A Life After

Paris, France

6 Months After China

The warm morning sun shone through the open window. A cool breeze blew the silk curtains of the luxurious hotel room open. Two bodies lay in bed, a blonde and a redhead. The redhead stirred and looked out the window, smiled. He leaned down and kissed the blonde's neck, slowly trailing kisses across her shoulder, then down her naked back. He felt her stir, letting out a small moan.

"Mornin' Super-Girl." The redhead said with a smile.

The blonde let out another moan and a small laugh. "Good morning, Jake Muller." She said, goosebumps covering her skin. She flipped over to look him in the eyes, his mouth moving from her back to her belly-button. She took a sharp breath.

Jake's mouth broke into a grin and he moved up her body, trailing kisses all the way. "And a very good morning to you too, Sherry Birkin." He said.

After the dramatic events in China, The United States Government brought Birkin and Muller back home and spent several weeks interviewing Birkin while Jake's blood-work was being analyzed. Once the vaccine was created the C-Virus was almost wiped off the face of the Earth. Granted there were a couple of outbreaks every couple of months, and mostly in third world countries where the vaccine was controlled by warlords who would only distribute it to people who could pay; the BSAA was working on a remedy to that situation. After the vaccine was created, the government had no more need for Jake Muller and he was sent on his way, off to do what mercenaries do best. Pat on the shoulder. "Good job. You did your country proud. Thank-you." Blah, blah, blah. Same shit, different politician.

Sherry on the other hand was given a couple weeks downtime, a warm bed, a hot meal, and the best therapy that could be offered to her. After that, she was sent off to Argentina to deal with a potential C-Virus outbreak. She didn't hear from Jake for several weeks after they said their goodbyes in Washington.

Jake took a long break after he got out of the Pentagon; the atmosphere in there made his skin crawl. He spent a long while just being incredibly shitfaced, wanting to forget all of the horrors. Russian vodka, Spanish Tequila, Japanese Sake, Southern Moonshine, just to name a few of the comforts he enjoyed in the span of just a few short weeks. It wasn't until he went to check his account balance, just to see how screwed he was, that he finally snapped back into sobriety.

Fifty million dollars.

Fifty. Million. Dollars. That'll do it.

Exactly what he requested back in Edonia. He was sure he wouldn't get that money. Apparently someone came through for him. He managed to get a call through to Leon who was able to do Jake a solid and let him in to when Sherry was due back. Jake made some calls to FOS along with a little help from Leon and managed to get Sherry on a plane that was bound to Paris.

Jake met her at baggage claim. He never had had such a strong embrace in his life. Leon did a little manipulating on his end and got Sherry almost a year off from duty; God knows she earned it.

The two of them had been together ever since.

Jake drew a line of kisses from the centre of her breasts to her mouth, which she happily reciprocated. They broke the kiss and Sherry giggled.

"Six months ago we were running for our lives from a roided out B.O.W. And now we're sleeping in the most expensive hotel room that Paris has available." She said, wrapping a leg around him and pulling him close to her.

Jake smiled and traced her jawline with his index finger. "And six months ago you though I was an asshole." He said with a laugh.

Sherry bit down on his finger, causing him to grunt in pain. "I still think you're an asshole." She said with a grin, wrapping his finger in her lips and gently running her tongue around it.

"Now , where was this when we were stuck in a cabin in Edonia?" Jake said, his other hand gently running down her torso, causing more goosebumps to return.

Sherry gave his finger one long lick and bit her lip. "You remember I thought you were an asshole? I didn't hate you, but I thought you were an asshole back then. Besides, those J'avo interrupted us anyway."

Jake's hand stopped between her legs, causing Sherry to blush. "So you would have slept with me?" Jake said, moving his fingers slightly.

Sherry moaned quietly. "I have a thing for bad guys." She pulled him into a kiss, forcefully ramming her tongue down his throat.

Jake quickened his pace, causing Sherry to start breathing heavily. She began to rock her hips forward into Jake, matching his rhythm. She felt her eyes roll back in her head and she let out a loud, muffled, moan into his mouth as she came. The two of them broke the kiss, staring into each-others eyes. Sherry panted and rolled her head back, exposing the skin on her neck. Jake leaned forward and kissed it, sucking on the flesh hard enough to give her a bruise. Sherry let out a whimper as she felt the blood vessels break under her skin.

"Jake," she managed out in between gasps, "I love you."

Jake stopped everything he was doing and looked up at her, his eyes locking with hers.

"Oh god. If I'm going to fast for you just tell me. I'm sorry, Jake. I didn't mean-"

Jake pulled her into a kiss and hugged her tightly. He played with her blonde hair and broke the kiss. Smiling at her he said "Took you damn long enough, Super-Girl." She laughed and hugged him back. "I love you, too." He said.

Sherry flipped him over on his back so she straddled him, her breasts exposed. She grinned wolfishly. "So...you ready for another round of last night?"

Jake guffawed and flipped her onto her back. "Fuck yes." He said.

Sherry wrapped her legs around him and grinned.

A/N: Yes I know that Jake only asked for 50 bucks. But you can't buy boatloads of alcohol, dozens of plane tickets, beautiful rooms, and expensive cheese with 50 bucks. Doesn't happen. I decided I would give my own take on how it should have ended. R/R and don't hate me to much. Thanks!