Title: This Thing Is Ours: A Mafia Romance.

Chapter One: Six Years.

Rating: M (for adult themes and future lemons)

Category: Romance, Family

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Summary: Two months after her birth, her mother left. At sixteen years old, the woman she considered to be her mother, laughed at her and threw her away like she meant nothing. Just months later, she faced the darkest point in her life by herself. Now at the age of twenty-two, after having been broken mentally, physically and emotionally, Isabella finds everything she had been searching for after having met Edward Masen. Problem is no one told her that her white knight was the underboss of the Chicago Mob.

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"Sir, you can't go in there." Carlisle heard his secretary, Tasha, shriek from her desk right outside his office. "If you need to see Mr Cullen, you need to make an appointment and if you don't calm down I will have no choice to inform security and have you removed from the compound."

Groaning, he let his head fall heavily back onto his chair wondering who was about to barge into his office. As it was he had enough on his plate to deal with from the mounting number of legal cases he had to deal with to his obligations to La Cosa Nostra. He also could not forget the sixteen year old daughter he had who was pregnant for a man nine years her senior and the other nineteen year old daughter who knew every drug dealer in Chicago more intimately than he would have liked.

A masculine grunt followed her words but the person apparently paid on mind to what she was saying because seconds later, his office door was thrown open and the enraged form of Charles Swan appeared in the doorway.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Swan?" Carlisle bellowed, leaping up from his seat. "Tasha, call security!"

"You will listen to me Cullen or I will pay a visit to Mr Edward Masen Senior and tell him how you're a liability to his organisation." Charles said coldly holding up a thick police file. "It's been six years since we last saw each other and I've had a lot of time to allow my hatred for you to fester and take on a life of its own. My hatred for you produced a thousand page file on every deal you made for La Cosa Nostra in those past years. Your boss would love this, wouldn't he? More so, wouldn't he love to know how you are plotting against him?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Carlisle growled, leaning over his desk. "I am not a part of the mob. I'm a lawyer. I make an honest living."

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to never tell lies?" Charles mocked. "Who do you think good ole Masen would believe; you or the official police file that was seen by his inside man even though the majority of it is a pack of horse shit that I conjured in my mind? Garrett is his name right? I thought your spies were paid well because to me Garrett just looks homeless." He stated bluntly as he walked into Carlisle's office just as the security guards made it to the door. "Official police business, boys." He gestured to his badge. "If you want, Cullen, we can do this in the station."

"It's alright, gentlemen." Carlisle directed to the confused guards before turning back to Charles. "Have a seat, Swan and Tasha please, close the door."

"This is real fancy shit you got here, Cullen." Charles chuckled as he took a look around. "Maybe I should join you guys rather than spend all my time putting you criminals behind bars."

"Stop wasting my time, Swan. Why are you here?" Carlisle demanded, having had enough of the man.

"I'm here because of James, Alec, Eric, Tyler, Santiago and Michael Volturi. I believe they are all cousins and the sons of two capos in your group." Charles sighed heavily as tension filled every inch of his body.

"I know who they are. I also know who their fathers' are. What do you want with them?" Carlisle asked as he pressed his fingertips together.

"I want you to have them killed." Charles responded bluntly causing Carlisle's eyes to widen.


"I did not stutter, Cullen. I want those six boys dead and you are going to have it done since I am not able to do so myself. If you won't do what I ask, I'll leak this file and move on to my next target but those boys will die." Charles shrugged.

"Why would I ever consider killing them? They have done nothing to you or your family." Carlisle stuttered instantly thinking of the boys' fathers and the repercussion he would face if he blindly fulfilled Charles' wish.

"Now that is where you are wrong. That is where you are very, very wrong." Charles growled. "Let me take you back six years Cullen. Six years ago, you met and married a woman by the name of Esme Platt. She is, as you know, the sister of my ex-wife. She was also the only mother figure my daughter knew until you and your malicious daughters destroyed the relationship they shared. To add salt to her wounds, you made it your business to invite my daughter to your wedding where you introduced her to every one of your associates as the beautiful Italian niece you felt like you had to take under your wings. You made it seem like she was vulnerable and by herself and as such the six men I listed previously took advantage of that."

"Five days after your wedding, Isabella was on her way to her apartment when she was grabbed from behind and injected with a sedative. She woke up several hours later to find herself in a darkened room with those six men who openly expressed their intent to rape my daughter. Thankfully, those boys were not as smart as one would hope given the world they were brought up in. They had taken her to an apartment building near the docks hoping that no one would be there living in such poor conditions but as we both know, the homeless frequently go there simply to have a roof over their heads.. An old woman was there that night and had overheard what was happening. She heard my daughter crying out in pain. She heard the boys laugh and she knew without a doubt what was happening in that room. She contacted the police from a pay phone and the officers who responded arrived just in time to prevent my daughter from being raped."

"The six boys were arrested and charged with attempted rape. I pulled some strings and they were sentenced to six years in prison. They were released last month and my daughter has not slept or had a proper meal since." Charles said as he finished his story, looking like he had aged ten years in a matter of minutes. "I don't care what you have to do or who you have to go through but you will do what I ask. By my oath as a police officer, I cannot kill them myself but I can turn a blind eye. You have seventy-two hours, Cullen." Charles said and with that and without waiting for a reply, he walked out the door.

Carlisle sat in complete silence for fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds before buzzing his secretary and telling her to cancel all his meetings for the rest of the day and as he slipped on his jacket he hoped his boss was in an understanding mood.


Edward Anthony Masen chuckled as he saw the little girl pained expression after having been forced to eat her broccoli by her mother. He remembered fondly when his own son pulled such faces ranging from jerks and winces to full blown tantrums. To this day, his namesake refused to eat anything green or leafy though it did not stop his wife from trying.

Sighing, he took another sip of his perfectly made cappuccino before resting his head back against the plush backing of the booth he had chosen to sit in. He normally did not meet with one of his capos. He left that to his son so for Carlisle to go over his son's head and contact him directly was very much out of the norm.

He took a quick glance at his watch when he saw the distinctive blond locks of Carlisle Cullen enter the restaurant just ten minutes after he had placed the call to his boss.

"Capo." Carlisle bent his head as he kissed the ring on Edward's offered hand.

"Carlisle, I must say that this is a surprise." Edward exclaimed jovially. "What can I do for you?"

"Capo, something was brought to my attention today that I know only you can help me with." Carlisle shook his head as if trying to rid himself of a bad memory. "Esme, as you know, is the sister of Renee."

"Renee as in Phil Costa's wife right?" Edward asked for confirmation.

"Yes, capo." Carlisle nodded as he poured himself a glass of water. "Today, I had a visit from Renee's ex-husband, Charles Swan who is the Chief-of-Police in a small town called Forks. He came to me for my help." Carlisle said adding a small tremble in his voice. "It seems Capo, with all due respect to you," Carlisle punctuated his words with a sip of water, "that we have been protecting would-be rapist in our ranks."

"What are you saying, Carlisle?" Edward Sr. bellowed; his face taking on a red colour as his eyes burned in anger drawing the attention of many of the diners present.

"At my wedding, I introduced everyone to Isabella, Charles and Renee's daughter and she appeared to have caught the unwanted attention of six of our young members. They apparently kidnapped and attempted to rape my niece. I know that my wife and I are not close to Isabella but she is my niece by marriage. I have come to ask for your help in getting rid of those boys." Carlisle murmured as a pained expression fell upon his face.

"Who are these boys, Carlisle?" Edward demanded as he shot of a quick message to his son.

"James, Alec, Eric, Tyler, Santiago and Michael Volturi." Carlisle listed without hesitation. He knew he was signing their death certificates by doing this but to him they were insignificant since his life was also on the line. "She doesn't eat. She doesn't sleep. She's just wasting away." Carlisle sighed sadly in an attempt to convince the Boss.

"Funny thing is that their fathers were trying to get them inducted into the Family. Junior knew they had been arrested previously and was waiting to find out what their crimes were before he made his move. Now, we know." Edward sighed heavily. "Thank you for telling me this, Carlisle but I must leave now."

Without another word, Edward made his way out the restaurant in into his waiting car but not before he made sure to stop and slip the little girl a crisp fifty dollar bill for eating her vegetables.


Elizabeth Masen was an exception to every rule ever written about what was expected of the wife of a made man.

It was said that you never question them. She chose to badger her husband day in and day out about his dealings. It was expected that every meal was cooked for them and served to them with a smile. She told her husband to get of his lazy ass and get his take-out because she simply did not want to. If their husbands chose to have a mistress, you turn a blind eye. Elizabeth spent one night in jail after beating the ever-living shit out of both her husband and his intended mistress.

Yes. Elizabeth was an exception to every rule but there was one thing no one could contest was the fact that she knew her husband and she knew him well. So when he came home that night and wrapped his arms tightly around her and buried his nose into her hair taking one deep breath after another, she knew that something was wrong.

"What happened, my love?" She cooed softly to her husband, abandoning the vegetable she was cutting so that she could wrap him in her arms.

"Just something Carlisle brought to my attention to today. There might be some truth to it but something seems off. I don't believe everything I heard but some things I already have Jasper looking into." Edward Sr. said softly into his wife's distinctive copper-coloured hair.

"Do you need to pull our son into this matter to?" Elizabeth asked as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"I must. A capo went over his head and contacted me directly." Edward groaned, pulling away from her and turning to the stove. "Is that fried chicken? And mashed potatoes? Woman, I love you!" Edward Sr. exclaimed as he picked his wife up and spun her in a circle making her laugh.

"Jesus, dad!" Their son, Edward Anthony Masen (the second) also known as Junior, groaned as he walked into the kitchen where his father had buried his face into his mother's cleavage. "There are some things I never want to see in life. One of those things just happens to be this."

"Son." Sr. laughed as his son winced, "My greatest wish for you is that you find a woman you love and loves you back in the purest of ways." Sr. smiled as he lightly kissed his wife before turning back to his son.

Junior simply nodded and grabbed himself a piece of chicken before his mother could smack him on his head as he hightailed it out of the kitchen


Dinner was and had always been a comfortable affair. It was not the formal setting you would have expected when dealing with the head of a crime syndicate. Elizabeth Masen was tucked into her husband's side on the couch as she stole various bits and pieces of food from his plate as her husband tore into a piece of chicken. Their son was seated on the other couch with bits of food spilling out of his mouth as he yelled at the players on the television.

"Son, I need you to put a hit out for me." Sr. said bluntly, bringing an end to his son's rant about a shitty play.

"Edward!" Elizabeth shrieked, knowing just how out of character this was for her husband. Normally, he would have waited until dinner was complete before he and their son went to his office to talk business with glasses of scotch and generous second helpings of dessert.

"I'm sorry, my love but I can't ignore it any longer. The sons of Marcus and Aro Volturi were arrested six years ago. The boys had not tie to us then so I did not care about what they had done but now through their fathers, they have made attempts to join the Family. Because of their intent, I had Alec look into their arrest and nothing came up. Now we all know that Alec is Aro's shadow and I had a suspicion that he was not being truthful. However, before I could let Jasper take over, Carlisle visited me today with a confession of his own. Apparently, the six boys each had a hand in the kidnapping and attempted rape of his niece, Isabella Swan." Sr. said in a rushed breath.

"I remember her." Elizabeth gasped. "She was a beautiful, little brunette with these beautiful, brown eyes. She was so shy. Renee is her mother but had abandoned her at a very young age. So did Esme after her marriage to Carlisle."

"Jasper confirmed the story not too long ago. Edward, son, I want….No. I need you to put that hit out. We both know this is a capital offense. It needs to be dealt with immediately." Sr. said firmly. "They were released a month ago and if what Carlisle is saying is true, Isabella has not eaten or slept well in a month."

"I'll do you one better, dad." Edward nodded as he wiped his mouth and pulled out his phone. "We're going to have a meeting tomorrow. Everyone who is any one will be there. For the Capos to the soldiers. Hell! Throw in the associates for good measure and we will deal with this in front of them all. Because let's face it dad. Esme and Renee Platt have never mentioned having a niece and daughter respectively. All Cullen cares about is his image; an image that his two daughters are destroying brick by brick. One is pregnant for James who will be dead by tomorrow and the other has been Laurent's drug whore for the last two months. I know and you know he's lying and that there is more to his story but we can deal with that later. For now I want to deal with this disloyalty that is very much an obvious thing right now. Why lie? We always figure it out anyway and I know come tomorrow night six heads will roll. Aro and Marcus need to be held accountable. Do they think that just because they are capos that they are untouchable?" Edward scoffed as he shovelled another spoonful of food into his mouth. "I will not have this. We are only as strong as our weakest link and some of our links need to be reinforced."

Later that night, Elizabeth stared at her son's sleeping form wondering when he had become even more ruthless than his father.