Sleepless on Hammersley

Chapter 1 - inspired by ET's letter to Nav from ep. 3x01-

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I don't own Sea Patrol.

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Five-year-old Kate McGregor was taking a walk through the forest with her parents. Somewhere in the distance, they heard the sound of a power saw.

Lieutenant Kate 'XO' McGregor woke up. Now stop dreaming nonsense already!, she told herself. You're on a ship in the middle of the ocean, there's definitely no forest around! The power saw though...

Suddenly the sawing stopped. It was replaced by the sound of rustling bedsheets, then Lieutenant Nikki 'Nav' Caetano climbed down from her rack and disappeared into the bathroom.

When she returned a few minutes later, Kate was half asleep and didn't hear Nikki- until the Navigator started "sawing" again. Kate was fully awake in a second, trying her best not to yell some chosen four-letter words at the upper rack. I need something to block my ears, she thought.

The next morning, Kate was five minutes late for her watch: Removing all the toilet paper from her ears had taken more time than expected.