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|::| Is Love Still Alive Somewhere |::|

[It was the 6th wedding anniversary of Abhijit & Tarika. At the court ]

Tarika was standing in the witness-box. "Your honour, mujhe apni pati Senior Inspector Abhijit se diverse chahia. Main inke saath nahi rehna chaati", she said. The judge asked," Lekin kya apki pati apse divorce chate hai?" Abhijit who stood from his seat & said, "Yes your honor. Mujhe bhi apni patni se divorce chahia."

"Mr Abhijit, apko jō bhi kehna hai aap witness-box main aake kahia." the judge said.

Abhijit came in the witness-box. "Your honor, shaadi ek aisa rishta hai jisme bharose ka hona bohot jaroori hota hai. Aur jab wo bharosa tut ta hai tab wo shaadi bhi tut jata hai. Mujhe aur kuch nahi kehna hai your honor," he explained.

The judge said "Dekhia, hum aise hi kisi shaadi ko tutne nahi de sacte. Aap apni beech ki galat familia dur karne ki koushish toh kijia,"

Tarika said with tears in her eyes, "Bohot koushish ki humne bohot baatein ki , itni baatein ki luvs bhi kam padh gaye. Iske elawa humare paas aur koi dusra raasta nahi hai..."

The judge wrote something on the paper in front of him & said, "Ye Adalaat Senior Inspector Abhijit aur Dr Tarika ko ye hukum deti hai ki wo teen mahino tak saath rahe aur apni beech ki duria kaam karne ki koushish kare, uski baad hi ye court koi faisla legi. The court has been adjourned for the day."

And they all came out of the court.


[The day their fight begin, 3 years ago]

Tarika was sitting on a chair in the backyard at afternoon & thinking about the last thee years she had spent with Abhijit. First year of their marriage was the happiest period of her life but soon things changed. Since the seventh month of her pregnancy Abhijit started behaving weird with her. He began to keep distance. Now Adi is one and a half years old & has just learnt how to walk so he was playing with a ball & was trying to walk & run. At that time Tarika's phone rang. She picked up the phone. "Hello..." she said. "Kaun hai?" None replied so she cut the call but after a few minutes her phone rang again. It was the same number. She picked up the phone again. "Hello, kaun bolraha hai?" she asked. This time a bare voice of a man said, "Agar tumhe apna baccha pyaara hai toh Abhijit ko bhool jao". And cut the call. This sudden phone call made Tarika speechless. She dialed the number but it had switched off. She became very worried. It was getting dark so she took Adi on her lap & went inside.

That day when Abhijit came home he looked a bit worried. When Tarika asked him he ignored her question & changed the topic. This made Tarika more worried. She knew there is certainly something Abhijit is hiding from her. She was about to ask what the problem was Adi started crying. "Bhook lagi hogi" she thought to herself & went to fed him. That night an argument took place between Abhijit & Tarika. It wasn't anything serious, just a little disconsolate but both made an issue out of it. The quarrel got so big that Abhijit switched his room. But the next day everything became normal. They both acted that nothing happened.

After about a month Tarika almost forgot about the phone call but one day someone kidnapped Adi. Tarika was preparing dinner in the kitchen & Adi was playing in the living room. Then the bell rang. Tarika went to see who was it. But when she went out she found none. She was standing on the doorway & after while she got the smell of something burning. She rushed into the kitchen & found her sabji calcined. She got very busy in cleaning the mass of the kitchen & preparing the dinner again. She got so lost that she forgot to close the main door. About an hour later Tarika felt something fishy. Adi didn't make a sound in this whole time. "Adi shayeet khelte khelte so gaya hoga", she wondered. Tarika came out of the kitchen. She reached the living room but Adi wasn't there. She went to her room. "Adi !" she called out by his name but none replied. She became anxious & ran to the hall. He wasn't there either. Suddenly her eyes went to the wide open door. Her heart almost stopped beating. "Kahin wo bahar toh nahi chala gaya. Hai bhagwaan", she said to herself. She ran outside, looked here & there but there was no sign of Adi anywhere. She called Abhijit to tell this incident.

"Abhijit" she cried "Abhijit Adi pata nahi kaha chala gaya. Mujhe wo kahin bhi nahi mil raha. Ghar, garden sab jagah pe check kar liya magar wo kahin bhi nahi hai. Abhijit please tum jaldhi se aa jao". "Main abhi aa raha hoon" he replied and quickly headed towards his home where Tarika was crying & searching for her loving son Aditya.

After about half an hour Abhijit reached home. When he reached home he found the main door wide open & getting inside he saw Tarika sitting on the couch covering her face with both her hands. He put his hand on her shoulder. She turned back & found Abhijit she stood up & hugged him as hard as she could. " Mujhe mera Aditya chahia Abhijit. Please kuch karo" she cried. He patted her head & then wiped her tears. " Mil jayega Adi. Kuch nahi hoga usko." he assured her. Just then Abhijit's phone rung." Hello...haan Daya...Accha ! Hmm. Okay. Haan haan aa jao yaar, bohot madat ho jayegi" he said to his best friend in a bare voice. After sometimes Daya had got another call. He picked up the phone. "Hello CID?" someone asked from the otherside. "Haan" he replied. "Yahan, Kalanghat road main ek bori main laash mila hai" the voice said. "Oh no ! Thik hai hum log aate hai. He cut the call & sent Shreya & Rajat there & himself went to Abhijit & Tarika's house.

Flashback over

There is hardly any man who hasn't gone through ups & downs of life. Actually life is full of bad as well as good incidents. Some of them may be forgotten with the passage of time, where others leave an everlasting impression on the mind. Tarika is sitting on the edge of the window looking at the moon & thinking about that day. She wished if she'd get the time back but lost times can never be brought back by any means. It always goes its way & waits for none. That day has made her life an unwanted chapter which she didn't want to read. But it is the truth of her life. "Kaash main né us phone call pe gaur kiya hota, toh aaj meri zindegi kuch aur hi hota.

Flashback continues

Daya came to Abhijit & Tarika's house & tried his best to console them. But it was a wound that can never be haled as she had lost her child so he failed. Two days had passed but none could find Adi. It was the most terrible days of bot Abhirika's life. Tarika started to feel utterly forlorn. Then two days later she had got a phone call. She picked up the phone. "Hello" she said with great anxity. "Kaha tha na tumhe ki chunaw jaldhi karlo. Kho dia na apne bete ko," the voice laughed. "Kaun ho tum aur kya keh rahe ho yeh? Haan ! Adi tumhare paas hai?" she shouted with pain, anger & concern for her child. " Abhijit ko chod do Adi tumhe mil jayega" The voice said harshly & cut the call. "Hello...hello,hello kaun ho tum aur kya chate ho? hello !" she said though knowing that he has cut the line. The remembered the time he first called her. She instantly called Abhijit & told him about the incident & she also gave him the number. The whole CID team was anxious about Adi's case so when they had caome to know about the phone call they traced& brought out all the information they could. After they found where the phone was last located they rushed there. It was located at the Kalanghat road jungle where they found a corpse two days searched every single inch of the jungle & after a while Purvi shouted, " Sir ! yahan ayiye". They rushed there & found a large bag covered with blood. Abhijit's heart almost stopped beating. He went towards & opened the bag. "Adi" he shoyted with tears in his eyes. They ha killed Adi. In the bag it was Adi's corpse. All of them who were present ther broke into tears.

"Tarika mar jayegi sir ! Un logone humare bacche ko humse chin liya" Abhijit exclaimed. Daya patted his back & said, " Batana toh padega hi Abhijit. Aur tumhe bhi apne aap ko samhal na hoga. Tarika ko iss waqt sabse jiada jarurat tumhari hogi. Agar tum aise tut jaoge toh kaise chalega?". "Daya yaar mere bete maar diya unlogo ne. Kaise samhaloon main, hain! Kaise bataun Tarika ko ki main ek accha pita nahin baan saka." Abhijit exclaimed."Nahi chodunga main unhe. Nahi chodunga" he shouted.

But still then he was busy to console, support & make Tarika normal their differences didn't reduce. In fact Tarika became abnormal. She started to act wired so she was taken to a physiologist. He suggested to take her away from Adi's reminiscence until she accepts that Adi is no more. So Abhijit & Tarika shifted to another city for about an year.

Though they were living in another city they were still in touch with the Mumbai CID team. Far away from their sweet company they never forgot them. Their absence always made them feel lonely. But in this year their distance increased like water rises during floods. And one day Abhijit came to know that the guy who killed Adi was Tarika's college time boyfriend & Abhijit misunderstood Tarika that she along with her ex-boyfriend killed Aditya.

Flashback over

Tarika stood up & packed her bag. She now has to stay with Abhijit for three months & after that they will be separated Forever.