While I was stuck in Jacks hell hole of a research lab, I learned more about pain than you could ever hope to comprehend. The things he did to me and the others wouldn't be something you would be able to sleep with at night, and it has haunted my dreams ever since the first time. My fellow "experiments" and I were injected with Eridium, over and over, tested upon with hundreds of different combination of chemicals, with no care for the mind breaking trials that we were put through. Just to see what would happen, and who would survive. I survived, and became more than anyone had ever expected possible.

I am the first male Siren, and I will have my vengeance.

I woke up in my cell, as I had for the last eternity. I had no memory of anything except my life there, if you could call it that. Looking up at the blank grey ceiling I tried, as I had every morning, to remember my family, what the world outside looked like, or how I got there. In frustration, I have no luck for the umpteenth time in a row. All I knew was that the scientists called me Fletcher. No last name, but I was lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of my age once. This information combined with my name was my chant to myself when the testing started. It was the only way I was able to stay sane. I am Fletcher, I am 16. I am Fletcher, I am 16.

I sighed, and sat up. They would have known I was awake by then; the implants had never failed before. Sure enough, right on cue, the blank door slides up into the roof and I see my regular old Hyperion Enforcer Gun Loaders waiting to lead me to the chamber. I have always thought it was a pity that the scientists never bothered to do it themselves. Then I would have at least been able to intimidate them with some unexpected humour. Or a good old hit and run, just to end it all. I know of another subject that tried that once. He made it about a hundred metres before the implants in him were detonated. The rest of us were forced to spend the next week cleaning the hall, well, when we weren't in the chamber.

Ah yes, the chamber. The place I was undoubtedly headed. I was the only subject from my group that Hyperion had left, so I had the whole place to myself, lucky me. The loaders walked along on my flanks, as relaxed as a robot could be. They had no reason to restrain me, if I tried to run, they would just paralyse me instantly. In fact, I was pretty sure they would have been able to see my heart rate rise and my muscles begin to tense up on the monitors in the control room. Those assholes knew every inch of my body inside out, and it was always better to be able to control myself, even if it was simply a privilege, than to be completely in their control.

We stopped outside the big black, and oh too familiar door, while the multitude of scanners searched every nanometre of my body. I felt like screaming at them. How could they possibly think I had anything to hide? I had no possessions, no possible way to try and circumvent the technology that this whole place was crammed with, so what was the bloody point? Unless they were trying to annoy me, in which case, they really knew how to hit that nail on the head.

As the door lifted in much the same manner as my cell, I took a deep breath and let myself relax. It was no use becoming angry. There was nothing I could do to rebel, nothing I could do that would make any difference. So I just let myself exist.

At least the one thing they did let me do was have an education. I guess they must have wanted my mind active. They showed lessons on the screen in my room each day, and I always tried my hardest to take in everything that I could. I had actually done enough calculations and figuring out on my own to know what each of the chemicals that they put into me probably were. I wasn't exactly sure, but they were usually mixes of Eridium and a few strength and intelligence enhancers. What they were trying to find out was still a mystery, but my first guess would be to make some sort of super soldier. I had ruled out them trying to create a Siren, simply because I was male, and a male Siren is impossible. Well, that's at least what I had thought at the time.

As the door finally reached the roof, we walked forward into the chamber. It was a small room now, after being reduced in size as our numbers dwindled. Now it was no bigger than and operating theatre, with instruments spread all over the trolleys and benches. The big glaring white light made the operating table glow with a supernatural aura that always made me remember the lives that this room had taken. It was a place of death and sorrow, and I hoped that if the world was to end tomorrow, this would be the first place to burn. That particular image was a bit of comfort, but what I really wanted was to light the match myself.

I made my way over to the table, as I knew I was expected to. No use making this take any longer than it had to. So, like a good patient I lay down and let the restraints lock in over my wrists and ankles, pinning me down enough that I wouldn't be able to leave, but not so much that they weren't able to get me to arch my back in pain. Sometimes I thought that those sickos might actually have enjoyed my suffering, until there was a day I had seen one of the doctor's faces with a tear streak on his cheek. That had made me think that maybe these guys were prisoners in a similar way to me, except they might have a life, a family to go back to. I have always thought that if they hesitated in their work, or tried to help me in any way, they would have a family no longer, and maybe even join me here in the chamber. No matter how much I hated anyone, nobody deserved that. Though the company would be nice.

When the restraints stopped tightening and locked into their final position, I heard the door to my left open and the surgeons walk in. As usual they were all as quiet as they could be, but their footsteps still made loud noises on the hard concrete floor.

But as I waited for them to walk over and prepare me for the injections, I heard the door open a second time, and a lone man walk slowly into the chamber. I heard the slight intakes of breath from all over the room, as the surgical team noticed the newcomer. I had no idea who it was, but from their reactions, I had to guess he was important. I couldn't see anything but a smudged silhouette, because he had entered from the door that lead from the observation deck, which was directly behind me. Or would it be above me? Well, you get the idea. Because of his angle I couldn't get a look at him, but I definitely could see the lead doctors face go pale, and I knew he was probaby about as scared as I was each time I woke up.

I heard the man talk, and what he said, and how he said it was probably the most shocking thing I had heard yet.

"Well, good morning Fletcher! How's it been going? I understand you have been helping us out with some rather fascinating research. I thought that I just might come on down today and see the fruits of your labors." While he was talking, the man had walked over to the head of the bed looked down on me. I could see his face clearly, and it is a sight that I will never forget. The mask of Hyperion CEO, Handsome Jack.