin, Samantha, Elena go to the school and interview the parents, the boys teachers, and anyone else you think we need to talk to, Viv I want you checking out the parents, phone records, hospital visits with the boy anything and everything we can get on them. I have a meeting to go to, but we will report back here in two hours." Jack says and the teams heads off to do as Jack has asked.

At St Patricks Private School

"Mrs Stallone, does your son know anyone that he would happily go off with if they turned up here to collect him?"

"Not that I know of, we only moved here a couple of weeks ago Phillip his father was transferred back here for better pay and less hours."

"When did you move away then?"

"When Martin was about a year old we moved to Chicago, lived there until two weeks ago. God who would take my son." She says tears rolling down her face. "You will find him please, you will find him." She says to Sam begging for them to find her son.

"We will do our best to find him for you Mrs Stallone."

They talk to the father who has turned up, also Martin's teacher and the office lady who allowed him to be signed out.

Two Hours later


Missing 3hours

"So what do we have so far?" Jack asks as he arrives at the table.

"Martin was taken from school at 10.30am this morning by a man fitting this description, he gave the name Neil Stallone, but Mr and Mrs Stallone know no one by that name within their family. The office lady Mrs Sarah Brown stated that this gentlemen said he was Martins Uncle and was asked to pick him up for his appointment."

"Which means that this guy knows their routines, and considering they have only been in New York for two weeks he either followed them from Chicago or has been watching them for the last two weeks?"

"Where was his appointment?" Jack asks

"He had a Doctor's appointment; he was scheduled to meet Doctor Pete Flynn at the Mount Sinai Medical Centre. He has a few health issues his father stated nothing that is life threating but he does need check-ups every few months. He said it came with him being a premature baby. He also said that Doctor Flynn also treated Marin when he was born here in New York."

"Ok so what do we have on the parents and back ground Viv?" Jack asks.

"Ok Martin Jackson Stallone was born July 18th 2002 and was transferred to Mount Sinai Medical Centre; he was three months early, the records don't show where he was transferred from. His birth certificate is real but also fake at the same time. From what I have been able to find out Martin was adopted at birth but his adoption records are sealed and so far I have been unable to get them opened."

"Viv do whatever you have to, to get them unsealed."

"I have been but I've been getting stone walled by the agency that dealt with it. I have applied for a warrant but so far no Judge has been willing to sign off on it for us."

"You're joking." Jacks says frustrating

"Nope as soon as Martin's name is mention they refuse to sign. There is something that they don't want use to find out or know."

"Which could have something to do with his disappearance? I will see what I can find out." Jack says as he heads off the others keep working away. Viv puts more details up about the parents and what they do for a living.

Sam keeps looking at the photo, she can't help herself something about it. She shakes her head to remind herself that it's not what she thinks.

They are busy working away when Hanna arrives later in the afternoon. Four hours after Martin went missing.

"Why do you guys have Marty up there?" She says out loud having seen the picture of Martin on the time line. "Oh god has someone taken him?" She asks and Jack walks up to her.

"Hanna darling how do you know Martin?"

"His dad and him often came and visited mum and us on weekends. They stay over. Remember how last year I told you about mum's new boyfriend staying over and had a kid it was Marty and his dad."

"Do you remember his father's name?"

"Yep sure do they were visiting the week before I came to live with you. We called him Phil, but it was Phillip."

"Viv call Chicago PD and our field office and get them to escort Maria and Kate down here for us please." Jack says. "Hanna would you mind speaking to Samantha about what you know about Martin and his father please." She looks at her father.

"Sure dad if you think it will help."

"It will honey." He says. Sam takes Hanna to her father's office to talk as Jack heads off elsewhere, no one totally sure where he is going.

Sam and Hanna talk about Martin and his father and what was going on when they stayed over at the house. How long they had known him for. Sam finds out some very interesting information from Hanna and now wonders if things weren't all they seemed in Jack and Maria marriage when her and Jack started seeing each other.

"Sam what is going between you and dad?" Hanna asks out of the blue.

"There isn't anything going on anymore Hanna."

"I know that but why?"

"We both thought it was best."

"Did you let him talk you into it?'

"Hanna please." Sam's say to her not really wanting to talk about it yet; another failed relationship with Jack.

"You don't know do you?" Hanna says realising Sam may not know the real reason for Jack ending it all.

"Know what Hanna?" Sam asks part of her wanting to know another not.

"He did it for Finn."

"No Hanna it just wasn't going to work it didn't the first time it wasn't going to this time."

"No I asked him about it he told me he did it for Finn so Finn could grow up in a family something he wasn't able to provide for me and Kate. He said Finn deserved it." She says as she sees a tear roll down Sam's face.

"I doubt that was the reason Hanna but thank you."

"No I'm not joking dad said that Finn's dad was living with you that you guys were playing happy families and he didn't want to get in the way of it all. He said you seemed happy having him there, having Finn's dad being a part of his life. He didn't want to do to Finn what he did to us." Hanna says, Sam can somehow tell that Hanna is telling the truth. "Dad's not happy though." She says as she looks down at her hands.


"No just listen to me, the last couple of months dad hasn't been himself. I know it has to do with you two breaking up. Can't you two work something out, I know I haven't been the most accepting of all of this but he's been trying so hard to be a better dad this time around and with you around he was doing so well but now…" Hanna says and stops talking the two sit there in silence when Jack enters the office he looks over at the two before sitting down at his desk.

"Any luck in getting those files unsealed yet?"

"Nope not yet. But I did find out it's not the agency that has sealed them shut. How did things go with Hanna?" Jack wants to tell Sam it's the FBI that has the files sealed shut but he doesn't want Hanna to know.

"Um..." Sam is not sure if he should tell Jack or not the things that Hanna has told her.

"Sam just tell me."

"Later I think Hanna and I are going to go get something to eat. You hungry Hanna?" Sam asks not really wanting to go over everything with Jack just yet, not with how she is feeling. Hanna nods her head and the two leave Jack alone, Sam's notes sitting on the coffee table in his office, he heads over and starts to read it.

30minutes later


"Ok guys Viv I'm going to put you in charge of this case, with Maria being involved and my children I can't be in charge, I have cleared it so that I can still work the case doing checks and such but any questioning and such and any approvals for anything will be going through Viv, oh by the way we have a new team member who should have been here by now when they arrive send them to Viv first."

"When is Maria turning up Jack?" Viv asks him.

"Agent Kirk from Chicago said they would arrive around 4.30pm so in about an hour they should be here." Jack replies back.

"Sam what did you get from Hanna?" Viv asks knowing that she is now in charge of the case.

"Ok Maria has known Phillip Stallone since moving to Chicago. Hanna said that they work together as he came over right from the start of their move there. It started as just them working on work stuff but about an year ago she said they started a relationship. She also mentioned that Phillip was in a relationship with Maria and was separated from his wife. Martin would come over on the weekend when he visited if he had him for the weekend."

"Ok did the parents say anything about being separated at all?"

"No neither of them mentioned being separated." Comes from Danny.

"Ok bring them in Danny and Elena and question them about it." Viv says.

"Sam how much more information did Hanna give you about Martin."

"Hanna said he enjoyed building with his lego, playing outside and also loved playing on his PSP. She also said he often would ask where their father was and why he wasn't around like his daddy was. She also stated that in winter he was often sick, and coughed a lot."

"Ok thanks Sam can I get you to run through these phone bills and see what you can come up with." Viv says as she passes on a job to Sam, before turning to Martin. "Martin go back to the school and find out if they knew about the parents relationships status."

"Jack I'm sure there is paperwork in your office that needs looking over." Viv says and Jack just nods and turns to head to his office, knowing that Viv has the case well in hand.