Arianna was separated quickly from the guys. A woman about the age of thirty escorted her to a small room but with all the facilities that she needed. Arianna had a long hot shower and sat on the bottom and let the tears run down her face. She would do anything to have her mum right now, just to help her, give her some advice.

Arianna missed her, she missed her father and Logan and all the guys. It seemed like everything was going wrong for her and she couldn't do anything about it. Like the universe was picking off every single one of her family and shoving it in her face that she couldn't do anything.

Arianna picked herself up and turned off the shower and put on the fresh clothes that lay on her bed. Arianna was told to see the Commander Lou-sander before she settled down and Arianna thought it would be rude to turn down the offer and she gave a silent "ill be there to the women" and the women smiled and told her she will come back for her in an hour and take her to his office.

Arianna was ready and she just sat on her bed, her jeans were a bright red and tight but weren't uncomfortable, to be honest Arianna couldn't care less what she wore, at least it wasn't a dress, she hated dresses.

Arianna sighed when she heard the low knock on her door and she opened it to see the same women standing there greeting with a smile. "Are you ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be" Arianna looked down at herself before meeting her eyes back up with the women and smiled.

It wasn't long before they were standing in front of the door that led into his office. Arianna knew this was going to be intense and she wasn't looking forward to it. What was he going to say? What was he going to ask? What was he going to do? Arianna mentally shook her head and took in a deep silent breathe before opening the door slowly.

The room was darker than she had expected it to be and a small lamp lit up the desk which reflected onto the man's face. He was old, older than Arianna's father, but she wasn't surprised, she had kind of expected him to look this way, she just hoped he would be as kind as he looked.

"Uh hum, sir?" Arianna spoke up and the man didn't even look up or flinch. He just held up his fingers and nudged them, ordering her to come in.

"Sit" he spoke up, shocking Arianna and she turned around to see the single sofa sitting there waiting for her to sit.

They sat in silence for about two minutes and Arianna just watched him write down on the scattered pieces of paper all along his desk. She wanted to speak up, but she thought it would be best for him to start.

"So Miss Anderson?" the man said lowly looking at her over his glasses.

"Yes sir?" Arianna squeaked and quickly covered her mouth. Her idea was to impress the man, not make a fool of herself. The man chuckled and got out of his seat and Arianna just swallowed harshly and watched him walk until he stood about two metres away from her on her left.

"I understand that the whereabouts of your father are unknown and has been kidnapped by a common enemy named Buzz" the man said playing with his glasses. Arianna didn't know what to answer back, but by the time she was going to, the man cut in.

"I am also aware of the fact that, you saved two of my men and you no longer seem like such an innocent" the man smirked and lifted an eyebrow in question.

"I never knew I was innocent sir" Arianna whispered looking at the man deeply, showing that she was not afraid of him anymore. The man laughed and shook his head.

"You remind me a lot of your mother" he answered and Arianna pinched her eyes, for some reason she didn't trust this guy. He didn't seem to give two shits for anyone or the fact that her father was in danger.

"What are you going to do about my father?" Arianna spoke up with a tone in her voice which slightly startled the man.

"Well since half of my best team is down, I really don't know what I can do" he shrugged.

"So you're just going to let him die?" Arianna spat and the man kept a narrow look at her.

"What do you suppose we do then? What makes you think you have any say? You're just an innocent are you not? Oh that's right, you're not, you said so yourself. Plus you're not an agent! So that makes you nothing else but the enemy." The man explained uninterrupted by Arianna.

"You're an old man who has no idea what he is doing! I suggest you get off your ass and do something about my missing father!" Arianna yelled standing up.

"It seems to me, you have spent too much time around those four boys. This has done you know good, nor the company, nor those boys" the man yelled and pointed directly at her. "You give me no choice, if you don't calm down and do as your told, you will be kicked out of here, with the boys at your tail!" the man narrowed his eyes.

Arianna's eyes went wide, no, he wouldn't. He just threatened their jobs basically there lives, they weren't going to lose their jobs because of her. Arianna sighed and sat down in the chair, surrendering.

"Now that's better. I deserve a little more respect since I'm doing so much for you" the man said calmly and Arianna shot her head up In disgust.

"You think I'm going to give you respect after you threaten the people I love? If anything, you deserve to go to hell" Arianna spat and the man smirked.

"So love is it?" the man murmured and Arianna just narrowed her eyes more.

"I don't think you understand the meaning of love, because obviously you have never had it before and that's why you're so rude and conceded! You don't know what it's like to have a tragedy in your life like we have!" Arianna said standing up, she wasn't going to put up with this any longer.

"Obviously your dad doesn't understand the qualities of good parenting!" the man said as Arianna opened the door, but stopped halfway and turned back around.

"I'll have you know that my father is twice the man that you will ever be!" Arianna spat stomping to the front of the desk and slamming her hands onto the desk.

"So, the boys counted on you to look after the keys. I'll have to ask you to give them too me" the man whispered lifting himself up.

"As if I would give them to you-"Arianna was cut off when the man launched over the desk and tackled her to the ground knocking and pushing everything off the desk in the process. Arianna was clawing and hitting and the sound of the man screaming came from when Arianna slid her nails down the side of his face.

"Get the fuck off me!" Arianna screamed and spat in his face. The man only sneered and punched her right across the face, causing Arianna too see black spots dance in her vision and she took a moment to compose herself. But she felt herself being pinned back down and something sticky and tight going around her wrists.

"You really were too easy to take down. I would of thought the little boys would have taught you something. Such a shame" he shook his head with his face only inches away from hers. "Now the keys?" he licked his lips and slowly lowered his hands and reached underneath her to her back pocket.

"What is your problem!?" Arianna screamed and stared as the man stood up and observed the keys.

"Shut up-" he spat "Buzz will be here soon enough and he can have you, just like he wanted" he smirked and leaned against his desk.

"Wait what! Buzz! You're working with him!"

"Right you are missy, I'm a double agent!" he chuckled and continued to stare at the keys.

"You're a sick fuck!" Arianna screamed and he suddenly became angry.

"I wouldn't say sick. I would say smart, add the fuck if you must but do you know how long I have waited to get where I am! Too long! I'm tired! Nothing happens anymore, it's just like the movies, you have to be evil to get what you want and Buzz can get me what I want!" he explained.

"Well then, if it's just like the movies, I'm sure your aware that the bad guys always lose" Arianna grinned.

"Do you ever shut up!" he said annoyed and reached for the duct tape again and placed it gently over her mouth. "Oopse, I forgot to give you a kiss, I suppose on top of the tape will do" he smiled and gave the tape a quick peck.

Suddenly there was a big explosion in the side of the wall and Buzz and a few men walked in and Arianna instantly began squirming.

"You got the keys?" Buzz asked Commander Lou-sander and he just smiled and dangled it in his face before Buzz snatched it and his head instantly snapped to where Arianna lay. Buzz smiled and knelt down beside her and patted the side of her face. "Are we going to take her?" the commander spoke up catching Buzz out of his thoughts.

"No, let her give her boyfriends a little message, that we took the keys and we still have her father. Of course you know what would make them more angry, if we did something unpleasant to you" he smirked, the total soft side of the man gone, replaced by a monster.

Arianna tried to scream but nothing would come out, the dam duct tape stuck to her lips did little to save her, so she tried thrashing, but nothing would work. Buzz flipped out a small knife and ran the sharp along his finger, until he traced it down Arianna's arm.

"You didn't do anything?"Lou-sander spoke up.

"Lou-sander how about you just be quiet and let me handle this!" Buzz spat and looked back at Arianna who stayed strong, not a single tear down her face. Buzz placed the knife at the top of her arm and pressed tightly causing her to flinch and he glided it down her arm causing her to moan. The blood began to trickle down her arm and the pain set her arm on fire and Buzz just watched her squeeze her eyes shut.

"I can't hurt you too much, I promised daddy and well, we want your boyfriends to know how much we love you all. I love you little Ari and I hope to see you soon" he kissed the duct tape and pulled something out of his pocket. A small hanky lay in his palm and he poured some invisible liquid on it, the pain was too much for Arianna to even care and the cloth went over her face and she breathed it in through her nose, until eventually the last thing she saw was them all running off.

Kendall waited by the office door with the women, nagging to enter but the women continue to refuse permission to go through.

"This is ridiculous; they have been in there for an hour! Nothing has happened, let me just open the door to at least see if she is alright" Kendall reasoned but she continued to refuse.

They waited for what seemed like an hour but were only fifteen minutes. Kendall sighed and banged his foot on the floor, "I'm sorry but as an agent in fear of a life, I must intrude this meeting" Kendall became professional and held up his badge, the women rolled her eyes, she knew she couldn't refuse that and stepped aside for Kendall.

Kendall gave a light nod and as soon as his hand touched the handle, there was a loud bang. "What was that!" Kendall screamed and proceeded to twist the locked door knob. "Junior! Junior! Ari! Come on! Open up! Ari! Arianna!" Kendall continued to scream and he banged his shoulder at the door.

"Damn it! Come on Ari! Open the fucking door!" Kendall screamed hitting it harder. Kendall finally took the door of the hinges and the sight made him feel sick. Paper was scattered all over the floor and blowing in the breeze caused by the giant hole in the office. But that wasn't what caught his sight, the small body pinned to the floor in the middle of the room scared the shit out of Kendall.

He ran to the almost lifeless girl and ripped the hanky off her face and screamed her name. Kendall looked out the hole and could faintly see Buzz standing there, by the trees. "No" Kendall whispered, in fear of her life, he placed to fingers at her neck and sighed in relief when he felt a normal heart beat.

He glanced at her arm and narrowed his eyes and delicately traced down the bloody cut. He looked around for anything that would be useful to cut the tape that held her to the ground. He found a pair of scissors that were conveniently lying on the floor. He quickly picked them up and cut at the duct tape surrounding her wrists and ankles. He regretted doing this, but he quickly tore off the duct tape surrounding her mouth and now her body lay limp in his arms.

"Come on Ari, open your eyes" he pleaded and rocked her back and forth. "Doctor" he whispered to himself and picked her up bridal style before rushing down the halls and gently placed her down on a bed, totally unaware that Logan was directly opposite to where he laid her.

"Whoa! What's going on! What's wrong with her!" Logan squirmed in the bed.

"Mr Mitchell, you need to calm down, you still have severe bruising" a nurse held down his chest.

" Is she going to be okay?" Logan stuttered never taking his eyes off her unconscious body.

"She will be fine, she just has a large cut down her arm and a small concussion, and she will be fine" the nurse assured him and walked back over to help the other nurse.

She will be okay Mitchell. Just a small concussion and large cut, she is a strong girl, she can make it. She's Junior chief, the chiefs daughter, nothing can go wrong with her. Whoever did this is going to be personally destroyed by me.

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