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Light crawled into L's lap, intended on getting a half hour of nap. L looked at him with a puzzled frown, before winding his hands around Light's slender waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of Light's neck.

"I'm sorry you had to help me take care of all these work. I didn't know Watari's work would be so tiring." L whispered into Light's ear.

A exhausted sign escaped from Light's lips as he snuggled closer into L's chest. He looked up to L with watery eyes, cuteness on full effect, before murmuring, "Kiss me".

L happily complied.

A few hours later, the two teens were messily tangled in the sheets of the bed. Light's head was rested on L's chest, their hands and legs were closely intertwined. L opened his eyes. It was a good rest, considering his insomnia. He gently shook Light's shoulder, his other hand idly tracing circles on Light's back.

Light's eyelids fluttered open as an inaudible yawn escaped his mouth. It was adorable! He looked up to L with puppy dog eyes, silently asking for permission. L gently stroked Light's cheek before nodding his head, allowing Light to continue. Light sniffed L's chest, before moving on to his neck, his favourite place. Light teased and licked at his mate's neck before sinking his sharp little fangs into the neck. L did not as much as flinch. It was not painful at all, but undeniably arousing. Sparks of pleasure coursed through both their veins as little mouthfuls of blood left L's system. L knew that Light giving him this much pleasure would definitely lead to some rather inconvenient consequences. L inwardly sighed. His precious little mate really doesn't know what was good for him.

Light's fangs, although were sharp, were still small and less developed. After all, Light was a young vampire, seventeen in fact. Unlike L who have lived for hundreds of years. Both were pureblood and have more or less killed humans for their blood thirst, but drinking a mate's blood would be so much more satisfying that drinking human blood.

After a few minutes, Light finally had his fill. He looked into L's pleasure hooded eyes with amusement, licking his soft, flushed lips at the sight. All of a sudden, Light was flipped over. The change in position overwhelmed him so much that it took some time for him to realize the larger, sharper fangs sinking into his neck. Moans of pain and suddenly so much pleasure escaped his mouth. He felt L's hand moving up his shirt, before stopping and pinching his nipples. Hard. The pleasure was much accentuated by the vampire venom. It was too much for him!

L savoured the taste of Light's blood. The blood of a young vampire was always overwhelmingly pure and sweet, furthermore since light was also a pureblood, a population that only consist of less than a hundred left in the vampire society. L knew that although his own blood was desirable by many people due to the powers locked inside the blood, they would more likely sought after blood of young pureblood vampires, newborns even, since it would be so much sweeter and fulfilling.

L found out that Light, since he was born, had been on the vampire hunter's list. Though his blood was purer than others, he was more sought after as a slave than as food for crazed vampire and vampire hunter alike. Light's body oozed sexual appeal. Once anyone laid eyes on him, they were enthralled. His feminine body, the auburn coloured shoulder-length hair and the amazingly beautiful yet innocent golden eyes just made them want him in the wrong way. They wanted to own Light, to break him in such a way that he would be their precious little toy.

L was intrigued at the beauty that stood before him the first time he saw Light. He looked so innocent, yet so confused. Light's guardians were killed, but the young boy was somehow saved by Watari, a family friend. L knew, after several meetings, that he would protect Light no matter what. He claimed Light as a mate on his sixteen birthday, knowing that with the most powerful pureblood protecting the young vampire, no one would dare hurt him.

L was jerked out of his stupor by loud, lewd moan. He snickered at the crimson blush adorning the angel's face, knowing that Light is close. L placed a palm against Light's crotch and rubbed. In a few seconds, Light came.

L retracted his fangs and licked the wound tenderly, closing the wound. He listened closely to Light's shallow breathing and held him closer than ever. Light offered a shaky smile to L, as if apologizing that he did not manage to pleasure L as much. With the amount of blood he lost, Light's eyes slowly drooped to a close, his breathing evening out.

As L placed a soft peck on Light's lips, only one thought ran through his mind.

'I will protect him.'