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The cool breeze of the evening air rushed into their lungs as the pair made their way out of the airport. Light's eyes were wandering to and fro, dazzled by the beautiful scenery and the majestic city lights. There were so many buildings that looked like palaces and castles that came right out of a fairytale. Light couldn't wait to explore the whole city of Winchester. If given the time, they could even visit London! There were so many things Light wanted to see, such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace… oh how Light wished they could spend a week there!

L slid Light's gloved hands into his palms and that snapped him out of his fantasies. Light finally realised a sleek black limousine was parked right in front of him. He grinned sheepishly before entering the luxurious vehicle, the door held out by L. Upon entering the car, he was surprised as he was greeted by the warm smile of Watari.

"Watari… I thought you left for your vacation this Christmas!" Light question, a cute frown adorning his features.

"This is my vacation, Light-sama. Winchester is actually my hometown." Watari replied with a small smile, his eyes focused on the road.

Light made an appreciative 'oooh' sound, before focusing his attention on the scenery outside. L was staring at Light the whole time. Although he told Light about his clan being in Winchester, he did not exactly relay the full story. He wondered how Light would take the news.

"Light, I have something I need to tell you," L said solemnly.

Light looked at L with a confusing gaze. He could somehow feel that L was hiding something from him since they step foot in the car.

"I never told you much about my family history before, have I?" Light shook his head." My family was born in England." L took a deep breath, "They were a family of nobles, descendants of Pendragon."

"Pendragon? Arthur Pendragon? You are a descendant of King Arthur? But…but I thought that is just a myth!" Shock was an understatement for Light.

"It was not a myth…well not all of it. King Arthur was a noble vampire. He was aided by a formidable group of purebloods and ruled England in 400BC. It was indeed the truth that he fought off a one thousand army by himself in the battle of Mon Badonicus. Emrys, or should I say Merlin, was a teacher of Watari himself."

"No way! Then Watari would be over a thousand years old!"

"One thousand and eight, in fact, Light-sama. I am pleased as well to say that my teacher is alive in this day as well." Watari added.

Light could feel excitement surging through his nerves. "Does… does this means that King Arthur was alive as well? And your family L?"

"Unfortunately not. King Arthur and the other knights fell death to a lethal poison, something the vampire body system have not created a powerful immunity against then. My parents and grandparents were also assumed to be dead, or they have simply abandoned me. It was the fact that Merlin was alive that led me to believe all of this was true. No…Light, don't look at me like this. No, we can't visit Merlin. Really, we can't. I have no idea where he is either, right Watari?" L gave his guardian a pointed stare.

"Of…of course not. My mentor could be anywhere on Earth, or even in other dimensions. It is almost impossible to find him!" Watari agreed, seemingly relieved for that fact.

Light released a depressed sign. His pink lips pouted in distress, he almost whined at being denied his favourite treat.

"Okay…" Light whispered softly, his eyes watering, looking like a kicked puppy. L had to resist the urge to wrap him in his arms and never let go.

The car soon came to a stop. The couple walked out of the car, and Light could not help but gasp. It was…it was a castle!

"Welcome to Wammy house," L announced. "This place was closely connected with my family history."

Light was led through the gates, unable to stop gawking at the huge fountains, gardens and most amazingly, the palace-like estate. The door slid open effortless, as if receiving its most esteemed guests. Light felt like a prince, making his way into his own castle for the very first time.


Way to ruin the illusion…

Light's eyes widened at the sight of three hyperactive kids running towards L, screaming and shouting throughout. Come to think of it, it was actually one blond kid running and screaming like a dog on sugar high. The other two was just following his lead.

Thump! Before L knew it, he had an armful of over excited kids as he was tackled to the ground. His wards sure have supernatural strength! All of a sudden, the dominant vampire was bombarded by millions of questions.

"Do you like m&m on lemon frosting?"

"Can I have a new wardrobe?"

"Are you staying for Christmas?"

"Hey I wanna ask that!"

"Shut up Matt or I'll fry you."

"Who cares about a blond?"

"You'll get it from me Matt! And you albino, stop hanging onto L like a dumb koala! Hey are you listening!?"

The questions were interrupted by a hearty laugh by both L and Light. The three children finally crawled off L's lap and turned their attention to the auburn haired beauty.

"Is he a doll?" a quiet voiced asked after three minutes of unwavering staring on both parties.

"No, Near. He may be very beautiful, but he is not a doll." L replied.

"My name is Yagami Light. I am…"

"L's MATE!" the loud one shouted excitedly." YOU CAN PRACTICALLY SMELL L ON HIM!"

Once again, L was struggling with an armful of two ten-year-old hanging off his body. Light held Near's little form up in his arms. He could feel himself already forming a bond with the five-year-old.

"It would be an interesting Christmas this year, wouldn't it?" Light whispered to the white haired boy in his arms

To Light's surprise, Near replied softly, "Hmm, it will be a great Christmas this year."

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