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An hour later 4.30pm

FBI Missing Persons Floor

"Jack what the hell is going on. Why the hell am I being escorted down here with Kate?" Maria says crossly to Jack as soon as she sees him. "I have a job, a life in Chicago, cases that I am overseeing." She rattles off to him.

"Maria can you come with me please." Viv says as she walks up to the two, and she sees the relief on Jack's face that he isn't the one to have to tell his ex-wife why she is here. "Jack go back to doing your paperwork." Viv then says to him and Jack heads back off to his office to work on other things.

Interview room

"Vivian why am I in here?" Maria asks Viv knowing what the inside of an interview room looks like.

"Maria you're here to be questioned on a current case we are working on."

"Why not do it in Chicago then why bring me all the way down here?"

"I'll ask the questions Maria. Do you know this person?" Viv shows Maria a photo of Martin. Deciding to just cut to the chase with her.

"Yes I do."

"Name please?"

"Martin Gary Stallion, my partners son." She gives up the information easily about Martins dad being her partner.

"How long have you known Martin and his family?"

"I have known Martin since his parents adopted him around eight and a half years. His father and I have known each other for about twenty years." Jack is standing outside listening in on the interview having decided to hear with Maria says to Vivian.

"How long have you and Martin's dad been partners?"

"We have worked together for around sixteen years now give or take, but we meet before then on a joint case we were working on. What is this all about Vivian?"

"Martin was taken from school today."

"He was what?" Maria says shocked; worry evident on her face. The look on her lets Vivian know that this is news to Maria.

"He was removed by someone claiming to be his uncle; we found out via Hanna that you guys know them."

"Of course we know them I've known them. Oh god how will Helen be handling this."

"You know his wife?'

"Yes they haven't lived together for about six years now, but they are still married so that she can get all the insurance and medical cover for Marty. It worked fine for me and Phil neither of us want to get remarried and Helen didn't seem to mind they live in separate apartments but normally in the same building."

"Do you know why they moved back here to New York?"

"Yep Phil is back opening up and getting our New York office up and running for the firm we both work for. It is a six month contract then he can either stay here or move back to Chicago, he hadn't decided what he was going to do re staying or coming back, though we had talked about moving in together if he returned."

"Maria how long has you and Mr Stallone had a more then professional relationship?" Maria sits there not sure how to answer this question, she had a go at Jack over his affair when in fact she also had, had one.

"It has been on and off for around ten years. Though we have been in our current relationship for coming up to three years" And Jack is pissed he storms off towards the elevator. Sam see's him walking away and can see the hurt and anger on his face.

"Maria do you know of anyone who may have wanted to hurt them? Any clients that have threated his family, maybe even you and the girls?" Viv asks.

"No but our work did know about Helen and Phillip not living together and why and our boss didn't seem to have a problem with it. He questioned us two over our relationship and what was going on but once he was told all the reasons behind it he seemed fine. Clients well there could have been but with our line of work what do you expect. We are lawyers and we don't always win our cases, but why go for our kids, why not one of us?" Maria asks sounding upset that someone would do this.

"Vivian have you looked into Martin's biological parents?" She asks her remembering that Martin is adopted.

"His adoption file is classified higher than we have clearance for."

"Have you got a warrant yet for them?"

"No, no judge will sign it for us."

"Do you want me to try and see if I can get a judge to sign off on it for you guys?" Maria says trying to help as much as she can.

"You can try Maria but you are part of this on-going case and it could possible cause problems later on."

"Well I could maybe make some phone calls say a few words about how he is my step son and is missing maybe a judge might allow the warrant then. I do know several judges here well." The two talk some more about the things Martin liked, also about Phil and what he was like at work and home Vivian trying to get a bigger picture of what is going on.

Elsewhere within the city of New York. As Vivian has been talking to Maria, Jack makes his way to a cemetery, and is now standing looking over a grace.

"You ok?" A female voice asks him and he recognises the voice straight away.

"No." He says straight out, knowing that Sam knows him well and lying will not do any good to him or her.

"What got you storming out earlier?"

"Maria, do you know she…here's not the place to tell you about it."

"Jack talk to me please." She says as she places a hand on his arm.

"Sam it doesn't really matter it was in the past."

"But is the past going to become present in the now? And maybe future?"

"Who knows? I should go back and talk to her find out what is going on."

"Jack you know you can't question her about the case?'

"It's not about the case its personal."

"Do you need any support?" she says to him, as she watches him turn to start walking away.

"No Sam I will be fine you should go home to your family. Brain will be waiting for you." He says not knowing that she had kicked Brain out unlike the rest of the team which do know he hasn't bothered to pay much attention to his teams lives outside of work."

"Finn is with the nanny and Brain, I have no idea where he is and I don't really care where he is right now. You are who matters to me Jack." She says to him, her caring voice telling him what he has been trying so hard to deny for so long. He has always loved her. Others may have seen it as an affair but to him she is his solo mate more than Maria ever was.

"Sam please don't make this harder than it already is."

"Harder than it already is Jack this has never been easy for us."

"Sam I should go back and talk to Maria about family stuff." He says as he finally walks away from her towards his car to drive back to the FBI building to talk to Maria about what he heard in the interview.

Sometime later

"Maria can we talk please?" Jack says when he sees her walking away from Vivian.

"Sure Jack where and When?"

"How about my office and now." He says as he starts walking towards his office. He isn't too sure if doing this here at work is wise but he needs to do it anyway.

"What do you want to talk about jack?"

"You and Phillip." He says as he leans back in his chair looking up to the roof, not being able to look at her. "Did you two sleep together while we were together?" she knows he heard what she said to Vivian in the interview room.

"Yes." She quietly says quietly.

"So there you were lecturing me about family and going behind your back when you were doing the same thing to me. You made me out to be the bad guy to our daughters more so Hanna. And you were doing it all along. I ended it with Sam to try and repair our marriage after you insisted on it, demanded I be a better father, a better husband." He says as he is now looking at her leaning forward on his desk.

"I know." She says to him. And both are surprised that so far neither have yelled at each other yet.

"Is he the real reason you went to Chicago and didn't want me to follow you?"

"Yes and No." she says.

"It can't be both Maria."

"Yes he is why I didn't want you to came to Chicago, but I also wanted you to stay here I knew that you were in love with her, plus there was your dad he needed you and there is no way you could have been there for him like you where at the end if you were living in Chicago with me and the girls."

"Jack what we had was good when it was going right, but we grew apart, we both couldn't handle the hours that we would spend at work at times and we both ended up killing our marriage. I will never regret having the girls with you but I do regret making you end things with Sam like I did. You both deserve to be happy with each other." She says as she looks out towards where Sam is sitting at her desk. "I shouldn't have dragged things out and made you the bad guy in all of this, when I was just as much to blame too. I am sorry that I did that Jack."

"Are you happy now?" He asks her and he sees a smile on her a face one of her happy smiles.

"Yes I'm happy." He just nods his head.

"Hanna was saying the other day that Sam and you are no longer together?'

"That's right, Finn's father moved in with Sam and so I decided that it was best to let them play happy families." He says and she hears the hurt in his tone of voice when he says it. The two sit there in silence for some period of time not sure what to say to the other.

"How long will Katie and I be here under guard?" Maria asks having noticed the agent who escorted them down still hanging around.

"Till we find out who is behind this and find Martin."

"So that could be days then?" She says to him and he can tell she isn't impressed.

"Yes it could be. I'm sorry to have to do this but it had to be done."

"So you leading this case then?"

"No Vivian is I can't be lead with you and the girls involved I can help out but I am limited to what I can and cannot do. Anyway I need to get back to work, Viv has me working through the rest of the phone records and bank statements." He says giving her the hint that he has had enough talking and just wants to get back to work.

Sam is sitting at her desk reading through the interview notes from the school, when she reads the date of Martins birth it brings back memories for her. Memories she would prefer to forget about, mainly because of the pain, the heart ache involved with it.

"Ok guys we need to look into all aspects of this including that maybe the mother or father had something to do with this. Maria mentioned in her interview that she and Mr Stallone have been talking about moving in together, now for Mrs Stallion that could mean the loss of the benefits she gets form their marriage and maybe even divorce. I want checks to be done to see if he has filed or even look into getting a divorce, and if he has does Mrs Stallion now about it. Also we need to go through the list of clients and find out if it is someone that he has lost a case for or even won a case against someone that now has an issue most likely be someone who has a child or children involved with the case in some form. Once we get the adoption files opened then we will need to do back ground checks on that and make sure they are not involved."

"Viv if the records are that well sealed and only took you by off chance figuring it out. Then how would they blood parents know who he is with? Wouldn't it be a long shot?" Taylor asks Viv wondering how if they are having so much trouble finding out the info how would they be able to find it out.

"They could have someone on the inside that could get the information for them. Or they paid them off well enough to get it."

"True we all know what parents can be like when things do not go their way." Elena says to the group and all just nod remembering when her ex caused problems for her and her baby. While battling for custody.