Arianna just parked her car in the drive way, even though she was 19 now; she was still scared of her over-protective dad that hated when she came home late. She didn't want to mention that she was with a guy, so she decided just to tell him that she was at the library studying. Arianna wasn't much of a social person, so she couldn't say friends were her excuse, because her dad would know she was lying about that.

She sat in her car for a moment and sighed, again her dad had another work colleague over, the black expensive car that sat in front of her notified her of that. She didn't understand, her dad was a travel agent, how did he get all this money? How did all his friends have money? She tried to bring it up, but he would only shut it off by saying 'I told you, I'm the head of everything'. Arianna didn't mind that he got protective; she loved her dad with all her heart. He was the only family she had left, besides her Aunt Kathy, but they didn't see much of her anyway.

She sighed one more time and got out of the car, she looked back and locked it, before smiling, silently thanking her dad for having a good job with good money. A distraction she liked to think of it. She made her way up to the giant wooden doors and observed all the little carvings that took shape on the door. She shoved her phone into her back pocket and began to clang her keys around to find the key to the front door. After a few grunts to herself and dropping the keys on the ground, she finally found the key with the little red mark at the top. Again, her dad being over protective, made sure that all keys be the same shiny silver, with the little colour at the top defining which key belong to which lock. Arianna didn't even bother to ask why, she didn't even want to know, sometimes she thought the most ridiculous things, like her dad was really a secret agent, but she always chuckled to herself and shook her head. Impossible. Her dad was the most caring man in the world; no way could he be some sort of spy.

She opened the door and the smell of something warm cooking attacked her nose and she smiled at the smell. He was also a great cook, and that was another reason they were so close, both Arianna and her dad could cook, they spent most of their time together in the kitchen. She dumped her school bag from college onto the table that sat in front of the door, before proceeding to the kitchen. She stopped short when she saw a young man, maybe a year or so older than her, sitting on the lounge sipping his glass of water. His hair was raven black and it was professionally spiked up in specific spots. His face was slightly pale compared to any normal person and his dimples were so deep in his cheeks, it was like you could dive into them.

Arianna quickly composed herself and made her way closer with precaution. "Arianna! Your home!" her father greeted her as he made his way out of the kitchen, and with the sound of the greeting the young man popped his head up and smiled at her presence. "Uh, hi dad" she slightly smiled, still unsure what was going on. "Arianna this is Logan. Logan this is my daughter Arianna" he introduced the two. Logan smiled and held out his hand, "hi, nice to meet you" Arianna hesitated at first before putting her hand out and meeting his, "nice to meet you also" she whispered. "No need to be so shy Ari. He works with me at the travel agency" her father winked. "Of course" she nodded her head. "Will Logan be joining us for dinner?" she added. "I'm afraid not, just talking to your dad" he explained. "Oh that's too bad" she smiled, trying to show sympathy. "Yeah it is. I heard, your father is an exquisite cook" he smiled. "I wouldn't go that far, Ari is the genius when it comes to the kitchen" her father added in making sure it wasn't awkward. "I will have to come back and try both of your cooking then" he nodded. "Well, if you don't mind. I'm just going to go to my room" Arianna quickly excused herself and began to run to her room.

She slammed the door behind her and started puffing. She put a hand to her mouth and started shaking her head, "damn Arianna. He was hot and you just made a complete fool of yourself" she whispered to herself and palming her forehead. Arianna picked herself up and walked over to the mirror and nearly fainted at the sight, her face was so flustered and it seemed like her hair was sticking out everywhere like hay.

She chucked on some light make up and brushed her hair down gently and stared at herself being satisfied. Just as she was leaving she looked at her cupboard mirrors and nearly had a heart attack. She could swear she saw someone standing at her wide open window. Just to be sure, she quickly went over to it and shut it and closed the curtains as well. Arianna quickly shrugged it off and skipped out of her bedroom, she made her way downstairs to see Logan still sitting on the lounge.

"You're still here?" Arianna spoke up in a tone that would have scared anyone, but he only turned around and shrugged, "yeah, your dad insisted I try his cooking" he smiled. Arianna smiled and was screaming in her head, yes he is staying! Not only can I have a decent perve, but maybe I can find out more about work. "So dad said you work with him?" Arianna started off lightly, but the interrogation would soon happen. "Uh, yeah. He's my boss" he answered without hesitation. "How old are you exactly?" she said sitting down and leaning forward, looking intrigued. "Just turned twenty" he smiled and Arianna blinked a couple of times. "Yourself?" he spoke up. "I'm nineteen" she quickly answered, assuring that she was the only one that was asking questions. "So when did you start?" she said leaning back into the chair, never taking away eye contact. "Well, I started training when I was fourteen. I was officially an employee at sixteen" he explained. "Wow. So you said something about training?" Arianna asked and she was startled to see Logan suddenly swallow hard, but she didn't show it physically, at least, she hoped she didn't. "Oh, just like office maintenance and computer work" he muttered. "Your dad said you were in university?" he quickly changed the subject. "Yes, I am" she said clearly. "What are you studying?" he asked. "A bachelor in writing. I want to be an author" she smiled. "That sounds exciting!" he said leaning off the chair intrigued.

"Alright! Dinner is ready!" Arianna's father shouted walking in. "Oh good, Ari your down" he added, placing the cooked chicken into the middle of the table, but suddenly Frank slightly jumped and straightened up his posture. "Logan, could I see you in the kitchen?" he said quickly and Logan quickly got up and made his way into the kitchen. Arianna furrowed her eyebrows but just ignored them and sat at the table. Arianna quickly flicked her head to look outside the huge glass windows, she saw nothing but pitch black, but as her eyes began to adjust she noticed something making its way toward the window. Suddenly the glass shattered everywhere and a man in all black, with only his eyes not covered, landed on his feet with his arms up, as if he was going to fight someone.

Arianna screamed at the top of her lungs, and the man looked at her and began to run at her. Arianna closed her eyes, ready for the blow, but it didn't happen. Instead she opened her eyes and saw her father holding the man In a death grip. "Arianna!" she flinched when her dad shouted her full name, he never did that unless he was angry. "Get to Logan!" he shouted. Arianna stood there for another second before she quickly turned around and ran right into Logan. "Arianna, listen to me. Where are your keys?" he quickly asked. "In my room" she answered quickly feeling the tears begin to develop in her eyes. She heard more shouts and Logan looked up and his eyes widened, "Ari, I need you to go to your room an grab those keys. Don't turn the light on, just grab them and meet me back down here! Okay" he quickly explained and gently shoved Arianna towards the staircase.

Arianna quickly composed herself and gripped the stair rail as she took baby steps. Being as quiet as possible and trying to blink the tears away, but to no prevail. She began to cry from shock, but wiped them away quickly before she began to run up the stairs. Arianna slammed her door open and flicked the light on for just a second, but she nearly screamed at her reaction. She flicked it back off and held her chest. What if someone saw? Saw for that split second? Oh well, she wasn't going to stick around and find out, she scurried over to her desk and moved her hands around until she felt the sharp spikes from the keys. She picked them up and began for the door, but quickly stopped when she heard a slight tap from her window. She slightly turned her head and noticed the curtains beginning to sway from the breeze outside. Arianna slightly gasped, she knew it was too late to run, so she slowly slid her cupboard open and hid inside quietly reclosing it.

Arianna had never hid in her own cupboard before, and she never knew that she could see through it. Just like it was a window and this helped a lot, it was like everything was prepared for this. She watched as the man in black slowly appeared from behind the curtains. Arianna stifled a gasp and sob and continued to watch as the man, more quiet than a mouse lingered in her bedroom. He went through her draws, chucking things out of it. Before he glanced at the cupboard, he began to walk over, remaining quiet still. Just as he was about to slide it open, a loud shout caught his attention, he ignored it, but the shout was heard again. He grunted to himself before lowering his hand and making his way out of the bedroom.

Arianna didn't know whether to make a run for it while he was distracted or just wait for her dad or Logan. But he may come back and open it, Arianna stuck with her gut and began to climb out of the cupboard, once she was out, she slowly popped her head out her door, clenching the keys so tightly she felt something sticky run down her arm. "Damn" she muttered to herself when she realised she accidently cut herself. She quickly ignored it, before checking if the coast was clear and walked out the door, but was stopped short when she saw a shadow approaching up the stairs. Arianna quickly reacted by jumping behind the toilet door and she watched as the same man re-entered her room. Shutting the door behind him, Arianna knew that he would come out when he knew she wasn't there, so she quickly ran down the stairs.

The first thing she saw was Logan grab a man's head and throw him onto the ground, smashing the glass table that stood between the two lounges they had. Arianna screamed at the sight and Logan looked up at her, "Ari! Look out!" Logan shouted. Arianna turned around and saw a man approaching her, she screamed and ran to Logan falling into his arms. She glanced up, and saw the man begin to flee, she continued to dart her eyes around the room, to see everything smashed, but no dad.