Chapter 2

Melisa is sitting on the bed watching a video of Loren performing when Atom walks in

Melisa- Hey Atom guess what?

Atom- What?

Melisa- I have a rock star best friend

Atom- About Loren again

Melisa- You know you love me anyway

Atom- Yes I do but speaking of Loren didn't she get back today?

Melisa- She was spouse to I'm going to call her

Back at Eddies Loren and Eddie were looking through the kitchen when her phone rang

Loren- Hello

Melisa- Hey Lo you back yet?

Loren- yep got back 2 hours ago

Eddies phones rings and he leaves the room

Melisa- So how was the trip

Loren- Amazing

Melisa- I know I saw

Loren-Then why'd you ask?

Melisa- To hear you say it lol

Loren- Typical Mel

Melisa- Yea you know it! Hey do you want to get lunch with me and Atom. You can bring Eddie

Loren- yea that sounds Great Café in 30?

Eddie walks back in

Melisa- See you then

Loren hangs up the phone

Eddie- Jake needs me at the office

Loren- alright well I'm going to go eat lunch with Mel and Atom

Eddie- Alright diner with me at Rumor at 8?

Loren- Yea see you then love you

Eddie- Love you too.