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"You want a beer?" Gibbs asked as he tossed his keys on the table.

"No." Tony shook his head stopping and putting a hand on the banister of the stairs.

"Okay." Gibbs stood a few steps from Tony. "What do you want?"

"You." Tony sighed as he pulled off his shirt and dropped it to the floor. "Right now." He unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. Taking Gibbs' hand, he led him up the steps and into the bedroom. Reaching the end of the bed, he pushed Gibbs' shirt up without a word, his hands brushing against Gibbs' chest.

Letting out a low moan, Gibbs' arms went up and Tony removed the shirt letting it fall from his hands.

Kissing across Gibbs' chest, Tony let his fingers undo Gibbs' jeans and push them down over his lover's hips. His hands glided around Gibbs' waist clawing at Gibbs' back. Another moan and he nipped at Gibbs' chest eliciting more soft noises from his husband.

Gibbs' hand caressed through Tony's hair as the soft kisses moved up his neck, then disappeared. Green eyes fixed on his blue as Tony spoke.

"I'm ready." Tony sighed.

Gibbs' brow furrowed then he realized what Tony was saying. He shook his head. "Tony, we don't have to."

"I wanna feel you." Tony's hands caressed up Gibbs' back. "Inside me, making love to me."

Years, that's how long Gibbs had wanted to hear those words from Tony's lips. Yet, here he was, part of him worrying, still feeling as if this was some dream he was experiencing in fast forward.

"You said everything would happen when we were both ready. I'm ready and I know you are." Tony could see the worry on Gibbs' face and in his eyes. "I want you."

Putting his hands on Tony's hips, Gibbs tugged the pants down Tony's legs and Tony stepped out of them. "Lay down."

Sitting down on the end of the bed, Tony slid back on the mattress and lay there looking down the bed at Gibbs.

Gibbs climbed onto the bed, crawling his way up Tony's prone body. Face to face, Gibbs kissed Tony's lips, slowly building the desire between them. But like always, the passion between them ignited as Tony clutched at his ribcage pulling him down and arching up against him. His lips made their way down Tony's jaw line to his neck, his hands exploring the rest of Tony's body. When his fingers brushed up Tony's hard cock, he felt the fingertips dig into the sides of his body.

Tony's breathing was erratic, his body already on fire and wanting so much more. He moaned as Gibbs' lips found their way to his right nipple and sucked raising it to a hard nub, then giving his left nipple the same attention.

Drawing back, Gibbs gazed down at Tony as his fingers grazed over Tony's cock again. He watched as Tony whimpered, arching into the touch.

"You really do like to watch." Tony snickered slightly.

"I love seeing the effect I have on you." Gibbs sighed, engulfing Tony's cock with his hand and stroking its length.

Tony's mouth fell open as he groaned. "Don't... I wanna come with you inside me."

"I never said I was gonna let you come." Gibbs smirked continuing to stroke Tony.

Closing his eyes, Tony tried to ignore his body's reaction to Gibbs' fondling.

"I want you on the edge, just waiting for me to push you over." Gibbs released Tony's cock and let his hand caress up Tony's chest.

Tony clenched his jaw trying to stifle a moan at the loss of Gibbs' touch.

Sliding off Tony, Gibbs opened the nightstand drawer and grabbed the lube, then laid on his side next to his husband. His lips brushed against Tony's ear. "Spread your legs."

Without hesitation, Tony did as told and heard the pop of the lid, a second later he felt the hand between his legs and the finger against his sphincter. Then he felt the soft circles around the muscle, not looking for entrance just touching.

Gibbs' lips captured Tony's as he continued the circular movement, the kiss turning greedy and passionate. Then he gently slipped his finger inside, the muscle accepting the intrusion at first, but then tightening and fighting back. Another gentle push and his finger was completely inside.

Moaning into the kiss, Tony felt the finger slowly move in and out of him over and over. Just as he was getting used to the feeling, he felt the sting and he ripped their lips apart. He hissed as the second finger slipped inside.

Scissoring his fingers, Gibbs started to open the virgin muscle as Tony's body shook. Then he felt the fingers claw into his shoulder, Tony's other hand clutching at the bed sheet. "Deep breath." Gibbs whispered.

Gulping in air, Tony tried to relax his body, trusting in the man he loved.


Tony groaned his green eyes locking on blue, confused.

Curving his fingers upwards, Gibbs searched until he found the spot and pressed his fingers against the small bump.

Tony's mouth opened in a silent scream as he felt the jolt surge through his body like a lightning strike. Just as the feeling started to fade, another jolt hit him and his body shuddered, his mind struggling to understand the strange combination of pleasure and pain.

As his lover was lost in the sensation, Gibbs gradually added a third finger, kissing his way up Tony's neck. "You okay?"

Tearing his fingers from the bed sheet, Tony's hand caressed up Gibbs' arm, feeling the movement of the arm as Gibbs' fingers continued to work in and out of him.

"Tony?" Gibbs needed to hear the voice, a word.

Tony let his fingers brushed back down Gibbs' arm and stopped at the wrist. He pressed on Gibbs' wrist driving the fingers deeper inside him as he sighed breathlessly. "More."

The lust in Tony's voice sent a shiver down Gibbs' spine and he growled as he thrust harder and faster. His own cock rubbing needily against Tony's hip.

Consumed by the now overwhelming pleasure, Tony didn't even realize he was now fucking himself on Gibbs' fingers until he heard himself pleading. "I need you, please!"

That was all Gibbs needed to hear, and as he removed his fingers Tony let out a mournful groan at the loss. Rolling Tony onto his side, Gibbs picked up the lube again, squeezing some into his hand and rubbing it over his cock. Guiding his cock between Tony's ass cheeks, he paused with the head pressed against Tony's opening.

"Jethro please." Tony begged, reaching back and touching Gibbs' face. "I want you inside me."

Placing a kiss on Tony's shoulder, Gibbs gingerly let the head of his cock breech the muscle and stopped, taking a deep breath as the tightness squeezed around him. "Damn." His hand slid around Tony's waist and glided down the taut stomach. His fingers circled Tony's cock and his thumb rubbed across the head dripping with precum.

Tony's eyes closed as the calloused hand made a slight upward motion, the palm around the head gave a quick pump, then dropped back down to the base. It became a painfully lackadaisical repeated rhythm that had him grunting and groaning, his chest heaving as he fought to fill his lungs.

"This is exactly how you were jacking off that first night." Gibbs whispered in Tony's ear. "I'll never forget that." Gently, Gibbs inched his cock deeper into Tony. "Never."

Grabbing Gibbs' hip, Tony started to push back, feeling the sting again as he stretched to accept the added girth of Gibbs' cock.

"Fuck." Gibbs howled as his balls settled against Tony's ass cheeks, his cock completely engulfed in the warm tight passage. "God, Tony."

Rocking his hips, Tony sighed. "Fuck me."

Clenching his jaw, Gibbs growled in Tony's ear. "I'm not sure I can stay in control... or how long I can last."

"I don't care!"

Succumbing to the pure lust and love he had for Tony, Gibbs pulled out and slammed back in, part of him still clinging to some sense of sanity as he took Tony. Nothing had ever felt so perfect, so right, and

nothing but Tony would ever make him feel that way again.

"Don't stop." Tony keened as he met every one of Gibbs' forward thrusts. "You feel so good."

Shifting his body upward slightly, Gibbs changed his entering angle into Tony and his cock made contact with Tony's prostate.

"JETHRO!" Tony screamed as his body trembled. He felt as if he had come, but instead of feeling the eruption of the release, he felt another jolt and the need intensified. The world around him started to slip away as his mind was unable to process the overwhelming dual sensations; Gibbs' hand stroking his cock, Gibbs' cock pounding into him. He had never felt so consumed, so utterly complete and he never wanted the feeling to end.

Again, Gibbs lunged into Tony and the body connected to him continued to shake. "Come for me... show me how much you love me fucking you."

"I dont-I don't want it to end."

"It'll never end." Gibbs' sanity was quickly slipping away. "I will take you over and over again... for the rest of my life."

The words were Tony's undoing, knowing he would spend the rest of his life making love to the man he never wanted to be without made the world crumble around him. He screamed, some animalistic sound he'd never made before as he came. A blinding flash of color, then everything went white, silent as he soared through the euphoric haze.

Gibbs' cock was crushed in the vice like grip of Tony's contracting body. Like Tony, he didn't want to give in, didn't want it to end. He let Tony's limp cock fall from his hand and wrapped his arm around Tony's waist, crushing their bodies together as he continued to jab into the man he loved. His eyes closed, it was too much, he lost the fight, burying his cock in Tony, he came crying out his husband's name.

His eyes shot open, his mind still in a sleepy haze, the dusky light disoriented him further. Then the arms tugged him closer and the warm lips pressed a kiss into the crook of his neck and shoulder. He inhaled deeply, smiling when the familiar scent of the man permeated his being.

"How long have I been asleep?" Tony asked.

"Little over an hour."

Tony sighed. "I don't even know what to say, that was..."

Gibbs rained kisses on Tony's neck causing the younger man to cuddle further into his embrace molding their bodies together. "Question."


"What is DiNozzo dating rule number twelve?" Gibbs snickered. "Is it never let them know where you live?"

"Sorta." Tony laughed. "Don't tell them where you live unless it could last for more than three weeks."

"And how many women have lasted more than three weeks?"

"A couple." Tony turned in Gibbs' arms the blue eyes instantly fixed on his. "But then the rules don't matter anymore." He smirked. "Have to come up with some new rules."

"Is that so?" Gibbs' grinned as his hands caressed down Tony's back.

Tony nodded. "Need to come up with DiNozzo's husband rules."

Laughing, Gibbs shook his head. "Do I get to help come up with those?"

"Maybe." Tony grinned.

"Well, maybe this could help with the first rule." Gibbs let go of Tony and rolled onto his back, reaching into the second nightstand drawer and pulled out a small box. He held it out to Tony.

"I know it's not a ring." Tony chuckled. "When did you get this?"

"At the airport before we left."

Tony's eyebrow went up. "And this is going to help with DiNozzo's husband rules?"

Gibbs nodded.

Opening the box, Tony's brow furrowed as he pulled out the silver quarter sized coin with the letters

WHiVSiV on it. He looked at Gibbs. "What exactly do the letters mean?"

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Tony started laughing. "And how does this help with the husband rule's? Are you telling me you don't ever wanna talk about what happened in Vegas?"

"No, just the opposite." Gibbs took Tony's hand that held the coin and closed his own hand around it. "I want us to always remember what happened there." He squeezed the hand in his. "I want us to remember the drunkenness that led to this, the lack of communication, the fears, the silliness, the sexiness, everything so that we realize what it took to get here. And-"

"I sense a rule coming." Tony grinned.

"Husband rule number one. Always talk to each other, tell each other what we're feeling, or what we need or what from this marriage, no matter what." Gibbs sighed. "Talking, not my strong suit, but I'm going to try my damndest." He paused. "I love you and I never wanna lose you."

"Well, just so you know-" Tony pulled his hand from Gibbs' and placed the coin on the nightstand, then climbed onto Gibbs' prone body. "I can probably talk enough for the both of us."

"True." Gibbs laughed.

Tony's hands cupped Gibbs' face. "And you'll never lose me, never. I love you and I plan to spend every day for the rest of my life proving that to you."

"You don't have to prove anything, I know."

"But-" Tony held up his finger as an evil grin spread across his face. "I'm not using that cock ring you bought, it ain't happening. Those things scare me."

Gibbs smirked. "Who said it was for you?"

Tony's eyebrows went up. "Really?"

Tossing Tony down on the bed, Gibbs grinned down at his husband. "The dildo's for you."

"Oh I definitely wanna try that." Tony wiggled his eyebrows.

"We are gonna try everything together." Gibbs smiled.


Gibbs nodded. "And next year for our anniversary, we'll go to Vegas and do it all over again."

"You're gonna remember our anniversary?" Tony looked at Gibbs shocked.

"Yes!" Gibbs slapped Tony's hip playfully.

"Are we gonna get drunk and get remarried again?" Tony snickered.

"Sure." Gibbs leered down Tony's naked body. "As long as I can wake up with your naked body next to me again."

"Definitely." Tony smirked. "And this time I might even let you fuck me."

"Oh you'll let me do whatever I want." Gibbs said as he descended to Tony's throat.

Tony purred as he felt the soft nibbles at his throat. "Yeah, probably."

"You are so easy." Gibbs mumbled through his attack.

"Like you're not." Tony laughed running his hands down Gibbs' back and grabbing his ass. Gibbs instantly growled against Tony's throat. "Told ya."

One of the phones on the nightstand buzzed to life. Glancing over, Gibbs saw Tony's phone light up, he grabbed it and was about to hand it to Tony when he saw the caller ID. "Callen."

"Callen?" Tony seemed puzzled. "Why is Callen calling?"

"I don't know." Gibbs handed the phone to Tony. "It's your phone."

"This is Tony." Tony said as he answered the call.

"Married?" Callen spat out. "Are you kidding me?"

"Let me guess, Abby." Tony snickered.

"Yeah, but she's drunk or something right? You and Gibbs married, no way."

"Um, actually we are." Silence. Tony smiled at Gibbs. "And actually you're interrupting."

"Interrupting?" Callen paused, then shivered. "Oh man why did you put that image in my head!"

Tony couldn't help but laugh.

Snatching the phone from Tony's hand, Gibbs put it to his ear. "What do you want Callen?"

"Seriously, a little jealousy is all it takes and you marry the man?" Callen chuckled.

"No." Gibbs balked.

"You were so jealous, didn't like me sniffing around your territory." Callen knew Gibbs' jaw was clenched. "I knew the first time you talked about Tony, there was more than friendship on your mind."

"And your behavior in Vegas?"

"Tony's a good looking guy... it was worth a try."

Gibbs could feel Callen's smirk through the phone. "Stay away from my husband... I'd hate to have to hurt you."

Tony stared at Gibbs with a grin.

"Threats, really Jethro?" Callen sighed. "Believe me, I know when a man's not interested, even before he was your husband." A pause. "Your husband, now that just sounds bizarre."

"Anything else?"

"Congrats." Callen said sincerely. "You deserve happiness my friend."

"Thanks." Gibbs smirked at Tony. "Now I'd like to get back to my naked husband."

"TMI." Callen snickered as he hung up the phone.

Tossing Tony's phone on the nightstand, Gibbs shook his head.

Tony latched on to the back of Gibbs' neck and pulled his husband down. "I like jealous Gibbs, very sexy."

"I can tell you like that." Gibbs laughed as he felt Tony's hard cock against his own.

"Husband rule number two." Tony smiled. "When your husband's cock is hard you shut up and make love to him."

"Oh, that doesn't need to be a rule-" Gibbs grinned. "That's a given."