I think most of you should know by now that when there's an expected author's note like this from me, it's not good news. Well, depends on how you interpret it.

I did say that Parallel FTB (From the Beginning) would be on break until the start of March. However, I would have to extend that hiatus because...


And on the day before my assignment was due.

So suay (singlish for unfortunate), right?

Actually, my laptop broke a week and a half ago, and before the Lunar New Year. And I won't have time to send it to the service center until this Friday because I have to rush on my studying.

And that would mean that all my files in my computer are gone. Not only my half-done one-shots and five chapters worth of Parallel FTB, but also my SCHOOLWORK.


I'm ruined. (quote from Cha Tae Hyun)

So I was rethinking about how I'm going to approach re-typing what I had lost and I have come to a conclusion.

From now on, I will do longer chapters for this story. BUT updates will be irregular from now on.

Not because of lazy, but I still have dozens (okay, maybe only about nine as of now) of one-shots that I want to do.

And not to forget that I still have many other 'series' that people are wanting me to write. Such as the Kuroko no Obake series, my Phantom of the Opera Parody, Sex Pistols crossover, the vampire/immortal one and the Fairy Tale parody series. Yup, that's a heck lot.

To be honest, I wanted to drop this series, but that would be such a waste, seeing how I've already planned for it to go all the way to the part where Seirin beats Touou.

So this will now have irregular updates with longer chapters.

I don't know when I can start on this (I'm working on another one-shot in between studying) again, but I'll try to get something done by the middle of March.

Until then!

Dreams of the Future